Farieda Kim
Annyeong ! Welcome to my blog ^^
Just want to say that I'm a Kpop Lover..I'm so addicted with Kpop since forever =)
I love all Kpop group but the mostly is Super Junior and also Ukiss ^^
Love all their song and also their member..Hehehe =)
I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
And if you can see I'm very addicted with it..jinjja !
Lastly, I just want to thank you guys that viewed and read my blog..
Enjoy, okay ?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love ZE:A =)

Huh ? Baru minat ZE:A ke ? So outdated la you ni..
A'ah ! Hahaha =) Who cares ?
Before ni I just love Super Junior, DBSK or JYJ, SS501, Infinite, Beast, amd U-kiss =)
And now I don't since when I minat kat ZE:A ni..
I just love their song mase debut je, Mazeltov =)
And I also try to remember their members name..
But terlampau banyak sangat member...
Just like Super Junior before this.. I'd try to remember all their name in 1 month straight..
Hahahah xD 
The first member that I know and always remember is Eunhyuk..
Of course him la , kan ? because he is my boyfie..
Okay ! just forget about him because this post not supposed to talk about him..
It's about ZE:A  for god sake =)
Right now, I like everything about ZE:A..
They have 9 members =)
Well, let's take a look their picture ...

Here they are...
Cute kan ? Yeahhhhh !!! Hahaha..
Introduced them to you guys from the top..
Dongjun, Siwan and Kevin..
In the middle..
Heechul, Junyoung and Hyungshik..
And in the bottom..
Kwanghee, Minwoo and Taehun ..
Aigoo ~ Ottokhae ? all of them are Kyeopta !
But in this group the most that I like is Junyoung and Taehun =)

Yeahhh..I love this two guys..
Hahaha..But not like I love Yoochun and Eunhyuk =)
They were different xD
 By the way, right now their song that I like is..

ZE:A - Love Coach =)
This song is very sweet and sweet ever. I think this song gonna be my favorite song.
Feels like Junyoung sing this song to me xD
Yaaa ! what happen to me ?
This song too...

ZE:A - Here I Am =)
Love all of them in this music video especially Junyoung and Taehun..
Yaaa !! Of course la kan ? I like them =)
And also this song even this song is related to Christmas..
But like I always said, " Who Cares ? " xD
The reason that I will always like this song is because we can hear them sing in English =)
And for me ? Listen to Junyoung..

ZE:A - My Only Wish =)
Wish Junyoung can sing this song to me..
Just dreaming la Farieda Kim xD
Hahaha ! I wish one day Junyoung will sing to me..
Mane la tau kan ? If not Junyoung, Micky pon okay =)
So, thats for now..
Will meet you guys in other post, Annyeong !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Sunday, April 24, 2011

International Book's Festival in KL =)

Book's festival this year is the best !
You want to know why ?
Because my mom is part of it =) Yeahh ! but..
After we arrived there and met her editor and he says that my mom's novel already sold out !
Yaaaa !! How come you didn't say it earlier xS
But ! Gwenchana.. I think it's a good news though..
Ya ya ya ! because my moms novel is god damn SOLD !
Then, after we know about that news..
So, mama ade la mase kan nak ronda ronda with all of us =)
 Jalan punya jalan then, my mum like ' LOOK OVER THERE ! '
And me like ' WHAT ? '
Ohh, okay ! about SPR or something..
I should register it due to that I'm already old enough =)
And yeahh ! This is the prove =)

If korang yang x daftar lagi, you should daftar sekarang !
Hey ! we have a rights to make our own decision =) 
PLUS ! just realize that already old xD Hahaha..
It just me, my brother and my mum yg register that day !
Then, I remembered that they will have MOY Publications too..
Yup ! because in what year * da lupe da bile * 
I ade datang sekali with my friends and be able to meet their cartoonist =)
Then, we trying to search them and my sis like ' pandai ' tell us that they will be at 3rd floor..
All of us followed her then enter to that Hall..
And me like ' WHAT ??!? ' * again *
This hall just for a intelligent student je =)
Maksud please !!
Hahaha... I mean all of the books is for student yang taking law, science or whatever =)
Yang betol betol nak beli buku for study !
Get it ? Hahaha..
Okay okay ! This is the prove =)

Hahaha.So fucking ugly right ?
Yeahh ! Boring time..and I look like a model this time.. * perasan *
Don't worry ! I'll try my best to read those books..
Like this picture..

Hurmm..I dunno what book that I read in this picture..
It's about science or medic ? or Nahhh ! whatever...
Just forget about it..

Well..After we have a boring time in this section.
Then, again ! we trying to search MOY Publications..
Don't give up ! =)
And Jjaanngggg !!!!!

I've met them !! Isn't that cool ?
Hahaha..that day I met Oren, Cendol, Jakall and Sukun =)
I don't even know that Oren is my brother's friend..
Kalau tak kompom I will ask him :
Kenal Firdaous Yousof x ? I'm his sister xD *gatal *
And I've got this bag too. Not got pon actually..
Beli la kan ? RM5 each =)

Yeahh ! Nampak x ? nampak x ?
Oren, Cendol and Jakall paint something in my bag =)
X nampak ke ? Aigo ~~

Oooyeahhh ! Now, you can see it clearly, kan ?
Haaaa..only Sukun je I x dapat sebab he's excited to eat mase tu ? 
Ehh ! Am I right ? Hahaha xD
Then, I'm buying my favorite magazine =)
It's KLIK !

After all of us being tired pusing pusing in PWTC..
Then, we going to The Mall's food court..
Yeahh ! I'm hungry like crazehhh xD
And my mum like ' Ma nak jumpe kawan ma jap eh ? '
Arghhh ! mesti lambat ni..
Then, to fill my times without saying boring..

Then, me and my sis like capture photo and others =)
Eating Auntie's Anne.. and yeahh ! still hungry..
Oooyeahh ! 6pm maybe we going back to our home sweet home =)

p/s : Happy Besar Day to Kak Nat and my cat, Toby =) Love yahh !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New debut group that I loike ! =)

I'm back =) No sad post for today..
Hahaha =) Ingat I ni nak sedih sangat ke ?
No way, tau ? I ni ade gak time for happy..
Btw, you know what ? It's season for comeback and debut stage for korean artist =)
Me likey !!
But, today I nak story about new group yang baru debut that I like..
The first group is Block B (^.^)V

Block B is popular by Don't Move or Freeze..
I dunno since they have so many types of title..Hahaha =) 
But, this group rock my world ! Love their song and also their members..
Sume COOL !
~ B-Bomb ~ Zico ~ U-Kwon ~ JaeHyo ~ Kyung ~ P.O ~ Taeil ~

This is their MV..Cool isn't it ?

Okay ! Ni group yang kedua that I like..
Suke sangat because this group comel comel cute gitu ?
Urmm.. comel and cute x same ke ?
Hahaha =) Lantak lah !
Btw, this group new single is O.K !
Here it is, B1A4 =)

~ JinYoung ~ CNU ~ Baro ~ Sandeul ~ GongChan ~

This is B1A4 MV. comel giler kan ? Especially Jin Young..
Hahaha xD Hey ! I tak gatal but he look a like Eunhyuk skit in some angle..
X caye ? Just watch this MV, and you'll believe me =)

Jjanggggggg ! This is one of girl's group that I like..
Even most of fans cakap yang diorang ni ala ala SNSD segala.
But who cares ? They cute xD
Even I x suke pompuan yang cute sebab takut diorang rampas my boyfies..
Hahaha.. tapi buat mase sekarang diorang okay lagi kan ?
Tapi kalau I dapat tau dier gatal ngan my boyfies, Micky and Eunhyuk..
I'll slap them with my own hands.
Ceewaaah !! Dapat ke ? xD

Cute kan ?
Of course la cute sebab all of them ni sume nye budak belom abes skool lagi..
Hahaha xD
Kalau gatal like SNSD tu. taktau la nak cakap ape..
Urm.. sorry to someone yang very like SNSD tu..
To tell you the truth. I hate SNSD..
Nak tau kenape ?
Because me look at them and feels like diorang tu cute but its more to gedik !
Btw, this is their name..
~ ChoRong ~ Bomi ~ Eunji ~ Na Eun ~ Yoo Kyung ~ Nam Joo ~ Ha Young ~

Their new single and MV ' I Don't Know '..
It's also featuring Beast's Ki Kwang since they in the same entertainment company =)
Sweet song ever !
Okay ! This is it.. my new likey debut group..
I thought ade ramai lagi. but I think these group already catch  my ear and my heart to love them.
Enjoy guys !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Friday, April 22, 2011

Feelings ~

Last night I try to tell my brothers about the Korean classes tu..
Then. tetibe my sis in law came out with a brilliant idea and I love it =)
You know what ? dier cakap..
Kak Huda : Ape kate akak g korea tu then carik keje kat sane and
at the same time buleh blaja bahasa korea jugak..
And I think it's quite good though since I really love Korea..
But..how about tempat tinggal kat sane ? Takan nak tinggal kat tepi jalan kan ?
And then my second bro tell me that kite buleh try contact malaysian student yg study kt sane..
ask about homestay segala la kan ? Of course la mmg stiap tmpt akan ade homestay..
Yeahh !! That's great !!
Suddenly my sis in law cakap..
Kak Huda : Tapi nanti akak kat sane duduk sorang2 la kan ? Mane ade family sume..
Whatever it is.. I want that opportunity..
X kesah la about family or what ?  
Sebab kalau I stay with them pon but they treat me like a hollowman..
Everything that I tell or ask sume macam don't even care..
Nak kena dengar about their opinion je.
How about mine ? Do you cares about mine ?
Tade kan ? Not even once..
I want to continue my study pon macam susah sangat nak bagi..
Okay ! Not macam..but memang !
Yeahh ! I know I tak genius like others.. I'll get it.
That's why la susah nak bagi I sambung kan ?
You know what ? I can't stand it anymore..
Yes ! I'm sure I can't..
No one can understand my feelings right now..
Even my family or friends.. I don't know..
They always tell me to sabar, sabar and sabar !
Nahhh ! I dunno what to say anymore..
This trials is really big to me. Mianhae...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's already been a month =)

Miss this moment so muchhh !!
I can't believe that I was there watching my Super Junior crazily dancing and singing..

Yaaa ! I can't believe it..
Can you believe it ??
* What are you talking about, Kim ? *
Hahaha. Did you forget ? It's been a month since SS3 Malaysia apparently held =)
Thanks to Stella Lihan jugak kalau tak I pon lupa..
Yeahh. You know what I mean. right ?
So busy even I have quit my job.. 
* Busy with what ? *
Busy Twittering, Facebooking and also writing a fanfic..
Ooooyeahhhh ! Wish me luck for that fanfic..
Btw.. want to wish you guys that have been to Super Show 3 Malaysia before..
Hope that we can make it to SS4 =) Hahaha..
That' s gonna be a fantastic moment that we ever had this year..
For me la kan ? Taktau la kalau orang lain..
Then, just want to share with you guys sume about SS3 Japan.
Someone already upload it into youtube..
Hajat hati nak upload kat sini to show you guys how amazing SS3 are..
And don't forget how AMAZING Super Junior's oppa xD
Gwenchana ! I'll give the link..
Click it if you guys want to watch it =)
But please guys.. I'm begging you don't reupload it.
Because when I check it again. This person already delete most of the SS3 video..
Just watch it there..
Annyeong !! 

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jungmin ahh !

Don't know what to do right now =(
Before this been busy with facebooking and twittering with my bestfriend ever, Yura =)
But maybe right now dier da masuk ke midnight fantasy
* I mean mimpi *
Hahaa =) Ye la tu kot sebab da tade balas comment pon kt tweet or facebook ni.
So, I've come up with new post today even it's too late =)
Who cares ?
Okay ! Will post about my 3rd bias. Who is he ?
Hahaha. My charisma Park Jungmin ♥

Well, we all already know that dier da kuar kan mini album dier,
right ?
And have a new single jugek. xD
Bukan yang Not Alone tu. I mean his new song called ' Like Tears Are Falling '
I'm so in love with that song actually.
Even baru hari ni dengar but I thought it's quite good though =)
Suke suke and suke sangat ! * gedik mood *
.Sangat touching when you listen the song and at the same time read the lyric.
And also sing with him together.
But, the most that I like is the starting and the ending background with his whistling or something xD
Takmo cakap byk da. Will give you the video and also the english translation for this song.

Alright, I'll let you in on it honestly
I keep seeing you in my eyes only
Eyes, nose and lips, though that small, it's awesome enough on your face
Alright, I'll let you in on a bit more
I start smiling in front of you
As if you did something and it's awaiting my praise
Just like a little kid
As my tears fall, that's how much I feel blessed
As the day passes, I thank heaven all day long
With my five fingers I promise
That I love you always and always
Alright, I'll let you on another
It's so warm in your arms
As I fall asleep in this night as black as the pupil of your eyes
I still dream of that one dream only
As my tears fall, that's how much I blessed
As the day passes, I thank heaven all day long
With my five fingers I promise
That I love you always and always
Even if you don't speak a word, I know it all
That you feel the same way I do
We have all been treading on the same path all along
Whilst we weave memories together
I'll give it all in the way you want it to be
I'll give that beautiful smile up till forever
Let's be together for longer moments
I'll always guard by you
As my tears fall, that's how much I feel blessed
As the day passed , I thank heaven whole day long
With my five fingers I promise
That I love you always and always ~

Enjoy !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Black Day =)

Ngee ! This gonna be my second post of the day. Kann ?
I exactly don't know that we have ' Black Day ' on 14/4..
Which it is just for SINGLE person.
I mean 'Single' la. That don't have any relationship with boys or gurls =)
Ade paham x ? =D
Setahu I we just have ' Valentine's Day ' on 14/2..
* orang islam x buleh celebrate *
At Hanguk, they celebrate ' White's Day ' on 14/3..
Which is when a guy give his girlfriend or someone that he loves a candy !
Yeayy ! Candy by H.O.T =)
X abes2 lagi ngan H.O.T tau ! Benci mak ! xD
Okay ! because today is ' Black's Day ' and for a SINGLE person like ME =D
So, what should I do ? 
The things that I know is we should get together with others SINGLE person..
And eat black bean noodles, in Korean they called it Jjajangmyeon =D
But, in Malaysia we don't have Jjajangmyeon ? Ottokhae ?
Hey ! I'm not single. I have someone that loves me =)
So, that's mean that I shouldn't celebrate ' Black's Day '
Btw, what does it mean by ' Black Day ' ?
And it's for SINGLE person ? Wae ?
I know that no one will give the information to me xD
* Majuk la konon *
So, I search in the google then I found this information :
The idea of Black Day is that those who did not give or receive gifts on 
Valentine's Day or White's Day
can get together and eat Jjajangmyeon to celebrate their singledom.
Now I understand what ' Black's Day ' mean..
Heheh.. So, even I have someone that loves me..
But, I don't give or receive any gifts at all.
Then. maknenye I kene celebrate jugak la eh ' Black's Day ' ni ?
Tape la, I will celebrate it but I'm not gonna eat Jjajangmyeon.
I will eat AYAM MASAK KICAP =D * hitam jugak kan ?? *
Hahaha * Joking *

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Tok Tok Tok =)

Tok Tok Tok ! Heheh =)
Lagu laen lak kan kat my music corner tu ?
Puropuchi ? Puropuchi ?
Korang mesti cakap :
Tade makne nye nak jealous2 ni..
Helehhh ! Korang macam paham je ape maksud I tadi =D
Btw, saje je nak tukar lagu kat music corner tu..
Nanti kang korang cakap camni :
Ishh ! budak ni asek lagu H.O.T je. X reti boring ke ?
Haaaa kann kann ?
Usop : Sape setuju angkat tangan macam saya ~
So ! I takmo la someone yang singgah kt my bloggie ni menguap + mate kebil2 =)
Sebab dengar the same song which is Candy by H.O.T tu..
Halaa ! tapi the truth pon korang x macam tu pon kan ?
Maybe korang cam :
Omagad ! Lagu ni best =)
X pon korang cam read my bloggie ni sambil nyanyi lagu Candy tu.
Haaaa ! Kantoi xD
Btw, don't worry la. I akan tukar lagu if I rajin nak tukar =)
Macam hari ni la kan ?
I rajin giler smpi ngamuk2 tengok kat Youtube tu tade embed code..
Padahal ade je tersorok kt blakang ceruk xD
Usop : Nampak beno nipunye ~ Orang rajin mane ade pernah nak ngamok !
Diam ah Usop ! Sibuk je kat sini. Ekekek !
So ? Suke x lagu baru kt music corner tu ?
Suke la ehh ? Mesti kene suke sebab it's from uri Super Junior oppas !
Actually, Super Junior T je =)
This song called ' TOK TOK TOK '
Macam sesuai pulak lagu ni with my bloggie, kan ?
Ye ah ! If korang cam bukak my blog then tetibe ade suara Shindong oppa :
Duguseyo ? 
Which mean ' Who Is It ? ' la beh kurang cmtu..
Then, I thought I taw a puddy tat xD
No, no, no..I should go right now sebab I da mule merepek =)
Lastly, hope you enjoy with the music and dance together with uri OPPAS !
Annyeong =)
Super Junior Yeah yeahh !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fan Fiction is OTW =)

Sebenarnye taktau nak post ape hari ni =)
And paling penting sekali I'm bored today..
Facebooking and Twittering all day long. 
Da penat da nak tengok page Twitter and Facebook xD
Chomprak : Demo keno minung air seghabuk perok !!
Bior mung x boring lagi xD Plawok plawok plawok !
So, disebabkan da minum air seghabuk perok tu..
I thought nak blogging pulak kan ? Sempena my blog yang berwajah baru ni.
Heheh =) * berlagak pulak budak ni *
Updating my blog sambil dengar lagu.
* mesti lagu Candy by H.O.T la tu *
Bukan eh ? Lagu laen.. Kang asyik bukak lagu tu je bosan la pulak =)
So, I bukak la lagu Papa Americano - We No Speak Americano.

Hahah =) Tade kerja kan dengar lagu ni ?
So, should I listen and watch to this version of Papa Americano ?

Okay ! Sungyeol memang sengal =) and L is just like 'Cool !! '

Btw, should I talking about my fanfic ?
Haha xD Sorehh guys ! Terlampau boring sangat =)
Usop : Nampak beno nipunye ~ Orang yang surfing internet mane pernah boring ~
About my fanfic ni it's about me and my two friends, Yura and Sunhi.
I'm not gonna forget about my four lovely bias x)
Who is it ? Of course la Eun, Micky, Minnie and Hjoon !

Fanfic I da masuk 12 pages..
Then. taktau la kenape kan ?
My idea just like takmo datang kat kepala xD
Ottokhae ? Like my otak is completely blank or something !
Aigo ~ Please idea.. Come to mama =)
Okay ! If my fanfic is done. Then I will post it here, arasseo ?
I will.. Just be patience ~
Annyeong !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chillex =)

This story actually I should post semalam.
But disebabkan semalam I'm exhausted and got a headache tetibe.
So, I will tell the story today =)
Nothing happened pon sebenar nye. Just want to share something yang menarik.
* Tade la menarik sangat pon *
Okay ! This is the story..
Last saturday night, 
My brother and my sister ajak I and adek I bermalam kt rumah diorang.
Then. disebabkan I cuti on Sunday so I decided pergi la tido Sri Hijauan =)
My sis yang bawa kereta malam tu after I da beli something to eat kat pasar malam.
So, sampai je depan pak guard umah abg I tu.
At the same time, ade la sorang mamat ensem ni duduk tunggu orang kat pondok tu.
Then, I pon mase tu nak kuar sbb nak amek visitor pass kan ?
Tetibe that guy datang melulu kat kereta kitorang.
So, me and my sis like ' WHAT ? '
Hahaha. You know what I mean , right ?
Soreehh ! We doesn't even know you la, handsome !
Then. after I bukak pintu kereta and he realized that he got the wrong car and the wrong person.
Dier just like ' Ooh ! Sorry ! Saya salah orang ! '
Dalam hati I just macam ' Hehe. It's okay dear, naseb baek you handsome ! '
Hahaha... * cakap la I ni pervert. x kesah pon *
Pahtu after that the real car for him da sampai,
And my sis cakap that his friends or family ke ape drove a Mazda.
I just like ' Ommo ! Chincha ? ' * again *
Takkan la kereta Mazda and Honda pon dier x buleh nak beza kan ? 
Hahaha. Poor him ! But it's okay ! As long as dier handsome like Kpop artist.
I maaf kan.. xD

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Candy MAN =)

Ohh yes !
Finally dapat jugak post something kat blog ni sekian lame.
Even tade la lame sangat kan ?
Okay ! Btw, this post x important mane pon. But you know me, right ?
Always want to share with you my new hobby or new interest.
Hehehe. Just straight to the point.
I will share you my new favourite song..
Walaupun new favourite song. but I realise that song is already popular since 1996.
Hahaa. Da ketinggalan zaman kan ?
Hey !
Mase tu mane la I tau ade kumpulan ni and even though I tak tau pon ade lagu best cmni =)
And the most important thing..
I taktau pon ade Korea and Kpop mase tu xD
Ye la. I was 7 years old kot.
Okay ! The song is called CANDY sang by H.O.T
The song was really awesome and catchy !
Suke sangat lagu ni.
And the sad story is, H.O.T was already disband.
Tak tau la zaman bile but sedih la jugak kan ?
Mane tak nye, I baru nak suke kot this group =)
It's okay la ! Even group ni da tade but it will be the legend for Kpop.
Then, nak introduced you to H.O.T members.
First is KangTa, HeeJun, WooHyuk, Tony and also JaeWon =)

Heheh. Here there are =)
H.O.T ! Cute kan ?
Hehehe. Ni mase zaman muda diorang la kan ?
I mean mase diorang first debut as a group.
Sekarang sume da tua tua da.
Btw, who cares ? Yang penting diorang still vogue lagi tau ?
Hehehe. Just click this :
Kangta , Heejun , Woohyuk , Jaewon , and Tony =)
Still handsome lagi kan ? Hahah * Yes ! I'm a pervert *
Btw, tade la pervert sangat kan ? Just pervert with Eun and Micky je . xD
And last but not least, will share some video about H.O.T - Candy.
Bukan la about them but their performance =) Ade paham ?
And the first video that I about to share is my favourite video x)
Energy diorang sangat WOW ! Love it =)

H.O.T - Candy live performance =)

Infinite - Candy at Newton TV =)

Eunhyuk Super Junior - Candy dance =)

Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong - Candy Karaoke =)

Moon Hee Jun - Candy dance after 10 years x)
* he still can remember the step kan ? *

And I hope you guys enjoy with this post =) Just candy yourself, okay ?

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tension !

Arghhh ! Tension nye !
Ingat kan hari ni will be okay la kan ?
Tapi macam b*llsh*t. You think that you tu orang atasan I takut la konon eh ?
Pooodahhh ! Jangan nak suruh orang laen perfect kalau kau tu pon x perfect, arasseo ?
Please give an example kalau kau tu perfect sangat ! 
Give me ten reason ! Huh ! 
X perfect mane pon, kau tu da la pendek, gemuk lak tu.
Pahtu ade hati nak kutuk and hina orang.
Hey, orang tua ! 
Please la behave yourself. and sedarlah diri kau tu da tua.
Buat cara orang tua ! Ade paham ?
Jangan sebab benda kecik pon kau ank heboh depan semua orang !
Tu bukan tegur tau ! Tu menghina name nye..
You know what ? Depan orang ramai ! ORANG RAMAI !!!
Kau hina aku macam I ni tade perasaan, macam I ni robot.
Jangan ingat aku kerja bawah ko, ko buleh buat macam2 kat aku.
Aku bukan hamba kau tau ! 
Perangai cam firaun ! Kau tu kat tempat kerja memang sesuai aku panggil firaun.
Dulu aku buleh tahan lagi, tapi sekarang no way man !
Ko da melebih sangat da tu.
Ko nak aku berhenti kan sebenarnye ?
Okay ! I will.. Just wait and see !

Kenape kau nak berhenti. kak ? Carik la kerja laen dulu..
Da dapat kerja laen pahtu baru la buleh berhenti.
Hey ! Aku sanggup mati la dari aku kena kerja kat situ !
Kau x paham ape yang aku rasa mase kerja kat situ.
Maybe kau akan cakap..
Biasa la tu. Kat tempat kerja mana mana pun ade orang macam tu.
And you know what ?
Cube rase dulu kerja kat situ.. Baru la buleh tau macam mane perasaan aku !
Orang laen takkan paham. 
Aku penat la asyik kena marah, kena hina.
Walaupun bukan salah aku, aku just buat benda yang selalu aku buat pon kena marah.
Cukup la banyak kali aku nanges sebab kerja kat situ.
Dah x tahan da asal balik kerja or what ? Aku mesti nanges =(
Kalau aku kena marah tapi dapat gaji superb tape la kan ?
Tapi macam HARAMM !!!
Kalau kena marah and hina depan orang ramai..
Siapa je yang tahan macam tu ?
Ape yang aku buat semua x betol !
Sabar je la eh ? The problem is aku bukan penyabar orang nye.
And even aku da try sabar pon but it's over my limit right now.
Aku da buat keputusan and no one will ever kacau keputusan aku untuk resign.
Please just once ! Respect my decision ! Jebal !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Anchovy, Saengil Chukahae =D

Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to my Anchovy..
Happy Birthday to you..
Mesti korang tertanye tanye kan who's Anchovy ?
Ikan bilis pon ade birthday ke ?
A'ah ! Yup !
My ikan bilis yang handsome and funny tu..
I love you, sayang !
Eh ! Jap ! Micky je yang paham 'sayang' tu ape maksud dier..
Anchovy I tak tau, because I called him dear..
Heheh * brangan lagi budak ni *
Heii..ape micky micky ni ? This is not about Micky..
If my anchovy tau tentang ni.. Maybe I'll be punished by him xD
Punish ? Yeahh ! punish kena kawen dengan dia..Hahaha =)
I loikeee ! Berbalik pada soklan tadi..
Who the hell is Anchovy ?
Okay ! Anchovy is my lovely, Lee Hyukjae !
Hell yeahh !!
Who's Lee Hyukjae ? 
Aigoo ~ perlu ke nak explain ? Ye lah. explain la jugak eh ? 
Lee Hyukjae tu Eunhyuk. My first love and always be my love.
Hell yeah ! I admit he's the one that i love most than Micky, Minnie and Baby.
I love you baby ! I do and always do..

p/s : Trend # HyukDay and #asiANCHOVYday at twitter !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday My SweetHorse, Jungmin !

Saengil Chukahae my SweetHorse, Jungmin !
Will always love you forever..
Hehehe.. *gatal la I ni kan ? * ( tau tape ! )
Biarlah ! I memang gatal. nak buat macam mane kan ?
Btw, mesti orang yang x kenal tu macam :
Who's Jungmin ?
Okay ! I will explained it to you guys..
His full name is Park Jungmin. He is one of the SS501's member..
Here he is...

Saengil Chukahamnida..Saengil Chukahamnida..
Saengil Chuka Park Jungmin..
Saengil Chukahamnida =)


You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day=)

Be Fabulous Friends !
Yeahh ! That's the full of BFF..
Our new group name..heheh.
Of course la my bestie :
Ziera, Fyza and Eija =)
My bestie forever..
Yup yup ! sayang diorang sangat sangat =)
Okay ! This is the story..
Fyza and Eija ajak pergi hang out kat Times Square..
Mula mula macam tanak la jugak kan ?
sebab aku tade duet.. but bile diorang cakap kedit diorang dulu.
And diorang pon ajak cam bersungguh2 kan ?
Cam kesian la pulak and lagipun da lame x hang out ngan diorang sume.
Then. I pon setuju la pergi..
Sampai kat sane sume kitorang jalan2..
tengok wayang cerita HOP !
Awesome weii cerita dier. Lawak sangat !
Then. after that..ingat kan nak balik kan..
But, bile tengok jam time tu mmg peak hour..
I mean cam waktu orang sume balik keje..
Kompom2 la ramai kan time kat dalam komuter tu nanti..
So, nak buang mase tu kitorang g la maen boling even sume macam sengal !
Termasuk la I !
And lastly, si Ziera yang menang ! Sangat x disangka =)

And ! I tanak banyak cerita. 
Just want to show you my picture together with my BFF sejati !
Hahaha..Love you guys !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !