Farieda Kim
Annyeong ! Welcome to my blog ^^
Just want to say that I'm a Kpop Lover..I'm so addicted with Kpop since forever =)
I love all Kpop group but the mostly is Super Junior and also Ukiss ^^
Love all their song and also their member..Hehehe =)
I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
And if you can see I'm very addicted with it..jinjja !
Lastly, I just want to thank you guys that viewed and read my blog..
Enjoy, okay ?

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Song will be Release, Can't wait !

Annyeong :)
Today I will talk about my ONLY baby, HyungJun ♥ ♥
Heheh. HyungJun will release his new song called, Girl.
( He dedicated that song for me, I think la kan ? )
The full audio is already OUT. and his MV teaser also.
But. all of his fans, including me cannot wait for his full Music Video.
You know la kan ? He is adorable, handsome giler**, kiut miuut !
OMAGAD ! Pompuans mane yang x cair tengok dier XD
Haiipp ! x buleh x buleh !
It's only me je yang buleh cair tengok dier. because I'm his wife ! *tingting*
Tanak cakap banyak just bagi korang dengar the full song and watch his teaser je.
Kalau full MV girl da OUT. will update about it later. I promise !
Jalga and enjoy ! :)

* The full audio *

* The teaser, OMAGAD ! *

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time when we recollect memories ;)

Ari ni I will not bebel2 about my life or whatever.
But I will give you the english translation for my yesterday post.
Haa..da lupe ke ? Tak kan ?
About my 24 hours muzika. This is the lyric.


I still hear your voice. I still miss your hands.
Today again I live withing your traces.
I still see you. I still feel your warmth.
Today again I live within the time spent with you.
In some stranger who passes by.
In leaves that fall and dance in the wind.
In the evening wind that touches my cheek.
You are in everything I see, hear and feel.
How about you ? How about you ?
Do you feel the same way ? How about you ?
I still feel you.
Like this, even at the moment when I'm singing this song,
I see you.
Tomorrow again I will see you.
Tomorrow again I will hear you.
Tomorrow again everything will be the same.
In some strangers who passes by.
In the evening wind that touches my cheek.
You are everything I see, hear and feel.
How about you ? How about you ?
Do you feel the same way ? How about you ?
On that empty chair left by the road.
Inside the glass of water that I unconsciously picked up.
In the mirror when I look to see myself.
In the music that gently that falls and lands my ears, you are there.
What should I do ? What should I do ?
You must have erased me, What should I do ? We..
Longing for you I open window and welcome memories about you.
Again and again my eyes become red because of tears.
Longing for you I open window and welcome memories about you.
That keeps breaking my heart.
Longing for you I open window and welcome memories about you.
Again and again my eyes become red because of tears.
Longing for you I open window and welcome memories about you.
That keeps breaking my heart.

That's for now.
p/s : The best moment is when you read this lyric and at the same time you hear the song :)

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eunhyuk always in my HEART :'(

* my sweet monkey, Hyukjae *

Annyeong guys !
Mesti korang tertanye tanye kan why my caption just like sedih semacam.
Hahaha. Nothing happen la. :)
Okay ! The truth is about my Muzika tu. You know what I mean, right ?
Halaa.. meaning kalau cam korang bukak my blog ni kan tetibe ade lagu.
And you guys just like ' Eh ! lagu ape tu ? sedap nye ! '
( Okay ! maybe not all of you guys suke lagu ni )
But. who cares ? It's my favorite song.
( Erghh ! banyak betol lagu favourite budak ni kan ? )
Hahahah. Mesti la. Korang pon mesti banyak lagu favourite kan ?
Okay ! Back to the right post.
The song that played 24 hours in my blog is from Eunhyuk. ( My sweetheart )
Btw, the original track is from Nell the Korean Indie Band.
But, Eunhyuk sing it again at Sukira Kiss The Radio for the last time.
I'm not telling you that he will leave Sukira forever but just for temporarily reason.
Because he will be busy about his Suju- M promotion.
You know right that he already become a part of the Suju-M member :)
But. don't worry. He will come back again and being EunDJ for us.
Love him always. Will post the english translation for this song tomorrow.
Jalga :D

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hang Out :)

Annyeong !
Okay ! today I will tell you about last night :)
Well. last night me and my sis going to dance class.
You know what I'm talking about, kan ?
Dance class as usual with Bayu.
We thought that we will be the only two person je yang ade dalam dance class.
But, rupe2 nye other person pon ade jugak. I mean diorang datang lmbt skit.
Not really fun actually sebab dance Waka Waka and Twist.
Because kalau macam I and adek I je yang datang.
Just like wednesday punye class tu.
Bayu will teach us a new dance. I called it African's dance.
Hahaha. sebab ade ombak2 segala kan ?

And. I try ajak Bayu tengok movies.
X kesah la movie ape cause I da lame giler x tengok movie.
Da cam sakai kahang tau !
Hahaha. Then, didn't expect that Bayu pon just ON je about that.
So, after the dance class.
Kitorang sume bawak kereta masing2 and gerak ke Sunway Piramid :)
My sis yang drive ke sane sebab I'm not really ' cerdik pandai ' sangat jalan nak pegi ke Sunway tu.
Then, we buy the ticket ' I Am Number 4 ' at 11.20pm.
Macam2 jugak la kan that we do before movies tu.
We buy foods and drinks :)
Just like picture below tu.
Waiting for Bayu beli ireland's potato.

Hahaha. Since we waiting for so long.
I pon gatal la nak amek gambar segala with Bayu :)
But, where's my sister ? Hahah. dier malu skit.
Just I je x berapa nak malu sekarang ni semenjak study kat UNISEL :)
That's great la kan ? I've becoming an independent woman now !
Okay ! Mase nak tunggu movies tu pon.
Kitorang sempat lagi maen games segala.
More than hundreds games jugak dalam tu.
But. I'm just attracted playing machine guns or something.
Hahaha. Maen tembak2 gitu.
( Sejak bile I suke mane games ganas2 kan ? )
Lastly. my token da abes then I spotted someone tengah khusyuk maen lumba kereta :)
And the person is Bayu ^_^V

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burpday Liesa Azemi ♥ ♥

* Picture : Liesa and Me :) *

Annyeong everyone !
Hehehe. today just want to post about my beloved cousin, Liesa Azemi :)
Happy Birthday Liesa ! May allah bless you !
You want to know why I called her my beloved cousin ?
Okay ! bukan sebab dier sorang je my cousin, or maybe not only her je yang I rapat.
But susah sikit nak terangkan.
I ngan dier memang rapat macam kembar siam after my sis.
Urm. my sis and I rapat ke ? Hahaha :)
Na'a'ah ! mesti la rapat kan ? But sometimes kitorang ade jugak gaduh2 kan ?
Lumrah dunia la kan kalau adek badek gaduh !
Hey ! Did I talk about my sis ?
I should talk about my cousin yang sekor ni haa.
Hahaha. Soreehhh Liesa ! Terlampau sudah :)
Berbalik kpd soalan tadi. It's because ape2 secret about me or what..
I'll tell her. I'll get an advise from her.
Sometimes we talk a lot but we don't know what we talk about.
Okay ! should finish mumbling right now.
Kalau x kompom makin panjang and buleh buat karangan for SPM :)
Jalga !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Like Weather by Micky Yoochun ♥

This is the new song that I've heard and makes my heart melt with his lovely voice :)
The lovely voice by Micky Yoochun.
Ooohemjay ! Rase nak nanges and at the same time nak pengsan jugak !
Btw, this song is not a new song for this year.
But, I just found this song in youtube when I'm searching for others song :)
Then. when I heard this, it makes me fall in love.
And for sure in love with the owner, too .
Because it's my lovely boyfies
I tanak cakap banyak ! I just want to share with you guys this song and also the lyric :)
Enjoy !

A lil bit blue or not, the voice is not too cloudy.
I couldn't have prepared the umbrella to avoid that falling pain.
I look like a fool cause I'm not used to it.
I only hide my tears which couldn't run anymore.
In the time that make me know the smile of my love.
I might be dried up like yesterday's rain.
I've worried to say every words.
I only hide my tears which couldn't run anymore.
In the time that make me know the smile of my love.
I might be dried up like yesterday's rain.
My heart is coming to ache cause I couldn't erase you like this.
I might be waiting cause I'm still cloudy :)

That was the english translation for the song.
I want to write the lyric in roman or hanguk.
But. I'm thinking about my readers.
That korang for sure takan understand the meaning right ?
( Haha. tanak ngaku la tu ! )
I tulis english translation it's because I want you to deeply understand the lyric.
Just macam sedih je kan kalau dengar and at the same time korang bace lirik dier ?
Haaa. That's for now.
Annyeong !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot Issue :)

Hot Issue ? macam kenal je kan ?
Do you know where did I get this title ?
Hahaha. if korang fans of Korean. Oooyeahh !
You will know where I get this title.
Btw, just forget je about title ape sume tu.
Sebenarnye tade la HOT sangat pon.
But, bukan senang nak tengok artis balas ape yang kite bagi kat dier.
Okay ! Talk about artis. bukan artis korean, tau ?
It's about malaysian artist.
I x berapa sangat layan artis malaysia ni.
But, if da jumpe why we should waste our time kan kalau da depan mate or what ?
Kompom kompom la kite nak amek gambar segala.
Even macam artis tu kite x berapa nak suke.
The thing is bukan senang kite nak jumpe lagi.
Did I just said about this in yesterday post ?
Okay ! I'm so redundant ! :D

The real story is.
I'm sign in my twitter acc yang da lame x bukak tu.
Then sekarang I love to open twitter :)
You know why ?
It's because sebelom ni I'd tried to search Maya Karin' twitter.
But, I'll try to comment to her but she didn't even reply :(
Pahtu, I'd follow someone else, it's Zahiril Adzim for god sake.
And you know what ? He replied my comment.
And I just like 'Oooohemmjay ! Did he reply ? '
Hahaha. macam x percaya tau !
This is the prove :)

Haaa. betol kan ? I x tipu okay ?
Hahaha. Terlebih suke puloks :)
Btw, the other day pulak. I'd try to comment with Hatta Dolmat, the fashion designer :)
And again ! he replied like Zahiril Adzim ni.
And the most important thing.
Dier siapkan sekali with his kiss tu.
So WOW, kn ?
Hahaha. Muakkss to Hatta Dolmat jugak.
Gambar bawah ni the prove of the kiss :)
Okay ! That's for now. Annyeong !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Sunday, February 20, 2011

SS3 Here I Come ♥

* the banner of SS3 *

Yeeehaaa !
Hahaha. Mesti korang cam..
What's the problem dude ? Kan kan ?
Btw, at 19th of February. Me and my friends already buy an SS3 ticket :)
Ooooyeahh !
Nak tau cerita dier ?
Fyi, kitorang bertolak dari Brunsfield ( umah Ziera ) dalam pukul 7am.
Then. we arrived at Sungei Wang Plaza dlm kol 7 stengah gitu.
And. you know what ?
Da ramai manusia2 yang berkerumun kat situ. Ooohemmjay !
It's freaking me out bile dapat tau ade yang siap overnight lagi :)
After that, nak di pendek kan cerita.
We got the ticket almost at 3pm. Haaa ! Amek kau !
But.. I x berape suke sangat tempat yang I dapat tu.
Dalam hati cam kalau x beli pon tape.
Orang laen kompom cam ' Whattt are you talking about ? '
Hahaha. sebab I dapat rockpitt kot. Tempat yang paling mahal.
And I should thank god sbb cam tmpt tu hampir2 nak sold out.
Well, I pergi with my friends yang memang fans gegiler cam I :)
Here we are.

* kim. sunhi. yura *

* the SS3 rock pitt ticket *

Okay then. I just can't wait to meet my bias, EUNHYUK !
Eunhyuk ahh ! wait for me ya ?
Love ya !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Photoshoot [ Part Two ]

Annyeong !
Part two about photoshoot ! Wow !
Sangat glamour ye I skang ?
Okay ! First thing that I want you guys to know.
It's not about photoshoot about my brother and his car.
But. It's about my photoshoot.
Btw, just photoshoot biase biase je.
About the Xclusive Fitness website ;)
Then for today photoshoot is about Aerobic.
Hehehe. I loike ! Even ari ni punye step I buat ntah ape ape je.
Maybe sbb I excited kan ade photoshoot !
Hahaha :) Ooohemmjayy !
Then. this monday pulak.
will be photoshoot for dance class pulak :)
Yeayyy ! X sabar rase nye.
Will update about it later..
after the photographer masuk kan picture dalam website gym.
Bye Bye !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best in Me :)

Annyeong ! The best in me !
I mean something that the best thing happen to me .
Hahaha ! Ape ape la Labu !
Yang penting I happy and not moody :)

* Me with Maya Karin *

And this one so ♥ ♥ ♥ !
X sangka lak datang kerja at eight in the morning buleh jumpe Maya Karin :)
Masuk2 je KFC cam tetibe spotted someone yang macam I kenal.
But, time tu I cam wat bodo je cam x kesah sangat.
Maybe other person kot. Tapi..
why dier buat rambut kat kfc pepagi buta kan ?
Tengah sedap2 buat kerja then tetibe baru perasan dari tepi that person is Maya Karin.
Hahaha :) Bertuah kan ?
Btw, I tade la cam orang jakun x pernah jumpe artis but..
Bukan senang kan nak jumpe lagi ?
Maybe nanti da sampai bebile pon I takan dapat jumpe kan ?
So, before it's too late. I pon dengan muke x malu.
Talk to her hairstylist tu nak amek gambar with Maya Karin :)
I have two photos with her but satu lagi in my friend's phone.
So, just this photo that I can share with you guys :)

* Me with Bayu *

Oooyeahhh !
Btw, this picture is taken on Valentine's day !
Haipp ! no valentine for me, arasseo ?
Just want you to know that I've taken this picture in that date :)
Hehehe. Look at Bayu ! Sangat suweet kan ? Omell anatt !!
Then. seksehh gitu !
♥ ♥

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Photoshoot.

Annyeong !
This is the photoshoot that I'm talking about :)
Hehehe. Mesti korang ingat photoshoot about me kan ?
Na'a ah ! I x popular okay nak photoshoot2 ni.
Photoshoot pon just once je time untuk majalah KLIK.
Btw, this photoshoot tade kena mengena ngan I but it's about my brother and his car.
Yup ! The picture yang kat atas tu is my brother's car :)
Oooyeahh ! 1 malaysia gitu kan ?
Hakhak. Tatau la kenape my family skang sume cam nak ke arah dunia glamor.
But kitorang tade la kejar just dapat peluang gitu.
You know la kan ?
My mum already become a novelist.
Me and my sis sblom ni have photoshoot with magazine.
Then, right now my brother pulak.
Okay ! Just forget about that.
You want to see MORE photo ?
Jalga ~

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Introduce OUR Park Yoohwan :)

* i want his headphone so badly *

Annyeong everyone !
Well, today I will tell you about my 1st lover :)
Micky Yoochun ? Na'ah ! But about his lovely brother a.k.a my brother in law.
Hakhak :) ( PERASAN ! )
Hey ! Biarlah !
Did you know that Yoochun already buy a car for his brother ?
Yupyup ! I'm so jealous with him.
Btw, I'm not gonna talking about this.
The main point is I want to talk about Ricky new drama.
You guys know right that he already debuted as an actor ?
And yeahhh ! The drama called Shiny Shiny Shining.
I dunno what's that mean TAPI when I tengok preview drama tu.
I think it's quite interesting to watch :)
Lastly, this is the a lil bit preview for his drama :) ENJOY !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss him :'( ♥ ♥

      Annyeong !
      Did you know the person that I miss so much ?
      It's not Micky. it's Eunhyuk :) My 2nd lover.
      Hahaha.After their comeback with Bonamana and No Other.
      I rarely check the news about him. Mane x nye kan ?
      Eun pon cam busy for their SS3 tour segala.
      Then. me also busy working from morning to evening.
      And I'm staying with Micky ( Ceewahh ! )
      Even. with my friends. We always talking about Micky.
      But actually I really miss him :(
      I miss his smile, his gum, his cuteness, his dance. I mean eveything about him.
      And right now, the thing that I know about him that..
      He's gonna leave Hanguk for the SJ-M comeback.
      They gonna make their promotion at China.
      It's gonna be a long time for him to stay there.
      And i'll gonna miss him so much !
      But, don't worry ! This 19th February.
      Me and closest friends will buy a ticket for SS3 in Malaysia.
      Then. I'm gonna meet him again ! Haha :)
      Love you Eunhyuk ahh !
      Btw, this is the last song that Eunhyuk sing at Sukira Radio.
      because he's gonna leaving it temporarily :)
      Enjoy !

      Fyi, SJ-M new song finally out.
      The title of their new song is ' Too Perfect '
      Click HERE! to listen the song :)

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Sunday, February 13, 2011

      So you think you can dance ?!

      p/s : sorry sebab amek gambar Bayu tanpa izin :)
      yg pnting Bayu comell !
      I loike !

      Annyeong :)
      Da lame kan x cerita pasal my dance class ?
      Btw, today is the replacement class for last week.
      sebab busy nak raya cina kot :D agak nye la kan ?
      Hehehe. But, yang best nye this is the first time kitorang dance satu lagu sampai habis,
      Kali ni kitorang dance Modern Salsa. Best sangat !
      Fyi, da abes je dance lagu tu. kitorang kene dance lagu laen pulak.
      Bukan terus dance.
      mesti la Bayu yg kebabow tu kene ajar dlu kan ?
      Hakhak :)
      Tapi dance baru ni susah sikit la.
      I ni da la kayu, nak dance lembut lembut.
      Jangan harap la. kayu pon x keras tau macam I ?
      Urm. esok ade lagi dance class.
      Oyeaaahhh ! I can't wait for it :)
      Ooohh, okay ! This is the song yang kitorang dance for Modern Salsa.
      You can try it, too :)
      Enjoy !

      Chayanne - Salome :)

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Saturday, February 12, 2011

      All about him :) The Micky !

      Annyeong ! This post just want to share with you guys about my lover.
      The micky ! Hakhak. Y'all know him right ?
      Ehe. Btw, this post is from magazine interview in 2009.
      But just now I can share with you guys :)
      Fyi, I just share the answers that I like, arasseo ?
      Enjoy with his answer. ^_^V

      • What's the first thing that you see in the morning ? : Hand phone :)
      • What's your ideal type ? : Gentle Woman :) ( It's me, huh ? )
      • Something a female does that makes your heart beat faster ? : When she's washing clothes.
      • What will you give to your girlfriend ? : Myself ! ( Aaww ! Thanks baby )
      • What do you want for your next birthday ? :Time to spend it with the people I treasure.
      • If you were reborn as a girl tomorrow ? : I want to go to the Hot Spring :)
      • You see a shooting star. What will you wish for ? : Happiness.
      • A recent lie you told ? : Saying I wasn't sick. ( Wae :( I'm here for you ! )
      • Your enemy is ? : Supper :) ( hahaha )
      • A secret you've never told anyone ? : Actually, I'm lonely ( No, you're not )
      • How do you relieve stress ? : Supper :)
      • The theme song for today ? : Kiss the Baby Sky ;) ( I love that song )
      • Where do you start washing your body from in the bathroom ? : Right arm. (Same as me, Chunnie !)

      • If you had a kid, what kind of 'dad' will you be ? : A dad who would participate actively in my kid's sports day :)
      • What do you want to happen tomorrow : I want it to snow :)

      A fact about him :)

      - He will cry every time he thinks about his family who are in the US when he's alone.
      - Don't let him feel like he's alone and give him more love. ( That's so not a problem )
      - He is afraid of screaming voices and horror movies. He get shocked and scared a little easily. ( Comel ! )
      - He likes a girl who know how to dance :) ( That's gonna be me ! )
      - He will get mad if people leave him alone.
      - He has a sexy collar bones so he likes to wear a v-neck cloths but don't let him wear it during cold days.
      - He can eat many snacks but better let him eat rice more. ( Okay ! no problem ! )
      - He has a killer smile. ( Yes ! I admit it. )

      That's all for now. Will update anything new about him soon :)
      Jalga ~

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Friday, February 11, 2011

      Hanya TUHAN saja yang TAHU ;'(

      Ya Allah !
      What should I do ? I can't take this anymore ;'(
      Just take my life away, please ! Jebal !
      I feel so sad right now. Ape salah I ?
      Why you make me cry so badly ? Kenape mesti salah orang lain I pulak yang kene marah ?
      I know that I'm not very perfect but please understand that I'm still learning.
      Everything is about HER.
      Her, her and her ! Why ?
      Everything that I'm doing all day long is just a joking to you, huh ?
      You know what I feel right now ?
      Sad plus angry ! Marah sangat sangat :(
      You are the poor manager that I know. Very poor. Ba Alif Ba Ya !
      Manager yang memang pilih kasih ! Dah jelas terang dan nyata.
      Tak payah nak suluh suluh dah.
      Just bagitau je kat I yang ko tu tanak bagi I morning duty.
      Just tell me ! Susah sangat ke ?
      Kalau x pon just tell me suruh benti keje.
      Aku pon x ingin la nak keje kat sane lame2.
      Just macam no future at all !
      Pahtu. ko nak bagi si MANGKUK tu keje dari morning sampai midnight pon aku x kesah lah !
      Star 2 la star 3 lah segala. ade aku kesah ?
      Dia tu star sampai 10 pun education still SPM lah !
      Orang x pndang pon ko punye star tu.
      Ko jangan la nak berlagak sangat. arasseo ?
      Aku keje kat situ pon sebab terpaksa !
      Don't worry. just count my few days work at KFC.
      Just wait and see. I'm gonna quit !
      Macam yang ko nak sangat !

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Hello Babes :)

      Annyeong guys !
      You know what ?
      They already announce that Super Junior will have a SS3 in Malaysia :)
      And Yeayyy !
      Me and my friends, Kyura and Sunhi will go together.
      Can't wait you know ?
      Because this is my dream long time ago. and because of this I work all day long to collect the money.
      And yeah ! I got it :)
      There will be a balcony seats. terrace seats and also a rock pitt.
      But, still confuse lagi la nak pilih yang mane satu.
      Sebab ada ELFs cakap rock pitt best then others cakap terrace pon best jugak.
      Aigoo ~ dalam dillema ni tau.
      Should I buy two ticket at the same time ?
      ( Hahah. bapak kaye ko ni kan ? )
      Tade la. just kidding. nak mati beli tiket smpi dua ?
      Hahah. Kalau la ade tiket jumpe diorang kat backstage da lame da I beli.
      Then. kalau ade tiket buleh kawen ngan salah sorang dari diorang lagi la I nak beli.
      Wajib, tau ? Mesti and Harus.
      Hahah. Btw, they will launch the ticket on 19th February 2011 at Plaza Sungei Wang :)
      And the concert will be held at Stadium Bukit Jalil on 29th March :)
      That's all for now ~ Will updating about SS3 soon after I buy the ticket :)
      Super Juni~or !

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Tuesday, February 8, 2011

      Sad song ? YES ! sad story ? NO !

      * Tturuwap dubap dubap *

      Annyeong ! It's Kim again :)
      First thing I just want to say that..
      I'm not gonna mumbling anything about my work in this post.
      Because yesterday I've got and Off day :)
      And I don't know what to talk and mumbling about my work.
      OFF DAY ?! Yeay or not ?
      For me it's not. Ye ah kan ? nanti keje dari selasa sampai ahad macam da tade cuti.
      No, no, no ! sangat x best.
      Did I say tanak cakap pasal kerja tadi ? hakhak.
      Cakap jugak kan ? Apedaaa.
      Urm. sebenarnye I write at this blog sekarang sebab nak share something.
      I mean bukan something yang important for me and y'all.
      But something yang I suke. You know what I mean ?
      Korang tau kan I love music. Music is my life.
      Yup ! That's true.
      FYI. this is another song that captured my heart and ear to listen it everyday.
      It's fresh from our DBSK. ( Homin ) The truth is banyak lagi lagu diorang yang baru.
      But, this only two song yang I buleh layan. I mean can become my favorite.
      Ehe. I love ' How Can I ' lyric and ' She ' song :)
      Enjoy y'all.

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Sunday, February 6, 2011

      Wedding Ceremony :)

      * Mrs. Park Yoochun *

      Annyeong !
      Haaa. ni dier gambar semalam.
      Btw, tade la sangat nampk pengantin nye kan ?
      Because mase ni pengantin tengah busy. hakhak.
      But, I pon da macam pengantin gak busy nye.
      Busy nak bergambar.
      Dari Setia Alam sampai ke Bukit Jelutong and sampai Cheras.
      Bergambar saje, dalam kereta pon jadi la kan ?
      Hehehe. Bukan selalu nak melaram cmni.
      Before that, just want to say Congratulations for both pengantin.
      Even, the first kenduri x sempat nak tengok pengantin nye.
      But, I know kompom lawa sbb red carpet segala sume lawa.
      And for sure untuk pengantin kedua pon lawa gak.
      Sebab my favorite color la pulak kan ?
      Wane biru. Wahhh ! I like blue so much :)
      Bawah bawah ni semua gambar semalam.
      FYI, my solo picture is like terlebih2 pulak. just buat2 tak tau je la eh ?
      :) ENJOY !

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Saturday, February 5, 2011

      Chinese New Year :)

      Annyeong !
      Haaa. Not chinese people only yang boleh makan besar tau ?
      Hahaha. My family pon boleh.
      Btw, lepas I abes keje kol 6 cmtu.
      Balik umah then siap siap nak kuar makan.
      But, after sampai umah tu rupe2 nye Pak Ngah and family ade sekali :)
      Then, at 8 o'clock kitorang sume gerak dari umah.
      Ni restaurant yang kitorang pergi ;)
      Okay ! before that, kak nat ajak g makan kat sunway :)

      *Hakhak. Tarbush Restaurant *

      Urm. yang x best nye aku da makan kat umah ;(
      Kalau aku tau la makanan dier sedap giler nak mim mim.
      Kompom !! memang aku takan makan dari pagi. hakhak.
      (teruk sangat tu ! )
      Btw, the environment pon tenang.
      Tempat best and exclusive :)
      And I'll give 5 star for this restaurant.
      Nanti nak ajak Micky makan kat sini lah :D
      Enjoy the other picture y'all !
      Bye Bye :)

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Friday, February 4, 2011

      Ottokhae ?

      Huh ! Ottokhae oppa ?
      Nan ottokhae ?
      Semua benda yang ade kat aku ni semua nye salah.
      Haishhh ! serba salah lah I di buat nya.
      Before this, maybe it's my own fault la kan ?
      sebab x make up segala. Oooyeahh ! I hate make up tebal2.
      Just using foundation, eye liner, and lipstick.
      That's all ! Bila time kuar hang out pon same je pakai macam ni.
      Then ? kenape mesti Sir Hairi cakap I ni macam x penah make up !
      Hey ! Listen here.
      I make up habes2an tau sampai habes I punye eye liner tu pon ko x nampak ke ?
      Aigoo ~
      Sekarang I da maju sikit, so I pakai eye shadow.
      Pahtu ? x nampak jugak ? You nak suh I pakai ape lagi ?
      Nak suh make up tebal macam mate panda ke ?
      Then, you should call mr and mrs panda to work kat KFC tu. Huh !
      Okay ! bukan I tanak make up tebal just for work actually.
      Sebenarnye I da pakai da. but ade la 2 or 3 orang cakap I ni make up tebal giler.
      Make up salah, x make up pon salah.
      Then ? I nak buat ape lagi ?
      Oohh okay ! One more time. She's perfect for everything.
      Best ah kau kan kene puji ? Tapi biarlah.
      I try my best pon orang x pandang.
      So. serah je la pada takdir.
      Malas da asek nak kene tension, tension and tension je.

      Tata titi tutu ~

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Makan Besar :D

      Annyeong !
      Before it's too late just want to wish.
      Happy Chinese New Year !
      Hakhak :) I x smbut okay ?
      Just wishing for all chinese people.
      Btw, hari ini gaji triple but the bad thing is dapat tau maybe gaji sikit untuk bulan ni.
      Urghhh ! Eswan yang Star 3 gaji slalu masyuk pon skang x brpe nak masyuk kot.
      Cian dier !
      And not certain people. I think all staff dapat gaji ciput :(
      Urm. sangat pelik tau !

      Okay ! Just forget about work.
      Let talks about my family la kan ?
      Hari ini Kak Nat and abang long ajak g makan makan.
      Hakhak. and semua family member's ade.
      I mean like angah and kak huda, pak ngah and family :)
      Tu baru sikit, belom sume datang makan makan.
      Mybe pokai la jugak kan kalau ramai2 sbb tempat yang kak nat reserved pon sangat la class.
      Hahaha. but bukan selalu :)
      That restaurant name called Tarbusa.
      Urmm. arabian style tau !
      Btw, we taking a picture but x sempat nak upload hari ni.
      Maybe tomorrow ? Buleh kan ?
      hakhak. :)
      Bye bye !

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Thursday, February 3, 2011

      2/2/2011 ? What a stress day ?

      Annyeong !
      Urm. tengok tajuk je mesti korang da tau pasal ape kan ?
      Definitely about work !!
      I don't know why ? I feel bored, tired and stressed doing all the same thing.
      Bukan pasal tu actually. but sbb orang yang x paham perasaan orang.
      Hey ! what do you think if someone talk a bad thing about you ?
      and you heard it ?
      Saket la ati kan ? Even orang tu x sebut pon name orang nye.
      But I know, they talking about me.
      Yes ! I admit that I'm such a jerk and not perfect doing anything.
      But give me a time lah !
      I will try my best, I'm not makan gaji buta tau !
      Sometimes memang ade la benda x perfect and you must think about it dulu.
      Jangan maen serbu and tuduh je !
      I know that all people are not perfect than her.
      Yup ! dier perfect than me, mane x nye.
      She already Star 2 but I am ?
      Only a Star Trek ! I thought la kan ?
      Hakhak. :)
      And yeahhhhh ! dier kan staff kesayangan orang sume.
      And I'm not !
      Erghh ! then, kalau nak sangat dier keje morning.
      You should cakap terang2 ngan I. X payah la nak berkias kias and saketkan hati I :(
      I will make a move just macam berhenti or something else :)
      Ade paham ?
      Huh !
      Bye ! tade mood !

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

      Tuesday, February 1, 2011

      Tired. Hungry. Headache.

      Oohhhemmjay !
      I'm tired about everything lah :(
      Rase macam nak ikut je papa I.
      Baru lah hidup I ni aman damai. Maybe x aman sangat kat ' SANA '.
      But yang penting I tade sibuk nak fikir about the problem kat dunia ni..
      Stress at the workplace and also at home !
      I thought going home can chileks my mind about the work.
      But I definitely wrong ! Yes ! I'm wrong !
      So so wrongg, arasseo ?
      Because the problem at home is very BIG than at my workplace.
      100% sure !
      Oppas ! Ottokhae ? Nan ottokhae ?
      Ottokhae munjeleul haegyeolhagi wihae ?
      Sebab kan problem2 ni semua I thought that's why I have a headache :(

      Oppa ! Can you just take me away from where I am right now ?
      Take me away from my workplace and also my home !
      I just want to be with one of you guys.
      Puhhliss !! I'm begging you !
      Please bring me to Hanguk ! I hate to be here anymore.

      You read ? Thank you very kamsa !