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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Last Embrace (Part Seven)

Annyeong haseyo, yeorobun ! Sorry sesangat sebab da lama gilesss tak update my fanfic kt blog ni...
Busy with work yang takkan pernah habis..siap satu sepuluh yang datang...ya ampunnn !
Okay...Memula try to think yang I takmo sambung this fanfic more further..sebab mcm sebelum ni idea
berlambak..but after da lama tak buka blog...Idea yang sedap sedap ni semua da tinggalkan I sorang sorang
and yeah...finally...3 months later...I come back tonight..yippeee ! but don't worry...Eunhyuk still in my heart...and always be my hero in my fanfiction..bwahahaha xD

Dalam waktu 3 bulan ni memang mcm terkilan tak dapat nak update fanfic..walaupun my idea ni kengkadang datang and pergi...but bila datang tak kena mase..yeah...waktu tengah kerja...jadah nye kan ? Tang mana I nak tulis idea yang dalam kepala ni..so, I just let go...but kalau kengkadang try jugak ingat balik...Grrr !

So, now I decide to continue this fanfic but please forgive me kalau I kengkadang je update...but I'll try my best for you guys...Enjoy !

Hyukjae : Mwoyaaa ? I should asked her phone number...

Kim open the door and saw his brother with his friend...

Sangwoo : Noona...already come back ? How's your date ?
Kim : Quite interesting...btw, who is this ?
Sangwoo : This is my college frined, his name is Woobin...He came here to finish our assignment..
Kim : Hi...I'm Sangwoo's noona, Kim Eunda...but just called me Kim noona...
Woobin : Okay...Kim noona...
Sangwoo : He is the one that I fetched from the airport last day...
Kim : Okay, well..just continue with what you guys doing before, I'm sorry for disturbing you guys..
Sangwoo : Noona..I will asked about it later, okay ?
Kim : About what ?
Sangwoo : About your blind date...*smiles*
Kim : I will never tell you...
Sangwoo : Mwoyaa ??

Kim going inside to her room...while Sangwoo and Woobin finished and continue with their assignment...

Woobin : How old are your noona ?
Sangwoo : So old...old enough to get married...
Woobin : Really ?
Sangwoo : Yeah..she already 26 years old...
Woobin : That's not old enough...my brother's wife is older than your noona..she's 31 years old..
Sangwoo : But I thought your brother are 29 years old, right ?
Woobin : Yeah...but he really love his wife and they suits each other..can I asked you something ?
Sangwoo : What ?
Woobin : If your noona's future husband gonna be younger that her or you...would you let them to be together ?
Sangwoo : Well, it's a tough one...but I wish she will find someone older than her..
Woobin : Wae ?
Sangwoo : Because she will look more older if she with younger boyfriend...hahaha !
Woobin : Mwoyaa ? How can you said that about your noona ?
Sangwoo : She doesn't even bother about it !

Hyukjae come back to his house and saw Sora noona with his mother, Dukboon at the living room watching the television...

Hyukjae : Eomma, where's appa ?
Dukboon : In his office, waeyo ?
Hyukjae : Aniyaa...I thought he's not here...then maybe appa meet his friends...
Dukboon : He is..but already come back and how about you ? Where have you been ?
Hyukjae : Me ? I'm...*try to think something* I'm meeting Kyuhyun...
Sora : I don't believe you, Hyukjae..
Hyukjae : Waeyo ? Why don't you believe me ?
Dukboon : Hahaha ! * laughing at Hyukjae*
Hyukjae : Eomma, wae ?
Sora : I called you but you didn't picked up...
Hyukjae : Then ? What's the problem ?
Sora : So, I called Kyuhyun..and he told me that you have a blind date...
Dukboon : Finally Hyukjae...Eomma really waiting for that...
Hyukjae : Urmm...did he really told you that ? or you just trying to prank me ?
Sora : I really called him..who is this girl ? can I know ?
Dukboon : Yeah...eomma wants to know about her too...
Hyukjae : No..no...this is our first date...and it's still not officially a date..I should go upstairs and take a bath because I'm tired...
Sora : Hyukjae ah, even a little ?
Hyukjae : Noona...eomma..you already know her...
Sora & Dukboon : Ye ?!?

Hyukjae going upstairs without looking at his sister and mum since he knows that they will asked more about his date...He open the door and slam his body to his bed...

Hyukjae : Omona...it's really comfortable...

"Should I call Kyuhyun and get her phone number ? No...no...I shouldn't do that "

Suddenly, Hyukjae's phone ringing...

Hyukjae : Kyuhyun ah...
Kyuhyun : How's your date ?

While Kyuhyun called Hyukjae, Yura going to buy an ice cream..

Hyukjae : It's a disaster...
Kyuhyun : Mwo ? What makes your date a disaster ? You met your ex-girlfriend ?
Hyukjae : I don't like the way she acted...
Kyuhyun : Ye? Are you sure ? I know her..she acted okay..
Hyukjae : For you...but not for me...I should go...need to take a bath and go to sleep...meet you tomorrow..
Kyuhyun : Ye..ye...annyeong !

Hyukjae and Kyuhyun hang up the phone together...Hyukjae laughing so hard when he knew that Kyuhyun believe what had he said..

"BUT ! why did I do that ? I should ask for her phone number....PABOYAAA !"

While Kyuhyun still thinking about what Hyukjae saying...

"Why Hyukjae hyung so hard to find his type ?"

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !