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Monday, July 31, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Fourteen )

Donghae : Can I know more about the girl that you hugged ?
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaa ? Just focus with your dance practice...
Donghae : She must be so special to you, right ?
Eunhyuk : Yaaa..I told you it's a mistakes...
Donghae : What kind of mistakes ? I don't think so..
Eunhyuk : Please, Donghae ssi...I just pity her...because she doesn't have anyone else...
Donghae : What do you mean by she doesn't have anyone else ?
Eunhyuk : She's an orphan, she stay here with her best friend...
Donghae : Where is she from ? And how did you know her ?
Eunhyuk : She's from Busan, and I know about her because she is my worker at the cafe...
Donghae : Ah, no wonder...she came far away from Busan and work at your cafe ?
Eunhyuk : Yes...
Donghae : Why ? I mean why she wants to come here ?
Eunhyuk : She said that the main point she came here is because she wants to meet someone that she loves...
Donghae : Nugu ?
Eunhyuk : I don't know..besides, she just wants to meet him and express her feelings toward him..after that if he doesn't like him, she will be going back to Busan..
Donghae : Mwo ?? That's all ? He must be so lucky...but no wonder you said it was a mistakes..it's not a mistakes at a first place, right ?
Eunhyuk : Ye ? What do you mean ?
Donghae : You do like her but because she have someone else that she likes that you said it's a mistake...am I right ?
Eunhyuk : What ? That's not right..I have to go...bye...
Donghae : Yaaa....what is her name ?
Eunhyuk : I won't tell you...

' He really fall in love with that girl...just admit it, Eunhyuk ah ! '

That day, the weather is a bit cold because the winter season is coming...every people at Seoul already wear their winter clothes that will make them feel cozy and warm...

While Eunda at the cafe with Suran who just coming to work for her middle shift while Eunda's turn for morning shift..

Eunda : Oso'oseyo...
Donghae : Hi...

' Donghae oppa ? What is he doing here ? '

Eunda : Can I help you ?
Donghae : You are the one that...
Eunda : Ye ?
Donghae : You are new worker here, right ? from Busan ?
Eunda : How did you...
Donghae : Eunhyuk told me...he said that he have a new worker..
Eunda : Ah, annyeong haseyo...Kim Eunda ibnida...
Donghae : Hi, Kim Eunda..nice to meet you..no wonder..Well, you know me right ? Should I introduce myself ?
Eunda : Sure, why not ? I do know you but I really want to see you introduce yourself like you did at the concert before..
Donghae : What ? I will never that kind of introduce here...hahahaha !
Suran : Donghae oppa...what are you doing here ? You want to meet our sajangnim here ?
Donghae : Aniyaaa..actually..I want to meet Eunda ssi...
Eunda : Huh ? Me ? Wae ?
Suran : Yaaaa...what are you trying to do ?
Donghae : Nothing, Eunhyuk told me that he have a new worker from Busan. So, I just come here because I want to know about her...I mean about Busan..
Suran : Why ?
Donghae : Just...can I borrow her for a while ?
Eunda : I'm sorry..I can't...I got a work to do...
Suran : Sure...why not ? Eunda ssi, you still not taking your break, right ?
Eunda : Ye ? Urmm...
Donghae : Well, I will wait outside in my car...
Suran : Okay..just wait a while...

Donghae going out from the cafe and wait at his car, while Eunda follow Suran...

Eunda : Suran ah, wae ?
Suran : What ? He wants to have a lunch with you..just go...plus, he's cute ! Who doesn't like Fishie Hae...he's so cute and handsome..you should have a lunch with him even once...
Eunda : But I'm scared...
Suran : Mwoyaa ? He's fine..he's an idol..he will never do something bad to you..trust me ! I know Eunhyuk and Donghae...they're really kind..
Eunda : Okay...
Suran : Don't worry, if eommonim come and asked you, I will tell her that you take your break..
Eunda : Gomawo...

Eunda take off her apron and get her trench coat and her bag, going towards Donghae's car...

Donghae : Well, should we go now ?
Eunda : But..this is so weird...
Donghae : Wae ? Don't worry..I won't bite...
Eunda : Ani..it's just..why suddenly you want to go out with me ?
Donghae : Because I heard that Eunhyuk hugged you before this, it is right ?
Eunda : Mwo ?? It's...
Donghae : I know a restaurant where we can eat peacefully...

Donghae drive his car going to the restaurant where he mentioned before...Eunda who still trying to figure it out why Donghae want to go out her...

While at cafe, Suran is doing her own work..there a two or three customers at the cafe, where they are a tourist who just visited Eunhyuk's cafe..

Suran : Oso'oseyo...
Eunhyuk : Can I get my Ice Chocolate ?
Suran : Sajangnim..what are you doing here ?

Eunhyuk just go inside to the place where it's specially for the worker to get rest and when he or her mum come to visit the cafe...

One of the customer recognize Eunhyuk right away even Eunhyuk wearing the mask..

Customer 1 : Is that Eunhyuk oppa who just come now ?
Suran : Ye ?? No..it's not him...it's his manager...
Customer 2 : Ah. really ? Why his manager come here ? Why not him ?
Suran : Actually...his manager is my boyfriend...so...
Customer 1 : Ah, no wonder...okay...

The customer just sit to their place again with disappointed face..

Suran bring the Ice Chocolate to Eunhyuk..

Suran : Sajangnim...what are you doing here ?
Eunhyuk : Gomawo, Suran ah..for saving me..I thought there is no customer this time..
Suran : Mwoyaa ? Even this is not the time for office worker to come for lunch, there is a tourist who likes you and came here just to visit your cafe...
Eunhyuk : Are you work alone today ?
Suran : Aniyaaa...it's me and Eunda...but she's going out for lunch with...
Eunhyuk : With who ?
Suran : With someone...
Eunhyuk : Someone who ? Her boyfriend ?
Suran : Aniyaa...someone that might like her...
Eunhyuk : Yaaa...what does he looks like ?
Suran : Should I say this ?
Eunhyuk : Yaaa...tell me...
Suran : It's Donghae oppa...
Eunhyuk : Mwo ?? Donghae ?? Wae ??
Suran : Why ? You should be happy for Donghae and Eunda...
Eunhyuk : No..why should I be happy for them...I won't !
Suran : Wae ?
Eunhyuk : Just go...there are customers outside waiting for you...
Suran : Ah, ne...I'll go first..If you need anything just call me okay ?
Eunhyuk : Arasseo...arasseo...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Thirteen )

When Eunda arrived at the apartment, she saw Yura walk towards her...

Eunda : Yaa...Cho Yura..
Yura : Kim Eunda...where are you going ? Overtime ?
Eunda : Aniyaaa...I'm going somewhere..
Yura : Hangang ?
Eunda : How did you know ?
Yura : I know my friends..you loves to be where you can feel relax, you loves to go to Haeundae back then when we were in Busan..what are you doing there ? Drinking ?
Eunda : Of course not !
Yura : Hahaha...I'm just kidding..I know you can't drink..
Eunda : It's just...
Yura : You meet someone..don't you ?
Eunda : Yaaaa...how did you know ?
Yura : Eunhyuk ssi ?
Eunda : How did you....yaaa...are you stalking us ?
Yura : Why should I stalked you ? I'm just guessing...is it true ? Omo...should I quit my job and be a fortune teller ?
Enda : Mwoyaa ? You want to die ?
Yura : Hahaha....I won't since my new boss is handsome...jinjja !
Eunda : Really ? What does he looks like ?
Yura : How should I say ? But he really good looking..
Eunda : By the way, you not telling me about your blind date that your mum arranged before this to me...what happened ?
Yura : Aniyaaa..I don't want to talk about that...mian ! He doesn't even call me or message me after we met..
Eunda : You like him ?
Yura : I think I do for the first time when I met him,but you know ? Everyone like him too...because he's Cho Kyuhyun..
Eunda : Cho Kyuhyun who ? What does it matter if his name is Cho Kyuhyun ? Jamkanman ! That evil maknae from Super Junior...it's him ???
Yura : Majayo...
Eunda : Yaaa...you do crazy about him, like how I crazy about Eunhyuk...
Yura : But I think he doesn't like me...I acted like crazy mad woman on our first date...It's totally disaster..I ruined it !

When Eunda and Yura keep chatting at the apartment lobby, someone come towards them...

Kyuhyun : Yura ssi...
Yura : Ne... * she turn around and saw Kyuhyun behind her *
Eunda : Kyu....Hyun....
Kyuhyun : Annyeong haseyo...I'm Kyuhyun...
Eunda : Annyeong haseyo...I'm Eunda..Kim Eunda..Yura's housemate...

' This is weird, why he doesn't even look evil to me and why he's here ? '

Yura : What are you doing here ? And the important thing, how did you know that I live here ?
Kyuhyun : I asked your mum ?
Yura : You asked who ???? My mum...you called my mum ?
Kyuhyun : Ani...I met her...
Yura : You what ???
Eunda : Well, I think I should go upstairs...Ev....I mean Kyuhyun ah, nice to meet you..
Kyuhyun : Gomawo, Kimchi !

' What did he called me ? Kimchi ?? Yaaa...he is an evil... "

Eunda go to the elevator to go upstairs, while Yura staring at Kyuhyun that still waving to Eunda..

Yura : What are you doing here ?
Kyuhyun : Meet you...
Yura : Why suddenly you want to meet me ? I thought we not gonna meet each other anymore...
Kyuhyun : Who said ?
Yura : You...I think...
Kyuhyun : I never said that...you are the one that left me alone there at the restaurant without giving me the answer..
Yura : Answer about what ?
Kyuhyun : About us, me dating you...I give you so much time..
Yura : But I thought when I left you that day, you...
Kyuhyun : You think when you left me there, I will forgot everything that I'll said to you, right ? Don't you remember that I'm the one that arranged those date because I want to know more about you ? So, what is your decision ?
Yura : I have to give the answer now ?
Kyuhyun : Yes, I'm going to Japan, touring, practicing my vocal, dancing and else...I already gave you so much time..
Yura : But I....
Kyuhyun : You what ? You want to miss out this chance dating someone like me ?
Yura : Ye ???? What are you saying ?
Kyuhyun : Palli..give me the answer...I don't wear any mask, people will recognize me..
Yura : Alright ! I will...date you...
Kyuhyun : Jinjja ?
Yura : But if you hurt me, I will kick you...
Kyuhyun : You will never kick me, I promise...
Yura : Ah, this namja so crazy..
Kyuhyun : I know you crazy about me too...
Yura : Shut up...I have to go now, you should go back too..
Kyuhyun : Should we meet tomorrow ?
Yura : You don't have any schedule ?
Kyuhyun : I have one, but I will make time for you...
Yura : I will call you...
Kyuhyun : Do you have my number ?
Yura : I.....I.....don't have...
Kyuhyun : Then, I will call you...bye !
Yura : Go....go...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Twelve )

Donghae : Yaaa...paboyaa...why you do that and leave her alone after that ?
Eunhyuk : Nan molla....I just miss her...
Donghae : You miss her or you love her ?
Eunhyuk : I just miss her, okay ? But I do like her a bit...
Donghae : You like her ?
Eunhyuk : Of course, like a friends..
Donghae : Yaaa..myeolchi..I'm talking about feelings right now..
Eunhyuk : What kind of feelings ? I just miss her that's why I hugged her...that's all !
Donghae : You do feels that way, don't you think about her feelings then ? Don't you think that tomorrow when you meet her again, she will asked why you do that ?
Eunhyuk : Did you mean she probably will like me more than a friends ?
Donghae : Now you get it ! If you think that she's not the one, I mean not more than a friends, you shouldn't hugged her just like that...
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaa ? What did I do ? How am I suppose to say ? Sorry ?
Donghae : Just don't say anything when you meet her, just act as usual, like nothing happened...
Eunhyuk : Nothing happened ? Okay...copy that !
Donghae : Yaaa...you are so crazy you know that ? How does she looks like ? That makes my best friend go crazy like this..
Eunhyuk : Donghae yaaa...I'm not crazy because of her...I have to go...we have a family dinner right now..
Donghae : Ah, okay...take care bro !
Eunhyuk : You too !

Eunhyuk walk toward to the table where his family already there eating dinner...

Dukboon : Nugu, Hyukjae ah ?
Eunhyuk : It's Donghae...
Dukboon : Ah, you invite him for dinner ?
Eunhyuk : Aniyaaa..he's going out with Siwon...

After they finished eating together, his parent and his noona going back..while Eunhyuk drive his car to Hangang...

He wear the mask that he kept in his car, going out and take a walk, hoping that no one will recognize him. Even though it's already dark, but Hangang have so much street lights, since people still coming non stop at night, dating..hang out with friends and family..

He walk and saw Eunda sitting on the same bench where he and Eunda hang out before, she's looking straight to the river..

Eunhyuk : Hi..
Eunda : Sajangnim...
Eunhyuk : Can I sit here ? Or you waiting for someone ?
Eunda : Sure..you can sit here...
Eunhyuk : Gomawo...* Eunhyuk sit beside Eunda * What are you doing ?
Eunda : Thinking..
Eunhyuk : Thinking about what ?
Eunda : About my hometown...
Eunhyuk : Wae ? You want to go back there ?
Eunda : I have to, one day...in Busan, I have my own house, friends..
Eunhyuk : But the person that you love is here...
Eunda : I know, but he's still not mine and don't know if he will be mine..I can't make a decision without thinking about that possibility too, right ?
Eunhyuk : Majayo...

They both keep silent for a while, looking at the beautiful Han River's night view..

Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi...
Eunda : Ne, sajangnim...
Eunhyuk : Please call me by my real name from now on..
Eunda : Mwo ? Hyukjae ?
Eunhyuk : Ne...Hyukjae...
Eunda : How ? Hyukjae ssi ? Omomo...that's weird...
Eunhyuk : Yaaa..why my name is weird ?
Eunda : Ani...it's just how should I call you , beside that you are my boss, I can't call you by your name..
Eunhyuk : Hyukjae oppa...just call me that !
Eunda : Oppa ?
Eunhyuk : Yes, oppa...but in front of my mom, Dahae or Suran...you can call me sajangnim...but..if it's only you and me, I mean just two of us...I want you to call me, Hyukjae oppa..
Eunda : Hahahaha...wae ?? Why I have to call you oppa ?
Eunhyuk : Because...I feel comfortable when I'm with you...we were friends, right ? It's not so weird of you can call me oppa, since my fans called me oppa too...
Eunda : I can't...I just can't...
Eunhyuk ; Wae ?
Eunda : You are my boss, and I called you sajangnim...just kept it that way while I still work with you...not more that that !

Eunda stand up and leave Eunhyuk alone there at Han River...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Eleven )

A month has passed away, Eunhyuk really have a tight schedule, he can't even go back to meet his parents. They have a dance practice, recording and D&E tour at Japan...all of his time he spend with his members and other staff at the company..

After he got a little time to rest, he take a chance to go to the cafe and meet his parents...

Eunda : Oso'oseyo...sajangnim !
Eunhyuk : Hi...I'm back...
Suran : Eunda ssi, nugu ? Heol !! Sajangnim...it's been a while you didn't come here...
Eunhyuk : You are right ! Have a really tight schedule after this too...Super Junior tour will be coming soon...
Suran : Please don't forget about us, okay ? Free ticket...
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaa ? Why must I give you a free ticket ? You have to buy it and support me..if not, how come I will get paid ?
Suran : Yaaa..sajangnim is so stingy..
Eunhyuk : Mwooo ?
Suran : You are....by the way, I will continue my work..
Eunhyuk : Majayoo...you should go...

Suran going inside to continue her works..

Eunda : Sajangnim, jal jinae ?
Eunhyuk : I'm fine...and you ?
Eunda : I'm fine too...you want anything ?
Eunhyuk : Would you make me some Ice Americano ?
Eunda : Sure...

Eunhyuk sit at the corner where it's a place for cafe worker to take some rest...

Eunda : Here...your Ice Americano...
Eunhyuk : Gomawo...
Dukboon : Hyukkie...what are you doing here ?
Eunhyuk : Eomma...bogoshippo !
Dukboon : Are you going back to our house tonight ?
Eunhyuk : Of course, I miss you so much that's why I came here...
Eunda : Eommonim, any drink that you want ?
Dukboon : Ice Coffee would be great...
Eunda : Algesseumnida !

Eunda left to make a drink for Dukboon...

Dukboon : You miss me or you miss someone else ?
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaa ? Eomma !!  Who should I miss than you ?
Dukboon : Hahaha..I'm just kidding...should we eat outside today ? I will tell your father...
Eunhyuk : Sure...let's eat eel today..
Dukboon : Okay, great !

Eunda come back with Ice Coffee for Dukboon..and then she left again...

Eunhyuk and his mom talking about their family and Eunhyuk's work matters...
After a while, Eunda come towards them...

Eunda : Eommonim, sajangnim...I'm going back first...
Dukboon : Ah, you already finished your shift...take care, Eunda...
Eunda : Gomawo, eommonim ! * give a bow to Eunhyuk and Dukboon *

Eunda go in front and meet Suran...

Suran : You already wants to go back  Take care, okay ?
Eunda : Ne, gomawo, Suran ah !  You too...

Eunda go out from the cafe and walk towards to the subway station...

Eunhyuk : Eomma...I think I have to go right now..
Dukboon : Huh ? Wae ?
Eunhyuk : I forgot that I have to meet someone..
Dukboon : Arasseo...don't forget about our dinner tonight..
Eunhyuk : Ne, eomma !

Eunhyuk walk to his car and start the engine...

Suran : Eommonim, where Sajangnim wants to go so sudden ?
Dukboon : He said that he wants to meet someone..

' Yaaaa...where did she go ? Why she so fast ? '

While Eunda just take a subway going to the mart, bought something for dinner.
After that she going back to the apartment by bus..
When she almost near to her apartment, she saw Eunhyuk sitting there at the lobby, as usual with his mask...

Eunda : Sajangnim...
Eunhyuk : Where are you going ? I'm waiting for you..
Eunda : Ye ?? How did you...you should be at the cafe, right ? How did you know that I'm still not coming back ?

Eunhyuk doesn't reply to Eunda's question just grab her hands and pull her into his chest..
Eunda feels surprise when Eunhyuk sudden hug..

Eunda : Sajangnim...mwoyaaa ??? * push Eunhyuk from her *
Eunhyuk : Jamkanman ! Can you just hug me too ? * pull her back *
Eunda : Wae ?? Why must I have to hug you too ?
Eunhyuk : Bogoshippo...
Eunda : Huh ??
Eunhyuk : I miss you...so..please...just hug me for a while..
Eunda : Sajangnim...
Eunhyuk : Can you please be quite for a while and just hug me ?
Eunda : Ne, arasseo !

Eunda wrapped her arms around Eunhyuk's waist..
After a while they hugged each other, Eunhyuk let Eunda go and left her alone without saying anything..

' Mwoyaa ? Why he acted like that ? Hugging me and the leave ? '

Eunda then just go to the elevator to go upstairs to her house...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Monday, July 24, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Ten )

' This is so weird, why Sora eonni still not come ? '

Eunhyuk : Did you already done everything, since you just sit here doing nothing ?

Eunda a bit surprise with the voice who talk to her, she turn around and saw Eunhyuk...

Eunda : Of course, I'm waiting for Sora eonni, why are you here ?
Eunhyuk : I can't come to my own cafe ?
Eunda : You can, but where's Sora eonni ?
Eunhyuk : She won't come, because I'm here...
Eunda : What does it matter ?
Eunhyuk : I'm the one that have the key, that's why !
Eunda : Ah, mianhaeyo...sajangnim !

Eunda check for the last time before she turned off the light...

Eunhyuk : Where are you going after this ?
Eunda : I don't know..
Eunhyuk : Yaaa....you don't know ? Do you want to go somewhere else after this ? Yaaaa...this yeoja!
Eunda : Mwo ? What if I don't want to go back home ? Is it matter to you ?
Eunhyuk : Waaahh..are you going to a club ? Looking for a guy to bring to your house ?
Eunda : Ye ???

' A guy that I REALLY want to bring to my house is YOU....actually...'

She thinks other way but her hearts want to explode that time when Eunhyuk say that to her, doesn't know whether to go mad or cry...She made a decision to just leave Eunhyuk there...She take her bag and walk away leaving Eunhyuk without saying anything to him..she feels really humiliate with what Eunhyuk had been saying to her..someone that she likes and respect...

' Eunhyuk ah, mwoyaaaa ?? How can you say that to her ? Paboyaaa ??? '

Eunhyuk run after Eunda when he realize his mistakes....He grab her hands to stop her from walking far away from him...

Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi, mian !
Eunda : Please just let my hand go...
Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi, mianhae ! I shouldn't say that to you...I'm so stupid !
Eunda : Yes, you shouldn't say that to anyone ever again...especially me !
Eunhyuk : Ne..I promise...
Eunda : I'm not that kind of girl who really desperate to look for a guy for a one night stand or what so ever...that is not me...
Eunhyuk : Mianhaeyo...I...just...
Eunda : Just what ?
Eunhyuk : I feel comfortable when I'm with you...So, when I feel comfortable with someone, I will say something like that...you know..joking...

That time, Eunda feels that she really want to hug him. She do feels comfortable with him too but she have to ignore that kind of feelings because at the end, she doesn't want to feel hurt after she going back to Busan. She have to leave all of this, her feelings toward Eunhyuk mostly.

Eunda : You really do feel comfortable with me, right ?
Eunhyuk : Ye ?
Eunda : You still hold my hands...
Eunhyuk : Ah, mian... * Let go of Eunda's hands*
Eunda : I want to go to Hangang, can you send me there ?
Eunhyuk : Sure...why not ?

Eunhyuk drive his to send Eunda to Hangang, they just keep silent until they arrived...

Eunda : Gomawo ! See you tomorrow...
Eunhyuk : Next month...
Eunda : Ye ?
Eunhyuk : We have a tight schedule starting tomorrow, since our tour gonna start soon. We have to go to Japan again for D&E fan meeting..
Eunda : Ah, majayo...Well, see you next month..
Eunhyuk : Ne...take care...

Eunda go out from his car and walk away, dissapear from Eunhyuk's view...
She sit on the bench, facing at the Hangang, fascinating with Seoul night view..

Eunhyuk : Can I sit here too ?
Eunda : Sure....why...not ? * Eunda looking at the guy and realize it's Eunhyuk who wearing a mask * What are you doing here ?
Eunhyuk : Accompany you..
Eunda : Gomawo.. *smiles* I do feel scared a little bit..
Eunhyuk : Why you want to come here ?
Eunda : Well, for your information...I love to be here, a quiet place where you can see, watch and look everything that happen...beside that, my friends is not home..she going for a holiday with her family..
Eunhyuk : And you feel relax too..
Eunda : Majayo ! I do really want to come here when I'm in Busan...
Eunhyuk : Meaning that you really hate being at the place where is so loud..
Eunda : Like a club ! I don't like to go there...even my friends in Busan invited me..but I rather go back to my house and sleep...
Eunhyuk : Waeyo ? There must be a reason, right ?
Eunda : Aniyoo..just that !
Eunhyuk : Then, meaning that you doesn't like a concert too ?
Eunda : Who said ?
Eunhyuk : You said, you doesn't like a loud places...
Eunda : But concert is different...you go to the concert because you like it...plus, I'm not a drinker...
Eunhyuk : Nado...
Eunda : I know...in Super Junior, you are the one that doesn't drink...I respect that ! But why ? You must have a reason for not drinking...
Eunhyuk : Just say that I hate how it taste...
Eunda : Okay then...
Eunhyuk : By the way, how about your secret admirer ?
Eunda : My secret admirer ?
Eunhyuk : Yes, the one that you told me before this...don't you remember ?
Eunda : Ah, about him..
Eunhyuk : Have you told him that you loves him ?
Eunda : Should I ?
Eunhyuk : Yes, you should...don't be afraid...
Eunda : Saranghae...
Eunhyuk : Ye ?? What are you saying ?
Eunda : Saranghae...
Eunhyuk : Yaa...Eunda ssi, micheosseo ?
Eunda : See...even you can't accept what I'm saying just now, you think that he will ?
Eunhyuk : That's....that's...different...
Eunda : What kind of different ? You're a man...and he's a man too..
Eunhyuk : But I'm your friends...
Eunda : We can't love our friends ? But you know what ? I change my mind...
Eunhyuk : Change your mind ? Mwo ?
Eunda : I won't tell him that I love him, because I already know...that at the end, I will be hurt so badly...he might have a girlfriend..and he is cute, he won't look at me for the first place..But sometimes, he do makes me feels guilty, whether I want to just walk away and leave him or be with him...this is so complicated !
Eunhyuk : What do you mean ?
Eunda : I mean the way he acted towards me, makes me fall in love with him more..
Eunhyuk : But at the same time, you afraid of getting hurt because he might acted that way since you are a friends and not more than that ?
Eunda : Majayo...*Smiles to Eunhyuk*
Eunhyuk : Don't you have a boyfriend before this ?
Eunda : I have one, but it's a long time ago...but he will get married next year...
Eunhyuk : Really ?
Eunda : He said that he wants to broke up with me because he needed time to think...I don't know what kind of time but suddenly, I heard from my friends, that he will get married with his hotel director's daughter...
Eunhyuk : What is his job ?
Eunda : He worked with that hotel as a Finance Manager there...
Eunhyuk : Heol ! He left you because of that director's daughter ?
Eunda : After that, I do realize about it..but what can I do, right ? He is not the one for me..
Eunhyuk : You will meet one, someday...trust me !
Eunda : Okay..I trust you...should we go ? It's late now..
Eunhyuk : Sure...kajja ! I send you home...

Eunhyuk send Eunda go back to her apartment and after that, Eunhyuk going back to his parent's house..

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Nine )

Kyuhyun : Do you want some desserts ?
Yura : No, thanks..
Kyuhyun : Well, can I ask you a question ?
Yura : Sure, why not ? We were here because we want to know each other, right ?
Kyuhyun : Have you go for a blind date like this before ?
Yura : Actually no, this is my first time. My mum did make an arrangement, but I didn't go..because I thought I'm not ready yet to have a boyfriend or get married..
Kyuhyun : But..why now ?
Yura : I don;t know, suddenly I feel that I have to do it for my mum, even just once...to prove that she shouldn't arrange everything for me like this kind of things...I want to make my own decision about my personal life...such as boyfriend, marriage life or else..I'm scared if I followed my mum, I won't be happy with the person that she choose...I want to fall in love like everyone else too..
Kyuhyun : So, that's why you doesn't even look at my picture before you came here today ? Because you came here with a plan to destroy this blind date and say that you will never choose me or date me even your mum choose it for you ?
Yura : Majayo...mian !
Kyuhyun : So, if I said that I want to start dating you...what will your answer ?
Yura : Ye ?!?
Kyuhyun : I want to date you, just give it a try...I won't ask you to marry me as soon as possible..I will give you a time to fall in love with me..as many time as you want...
Yura : But why ?
Kyuhyun : Because I started to like you..
Yura : Since when ? We just met.. Don't you think its too early to like me ? And this our first date..
Kyuhyun : I know, but..actually...I'm the one that asking my mum to call your mum to arrange a blind date with you..
Yura : Wae ? I don't understand...
Kyuhyun : I mean I saw your picture at my mum's phone. I think I saw you during your mum's birthday party, if I'm not wrong...
Yura : You look at the picture ?
Kyuhyun : Yes...why ?
Yura : Aniyaaa...
Kyuhyun : So, what's your decision ?
Yura : Decision about what ?
Kyuhyun : Yaa....about the thinkg that we discussed just now...
Yura : But...why me ?
Kyuhyun : What do you me by, why you ? Maybe because we are meant to be together...
Yura : You know, I'm just a normal person that doesn't have any talent like others. You can choose someone better than me, there are plenty members of girls group that cute and beautiful...
Kyuhyun : You should feels very lucky because I choose you...
Yura : This is so weird...
Kyuhyun : Weird ? Because of what ?
Yura : Did you try to prank me ? Suddenly I can't believe you...
Kyuhyun : You don't believe me ? Because I'm an evil maknae in Super Junior, is that what you mean ? I do an evil maknae in Super Junior, but with girls I won't do that !
Yura : Majayo...after you said that makes me feels that I really can't believe you now..I think I should go...thank you for making your time today to have a date with me..

Yura just left Kyuhyun alone at the restaurant and Kyuhyun feels a bit weird with how Yura acted with him...

' How can she just left me like this ? Yaaaaaa... '

Dahae : Suran ah, I'll go back now, okay ?
Suran ; Ah, ne...be careful !
Dahae : Where is Eunda ?
Eunda : I'm here...waeyo ?
Dahae : I'm going back now, if you need help just ask Suran okay ?
Eunda : Okay, eonni...
Suran : Don't worry, eonni..she will be fine..it's been five months now she's working here with us..
Eunda ; Majayo...I have Suran with me...
Suran : You should worry about me too..that's not fair...
Dahae : I'm not worry about her, Suran ah ! I'm worry about you..
Suran : About me ? Waeyo ?
Dahae : You might leave her alone because I saw your boyfriend outside...you did that last week to me...
Suran : Eonni !! Okay..okayy..I'm sorry...
Eunda : Gwenchana ! I will be fine if Suran wants to go back too...we already done everything, right ? Just waiting for Sora eonni to come..she said that eommonim have something else to do..
Dahae : That's true..but is it okay if your alone ? Because you are in a morning shift this week, but today you make an overtime until closing..don't you feel tired ?
Eunda : Yes, I will be just fine...since I don't have anything to do if I'm going back early today..just go..
Suran : Gomawo, Eunda ssi...I promise...I will treat you a dinner one day...
Eunda : Jinjjayo ? Omo...I like it...gogi ! gogi !
Suran : Okay, gogi sounds great !
Dahae : Don't forget about me too...
Suran : Sure, eonni !

Suran and Dahae already going back with their loves one, while Eunda have to wait for Sora eonni to close the cafe, since the cafe key is with eommonim..she forgot to give it to Dahae eonni..

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Eight )

Eunhyuk staying at the hostel with his members, in the morning...he doesn't have any schedule but at night. he have a variety show to attend...

Eunhyuk : Yaaa...Cho Kyuhyun, where are you going ?
Kyuhyun : Going somewhere, meet my friends...wae ? You want to come ?
Eunhyuk : Your girlfriend ? Why should I come then ?
Kyuhyun : I don't have one..
Ryeowook : That girl on your phone gallery, nugundae ?
Kyuhyun : That girl ? Someone send it to me using chat messenger...my friend's girlfriend...
Ryeowook : Why should you save her photo ? Just delete it !
Kyuhyun : Why must I delete it ? It's my phone...I can do what I want..
Eunhyuk : Yaaaaa....
Kyuhyun : Mwo ??? Mwo ??? I have to go since I already late because of you guys...bye !

At Yura's apartment...

Eunda : Yura ssi, where are you going ?
Yura : Huh ? Urmm..I have to meet my parents...
Eunda : Parents ? Can I come ?
Yura : Ye ? Don't you work today ?
Eunda : I do, but today I start my shift at 2pm...maybe I can meet them for a while and straight going to work after that...
Yura : Maybe later, okay ?
Eunda : Jamkanman ! you are not going to meet your parents, aren't you ?
Yura : Ye ? What do you mean ? I told you that I'm going to meet them..
Eunda : You are lying...you will never wear a thick make up when you want to meet the,..
Yura : I do wearing it now..
Eunda : You going for a date, right ?
Yura : Eunda ssi...mwoyaa ?
Eunda : I know you, Yura...we've been friends since high school, when you want to meet a guy, you will apply a thick make up like you do now..
Yura : Yaa...you know what ? I hate being friends with you, you know everything about me..
Eunda : Hahaha..so, did you ?
Yura : Yes, I have a blind date..my mum arrange this..
Eunda : Jinjjayo ? Do you have his photo ?
Yura : Unfortunately, I don't have one..but you know that I have to do this, right ? Even I hate an arrangement date so much ! My mum really wants me to get married..
Eunda : Ne, you should listen to your mum, but if you don't like that guy..just tell him directly..but if he's okay..why don't you give him a chance ?
Yura : Of course I will...

Yura waiting for a person that her mum already arrange with...

Yura : Yaaa..where is he ? He shouldn't let me wait for him...
Kyuhyun : Annyeong haseyo...I'm sorry for being late...

Yura look at the person who greet her and she just stare at him for a little while..

Kyuhyun : Hello...where are you going ?
Yura : Ne ? Ah, mianhaeyo...
Kyuhyun : For what ? Because you talking on my back ?
Yura : Mwo ? How did you...
Kyuhyun : It's okay, I understand you...you doesn't like this kind of date, right ?
Yura : Yaa...what do you mean ? I'm okay with it, if I'm not then I wouldn't be here for the first place..
Kyuhyun : Well, that's a good reason, though...
Yura : Of course !
Kyuhyun : I'm Cho Kyuhyun by the way...
Yura : I know..Super Junior evil maknae...I'm Cho Yura...
Kyuhyun : We have a same first name...Cho Kyuhyun and Cho Yura..Here...I bough it just for you.. *gives a flower bouquet to Yura*
Yura : A flower ?
Kyuhyun : No, it's a DVD player with a remote on it !
Yura : Ye ???
Kyuhyun : Can I sit down now ?
Yura : Ah, of course...

Kyuhyun and Yura sit down and the waiter come to take their order. After they finish, the waiter left and come again to give a water to them..

They just keep silent for a while because they doesn't have a topic to start with...

Kyuhyun : Did you see my picture before you come here ?
Yura : Nope, I don't...How about you ?
Kyuhyun : Ah, you don't ? That's mean you didn't come here because I'm an idol..
Yura : What do you mean ? How could you think like that ? I'm not that kind of person, trying to take all the attention to have a date with an idol..
Kyuhyun : Actually, I do look into your picture before I came, and you look like a normal person..so yeah, I agree about this date...
Yura : Normal person ?
Kyuhyun : For sure, you don't want to have a date with a maniac person, right ? That been so addicted to some kind of weird thing or a nerd maybe...
Yura : Mwoyaa ? You can really know everything after you look into their picture ? Don't you think that you have to meet them before, and knew them like hear about their stories and everything. Then, after that you will know ? People might be different from the way they acted, people change you know that ? First, you make a decision about this date and you give it a try, but after this we doesn't know...maybe you will change your mind and you don't want to meet me again...

Before Kyuhyun reply, the waiter brought their food to the table...they both say thanks to the waiter and start to eat...

Until then, they still keep silent...doesn't know what to say and what to ask.

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Seven )

Eunhyuk : What is that ? *Eunhyuk laughing so hard*
Eunda : Mwo ?
Eunhyuk : A girl as my bodyguard ? You ?? Hahahaha !
Eunda : Don't you watched a drama called 'Wild Romance' ? Si Young eonni being a bodyguard to Dong Wook oppa...
Eunhyuk : They doesn't know who you are, why you call them oppa and eonni ?
Eunda : Haha..this is funny...Did you already knew the waitress, because she called you Eunhyuk oppa...
Eunhyuk : That's different !
Eunda : Mwo ? What kind of different ? You already knew her before this ?
Eunhyuk : Yaaa... aigoo..this person really makes me going crazy...
Eunda : You are the one that makes me going crazy...
Eunhyuk : Jamkanman....that drama...they fall in love with each other, right ?
Eunda : Huh ? So what ? I just told you about how a girl who being a bodyguard to a man, not about they fall in love..

Eunda walk away from Eunhyuk, she do feels shy while talking about love with Eunhyuk because she have a feelings toward him since the first day she look at Eunhyuk in Sorry Sorry music video..

He is the main reason why Eunda came to Seoul she sacrifice most of everything just to meet her favorite idol, her loves of her life.
When she have a chance to met, talked, hang out and worked with him, she will never feels regret with what she do now, coming to Seoul..she will cherish this moment, even though she knows that she will never have a chance to meet him again after this..

She have to move on, and she knows that Eunhyuk will never look at her more than a worker to a boss. He have a life too, maybe he already have someone special, but he have to let it as a secret just like other celebrities too.

Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi...
Eunda : Eunda ssi ??
Eunhyuk : I mean Ms. Kim...I have to go to somewhere else...can you wait for a while ?
Eunda : Ah, ne..I will wait here..

Eunda going to the nearest cafe to buy a drinks, and then she going back to the place where she should wait Eunhyuk before, while waiting for him, she just looking at the peoples who walking in front of her. There is a people who still wears their work clothes, probably they going out for a drinks with their friends.
A parent with their children, a teenagers and a couples...

' Why those couple have to kiss each other like every second ? '

While Eunda still staring at the couples that annoyed her a bit, Eunhyuk came from behind and he already knew about what she looking at..

Eunhyuk slowly approached Eunda by grabbing and hugging her arm. That makes Eunda feels a bit surprised..

Eunda : Mwoyaa ?
Eunhyuk : Wae ? Something wrong with this ? * Eunhyuk point to Eunda's arm that he hug*
Eunda : You can't do this in front of peoples..they will watch...
Eunhyuk : Ye ? What if the look at us ? That couples that you stared at doesn't even bother when you kept looking at them..
Eunda : This is different, you are an idol ! *let go of her arm from Eunhyuk*
Eunhyuk : They doesn't even know who I am if I'm wearing this mask, unless I open it and kiss you here and that's they will recognize me..
Eunda : What ? What do you mean by kiss ?
Eunhyuk : I'm just giving an example..
Eunda : Andwae !
Eunhyuk : What ?
Eunda : You can't ! You shouldn't have to give me that kind of example...I should go...thanks for the dinner..I love it !
Eunhyuk : Yaaa...Ms.Kim...what happen ?

Eunda walk away and leave Eunhyuk alone...Eunhyuk feels a bit weird with what happened to Eunda that suddenly having a bad mood..

' Am I do anything wrong ? '

But Eunhyuk run after her before she's getting far away from him..

Eunhyuk :Eunda ssi, waeyo ? *grab her hands*
Eunda :It's Ms.Kim...and please let go of my hand...
Eunhyuk : Why suddenly you acting this way ? Just tell me if I do something wrong...
Eunda : You are not !
Eunhyuk : Ye ?? But before this...you said...
Eunda : Just forget about it, I'm sorry...I shouldn't do that...
Eunhyuk : You make me feels worried...
Eunda : No, please don't wory about me...
Eunhyuk : Wae ? Why can't I ? Please tell me what happen ?

' You know what ? I'm in love with you, and you suddenly acting the way that makes me fall in love with you more...then I'm afraid if I fall to you so hard, I won't be able to forget about you after this...just please don't do this to me...just do as usual like you do to other fans '

Eunhyuk : Yaaa..Ms.Kim..
Eunda : Nothing..nothing happened...
Eunhyuk : Should I send you home ?
Eunda : It's okay..I'll take a cab...
Eunhyuk : Just pretend that I'm a taxi driver...
Eunda : Should I sit at the back ?
Eunhyuk : You wish !

Eunda followed Eunhyuk to his car that he park somewhere...and he send her safely to her apartment...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Six )

Waitress : Welcome to our restaurant, how many person ?
Eunhyuk : Two person, please..
Waitress : Follow me, please...

They followed the waitress to the dining table..

Eunhyuk : Here ?
Waitress : Yes, sir..anything wrong ?
Eunda : Do you have another table that a bit hiding from other people ?
Waitress : Ye ? Hiding from other people ?
Eunda : Ne.. I mean not too expose...he feels a bit uncomfortable when people watching him eating..
Eunhyuk : What ?
Waitress : Ah, ne...come with me, please...

Eunhyuk pinched her shoulder but Eunda doesn't even bother with it, just followed the waitress...

Waitress : Here is the meni, when you ready to order, just call me..
Eunda : Gomawo !

The waitress walk away but stares weirdly at Eunhyuk, who still wearing a mask..

Eunhyuk : Yaaa..kimchi !
Eunda : Mwo ? *stares at Eunhyuk* You want to eat kimchi here ?
Eunhyuk : Yaa...it's your name..I called you..
Eunda : Jegayo ?? Kimchi ??? Yaaa...

But they been cut out since the waitress come back with their drinks..

Waitress : Here is your drink, are you ready to order?
Eunhyuk : No, not yet...we will call you..
Waitress : Okay..

After the waitress started to walk away...

Eunhyuk : Yaaa..people will think that I'm a weirdo..
Eunda : Wae ? I save you..
Eunhyuk : Save me or embarassing me ?
Eunda : Save you from other people who will recognize you and the you'll not be able to eat..You know sasaeng fans ?

Eunhyuk feels really touched by how Eunda is really thinking about him..

Eunda : You can take off your mask...if you want..
Eunhyuk : Ah, ne..

While Eunhyuk take off his mask Eunda stares at him without blinking her eyes...This is her first time looking at him clearly yet so close without a mask.

" Omo...he is really handsome ! Jamkanman, why my heart pounding like crazy right now ? "

Eunhyuk : Ms. Kim, I know I'm handsome right now..
Eunda : Huh ?
Eunhyuk : Why you staring at me like that ?
Eunda : Huh ?
Eunhyuk : Do you like me ?
Eunda : Huh ?

Eunhyuk spontaneously pinched Eunda's cheek..

Eunda : Sajangnim...what are you doing ?
Eunhyuk : Huh ? Sajangnim ? You looks very hungry when you staring at me, I'm no steak !
Eunda : Huh ? I do ?
Eunhyuk : Yaaa...
Eunda : Jamkanman ! where is the menu ?
Eunhyuk : Omomo..see ! You didn't even realize that the waitress already take the menu back with her..
Eunda : But I'm not order anything yet..
Eunhyuk : I did for you...
Eunda : You did ? Do you know what I want ?
Eunhyuk : Ne, you kept looking at it, for a few times..
Eunda : No wayyy...
Eunhyuk : Yes wayy...
Eunda : That is sooo expensive ! You shouldn't order that !
Eunhyuk : I will deduct it from your salary this month..
Eunda : Ye ??? Andwae...

Eunhyuk smiling while looking at Eunda that already put her head on the table, thinking about the food that cost almost 100 dolars...

After they finished eating, the waitress came with the bills..

Waitress : Can I take a photo with you ?
Eunhyuk : Me ? Of course...
Waitress : No wonder your girlfriend said that you want a table that not expose to other people..Miss. can you help us ?
Eunda : Sure, why not ? I'm really good at taking picture..

After Eunda take a 2 or 3 photo of Eunhyuk with the waitress..

Waitress : Eunhyuk oppa, is this your girlfriend ? I won't tell anyone if it's true..
Eunhyuk : Mwo ?? You think ?
Waitress : I don't know..maybe not !
Eunda : Of course not, I'm just his bodyguard..after this everything that I ate just now will be deducted from my salary...Am I right, sajangnim ?
Waitress : Ah, ne...gomawo Eunhyuk oppa !
Eunhyuk : Ne, gomawo...

Eunda followed Eunhyuk going out from the restaurant...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Friday, July 7, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Five )

It's been a while, Eunhyuk and Eunda become friends..
Sometimes, they shared each other stories, basically about Eunhyuk's experience and memories when he became an idol...There's a few week that Eunhyuk doesn't come to the cafe because he's really busy with his current schedule..going to Japan and other country for the concert..

Yura : Yaaa..Eunda...what are you doing ? Wake up !
Eunda : Wae ???
Yura : Don't you have to go to work today ?
Eunda : Aniyaaa..I'm off today...
Yura : Ah, majayo..I forgot about it ! But you should go somewhere, take a walk or else..Don't just stay at home, watching movies all day long..
Eunda : Ne, arasseo ! I will, but it's too earlier to go out, right ?
Yura : Where do you plan to go ?
Eunda : I don't know, maybe to Namsan or Gyeongbokgung.
Yura : Okay then, why don't we meet at Cheonggyecheon after office hour ?
Eunda : When ?
Yura : Maybe around 6.30pm ? In front of the waterfall..
Eunda : Okay, sure...be careful !
Yura : Ne, annyeong !

3 hours later after Yura going to work, Eunda take her towel and going inside rhe bathroom to take a shower..She choose a simple dress, wearing it with jeans, tied her hair like a ponytail and finished it with her favorite trench coat.

She go out from the apartment and walk towards Gangnam Subway Station. She decided to go to the SM COEX Atrium to have her lunch there...

After that, she's going to visit Gyeongbokgung, take some picture for her keep..
Around 6pm, she already there in front of the Cheonggyecheon waterfall, waiting for Yura.
When she waiting for Yura, her phone ringing..

Eunda : Hello, Yura ssi...where are you ? I'm already here at Cheonggye..
Yura : Eunda ssi, mian ! I can't come right now..my boss suddenly want me to settle some report by today..
Eunda : Ah, really ?
Yura : Mian, Eunda yaa...but don't worry...when I get back, I will bring a fried chicken that you like a lot !
Eunda : Is this a bribery ?
Yura : Sort of..hahaha !
Eunda : Well, okay then...take care..don't work to late..I'm going to take a walk since I already here..
Yura : You too, take care..annyeong !

" Aigoo...where should I go know ? "

Eunhyuk : Hi Ms. Kim !

Eunda turn around to look at the person who greet her..

Eunda : Sajangnim ?
Eunhyuk : Wow, I'm impressed...you recognize me..even though I'm wearing a mask and a cap..
Eunda : Ye ? Urmm..of course..you are my boss, of course I have to recognize you..
Eunhyuk : Jamkanman, can you please call by my name ? We are friends, right ?
Eunda : Hyukjae ? I can't...people will recognize you if I call by your name...
Eunhyuk : There's a lot of people that have the same name like me..by the way, what are you doing here ?
Eunda : And what are you doing here ?
Eunhyuk : You have to answer me, I asked you first..
Eunda : I don't know, I mean I'm waiting for my friend, but she can't come because she have something to do..
Eunhyuk : Ah, too bad..
Eunda : How about you ?
Eunhyuk : I don't know either, feels like want to come here and take a walk..
Eunda : Alone ? At this hour ?
Eunhyuk : Aniyoo, with someone..
Eunda : Ah, really ? Nugundae ?
Eunhyuk : You..
Eunda : Mwo ? Me ? Are you kidding ?
Eunhyuk : No, I'm not ! I do come here alone and feels a little bit boring..but I met you, and you are alone too, right ? Why don't we just walk together...
Eunda : Me ? It's okay...I suddenly don't have a mood to take a walk, I should go back now...annyeonghi geseyo !
Eunhyuk : I will treat you a dinner...I suddenly want to eat western food...Your favorite food, a steak ?

Eunda started to walk away going to the nearest subway station and suddenly she stop..

" How did he know about my favorite food ? "

She turn around agaian and look at Eunhyuk's face, and she stares at him pretend that she mad..

Eunhyuk : Yaa..what did I do wrong ?
Eunda : How did you..
Eunhyuk : I'm what ? *Eunhyuk cut her sentence*
Eunda : Why must you say that you want to treat me a dinner ? A steak...How did you know it's my favorite food ?
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaa ? I'm just guessing, I'm sorry if it's wrong..
Eunda : Suddenly I feels very hungry when you mention about steak.. * make a cute face*
Eunhyuk : Hahaha ! You know what ? I'm a bit stingy..not everyone that I will give this kind of offer...Even my members as well.
Eunda : Really ? Then, you offer this just for me ? Wae ?
Eunhyuk : Yes...but only today...
Eunda : Okay, fine..I will..
Eunhyuk : Great ! Let's go...

Without he realize it, he hold Eunda's hand and take her with him going to the restaurant...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Love is Far Away ( Part Four )

It's been a month since Eunda started working at Chocolat Bon Bon, she feels very energetic when working there, she got a new friend there as well, Dahae and Suran. They really nice and very helpful towards Eunda...

Dahae : Eunda ssi, why you still here ? Your shift already ended.
Eunda : Ah, jinjjayo ? I don't realize about it...are you okay if I'm going back now ?
Dahae : Of course I'm okau...you should go now since people will going back to work and the subway will be jammed..
Eunda : You are right !

Eunda going to the locker where Dukboon's prepare for her staff to put their belongings..she take her bag and put her apron inside...

Dahae : Eunda...have you see Suran ?
Eunda : She's going for her break, right ?
Dahae : I know..but...
Suran : I'm here...mianhae...the taxi driver lost his way...
Eunda : Lost his way ?
Suran : Yeah, because his GPS not working so sudden..
Dahae : Mwo ? But...how come he doesn't know the way if he a taxi driver...he should now everything..
Suran : It's true..but poor him...he just started working as a taxi driver last week..help her son that got an accident...
Eunda : Omo...poor him !
Suran : Yeah, I already got mad but after I listened to his story, I feel sad about it..

Someone come inside the cafe...
Both Dahae & Suran greet the person while Eunda turn around and look at the person behind her..

Eunda : Sajangnim, annyeong haseyo !
Eunhyuk : Where are you going ?
Eunda : I'm going back, sajangnim..
Eunhyuk : Dahae ssi, did she finished her work before she can go back ?
Dahae : She's done her part, sajangnim..
Eunhyuk : Well, then...you can go now..
Eunda : Gomawo, sajangnim...Dahae eonni, Suran ah...annyeong !

Eunda walk away a bit faster from Eunhyuk because she suddenly feels a but scared when Eunhyuk stares at her...

" Yaaa.....why he stares at me like that ? "

Eunhyuk : Where is she going ?
Suran : Huh ? Sajangnim, why you always asking the same question twice nowadays ? She's going back, where do you think that she will be going ? Are you mad if she going for a date?
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaaa ? What are talking about ?
Dahae : Did you come here to meet eommonim ? Actually she's not here right now, she's going out to meet her friends for a while..
Eunhyuk : No one fetched her ?
Suran : Aniyoo..yaaa...Dahae eonni, don't you think our sajangnim is acting a bit weird ?

" Ahhh, majayo...eomma did told me that she doesn't have anyone here except her friend. "

Eunhyuk : Dahae ssi, you told me that eomma not here, right ?
Dahae : Ne, sajangnim...
Eunhyuk : Well, I should go back then...annyeong !
Dahae : Annyeonghi gaseyo...

While Suran repeat after Dahae...Eunhyuk going out towards his car...He drove his car slowly, searching for Eunda. After he found her, he stopped the car besides her and open the window...

Eunhyuk : Yaaaaa....

Eunda look beside her and surprised seeing Eunhyuk in the car...

Eunda : Sajangnim, waeyo ?
Eunhyuk : You going home, right ? Don't you feel boring when you just staying at your house ?
Eunda : Well I don't know anywhere else to go...
Eunhyuk : Let me sent you home then...
Eunda : Ye ? Gwenchanayo, sajangnim...I will ride a subway...I don't want to bother you..
Eunhyuk : You are not bother me at all..besides, I'm going to Gangnam as well..
Eunda : Jamkanman ! How did you know that I stay at Gangnam ?
Eunhyuk : Huh ? Urmmm...I read your form that you filled before...
Eunda : Ahh, jinjjayo ?
Eunhyuk : Kajja...

Eunda just followed what her boss instruct her to do...because she doesn't know what he might do..Scared if she might lost her hon..she do feels that Eunhyuk will never do that, since he looks really nice when he's on television. But, she doesn;t know the true person in front of her just based on her prediction...

Eunhyuk : I know I looks so handsome today, but you shouldn't stared at me like that !
Eunda : Ye ???

She then turn her head looking outside from the side window..

Eunhyuk : Gangnam-gu...is that your apartment ?
Eunda : No, it's my friend...I stayed with her..
Eunhyuk : You don't have your own house ? I mean like your parent's house or else ?
Eunda : We do have one..but not in Seoul..
Eunhyuk : Not in Seoul ? Then, where ? Overseas ?
Eunda : I though you look into my form, but you doesn't know where I live before ?
Eunhyuk : I didn't look into it so detail you know..just some basic that I have to know..
Eunda : It's in Busan...
Eunhyuk : Ouh, okay...but why you come here ? Don't tell me that you just ame here for that job experience things..because I don't believe it !
Eunda : Huh ? Wae ??
Eunhyuk : Because Busan quite easy to get a job, you know ? Second city after Seoul in South Korea...and I believe that you will get a job easily..Is there someone you waiting for is here ?
Eunda : Well, actually...it's true..
Eunhyuk : True about what ?
Eunda : I want to meet someone that I love here...
Eunhyuk : Nugu ? You mean boyfriend ?
Eunda : Ani...he's not my boyfriend, I really hope that he can be my boyfriend someday...but I don't think so..
Eunhyuk : Wow...interesting ! your secret admirer stay in Seoul...how did you know him ?
Eunda : Just say that I know him through social network...
Eunhyuk : Oookayy...when you plan that you want to meet him ? Or you already meet him ?
Eunda : I already met him..
Eunhyuk : Great ! Have you talk with him ? Or make a first move ?
Eunda : Talk with him yes, but not for a first move...why must a girl make a first moves ?
Eunhyuk : Jamkanman, nowadays girls fo make a first moves..
Eunda : Not me !
Eunhyuk : Yaaa...you know what ? The way you told me, he doesn't even know about you liking him..
Eunda : Of course..I'm the one that knows about him, but he doesn't even know that I'm exist..Actually, I want to epress my feelings towards him, but getting scared if he doesn't like me back. But I have to do it one day, right ? If he told me that he can't loves me, I have to move one.. I mean I will go back to where I belong...
Eunhyuk : To Busan ?
Eunda : Ne...

When they still chatting about Eunda's secret admirer., they already arrived in front of the apartment...

Eunhyuk : Here ?
Eunda : Ne...gomawo, sajangnim !
Eunhyuk : Ms.Kim...
Eunda : Ye ?
Eunhyuk : You want me to help you ?
Eunda : Help me what ? I can walk by myself..
Eunhyuk : Hahaha..I mean about your secret admirer..
Eunda : Ouh ! *smiles* It's okay...we talk about feelings here, we can't change it for them, they have to change it naturally...
Eunhyuk : Majayo...well, annyeong !
Eunda : Thank you, sajangnim !

Eunhyuk droves his car and disappeared from Eunda's view...

" You can't help me, Eunhyuk ssi..You have to help yourself..You are the one that I talked about... "
You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Three )

Sunday morning at Seoul, weather is a bit cold because it's gong to be winter season soon...

Eunhyuk : Eomma, what are you doing ?
Dukboon : Nothing, just reading some books...waeyo ? You hungry ?
Eunhyuk : Aniyoo...I'm just a bit boring, should we go do some window shopping ? Or take a walk ?
Dukboon : At this time ?
Eunhyuk : You don't want ? Or should I call Donghae ?
Dukboon : Yaa...why don't you ask Donghae before you ask me ?
Eunhyuk : Eomma...I'm just kidding..
Dukboon : Should we tell your noona ?
Eunhyuk : No...no...no...just two of us...
Sora : Yaa...I heard you..
Eunhyuk : Aishhh....

Eunhyuk going out with his mother and sister to the Lotte World. While at the same time, Eunda and Yura just arrived there as well...

Eunda : Yaaa....this place is soooo expensive..
Yura : Of course it's an expensive place..you think you can buy this place?
Eunda : Yaaa...Yura ssi...
Yura : Hahaha...
Eunda : Why you bring me here ? I can't afford anything here...maybe I will use my money on foods only..
Yura : I didn't told you to buy anything here...even I have a money I also doesn't want to waste my money...I'm your tour guide...so..as a tour guide, I bring you here...
Eunda : Ne, algeseumnida !
Yura : Should we find something to eat ?
Eunda : Good idea, I already feels hungry...
Yura : Always...

Sora : Eomma, can you wait for a while ? I'm going to the ladies...
Dukboon : Ne...please be faster..
Sora : Ne...just wait here, okay ? Hyukjae will be come after he park the car..

Eunda : Annyeong haseyo, madam !
Dukboon : Ms.Kim, what are you doing here ?
Eunda : I'm touring Seoul with my friends, I mean window shopping..but she's going to the ladies..and you ?
Dukboon : My son brought me here, he said that he feels a bit boring staying at home...
Eunda : Your son ?
Dukboon : Yes, Hyukkie...
Eunda : Aaahh, that guy over there, right ? *point to the big screen*
Dukboon : Majayo...how did you know ?
Eunda : Everyone know about Super Junior, of course people know him as well.. *smiles*
Dukboon : So, you like my son ?
Eunda : Ye ??
Dukboon : I mean which members do you like in Super Junior ?
Eunda : Me ? Urmmm...
Eunhyuk : Eomma, mian...it's difficult to get a parking at this time. At last I have to use the valet parking service..

Eunda just stares at the person who just come and stand beside Dukboon. Finally, she meet the person that she have a crush on, in front of her eyes...Eunhyuk who is wearing a mask prevent his fans to recognize him...

Eunhyuk : Eomma...who is she ?
Dukboon : Aaaah, she's Eunda..she will start working at our cafe tomorrow..
Eunhyuk : Our cafe ? Ah, our new staff ?
Dukboon : Ms.Kim, this is my son...I think you already know him, right ? and Hyukkie, this is Eunda..
Eunda : Annyeong haseyo...
Eunhyuk : Annyeong !
Eunda : Well, madam..
Dukboon : Please, call me eommonim...
Eunda : Eommonim, I should go first, sorry for disturb you..and enjoy your window shopping..
Dukboon : No, you are not ! Nice to meet you here...
Eunda : Ah, ne...annyeonghi geseyo...

Eunda walk away from Dukboon and Eunhyuk and searching for her friend, Yura..

Eunda : Yaa, Yura ssi...why didn't you told me that you already get out from the ladies ?
Yura : I tried to go to you. but suddenly I saw Eunhyuk walk toward both of you...I don't want to disturb...how is it ? Meeting Eunhyuk for the first time ?
Eunda : I really want to scream right now but I can't... *smiles like crazy*
Yura : Omomo...what did guy talk ?
Eunda : We just greet each other, that's all !
Yura : Mwo ?? That's all ?
Eunda : What do you think we will talk then ?
Yura : I don't know..maybe you can tell him that you like him ?
Eunda : Are you crazy ??
Yura : I'm not..you are !
Eunda : Mwoyaaa ? In front of her mother ?
Yura : Why not ? Kajja...we should go..we have another place to go..

Eunda grab Yura's arm and walk together...

Eunhyuk : Eomma, who is she ?
Dukboon : Yaaa...I told you before...she is our new staff, she will start working at our cafe tomorrow..
Eunhyuk : I mean why you take her to work at our cafe ?
Dukboon : Wae ? She's nice..you hate her ? You doesn't have a reason to hate her...
Eunhyuk : Who said that I hate her ? I'm just asking..
Dukboon : You know what ? I want to help her...she doesn't have anyone else except her friend...
Eunhyuk : What ? No one else ? Parents ? Siblings or other family ?
Dukboon : No one..
Sora : Eomma...mian...
Eunhyuk : Noona, where are you going ?
Sora : I'm going to the ladies, and after that I saw something new from that shop..
Eunhyuk : Can we eat sushi today ?
Dukboon : I'm okay with that !
Sora : Nado...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Two )

Annyeong haseyo...

Hope you enjoy with this part...

Happy reading, yeorobun !


She sit a bit far from the entrance, and she can see a wall that full with love notes. The cfe also prepared a colorful sticky notes and a pens for their customers.
At that time, there is no customers in the cafe...

Dukboon : Annyeong haseyo...
Eunda : *stands* Annyeong haseyo..
Dukboon : Please have a sit...
Eunda : Kamsahamnida...
Dukboon : What is your name ?
Eunda : I'm Kim Eunda...
Dukboon : Well, Ms.Kim...I heard that you asking for a job here ?
Eunda : Ne, majayo...
Dukboon : As a full timer or part timer ?
Eunda : Well, I will choose full timer if you have, since I'm not working yet...
Dukboon : That's great,,,where do you live, by the way ?
Eunda : At Gangnam-gu..
Dukboon : Gangnam ? A bit far from here ?
Eunda : It's okay, madam...Seoul have a good public transportation..
Dukboon : You are right ! That's mean you are okay with shift ?
Eunda : Yes, I'm fine with it..
Dukboon : Great then...well, please wait for a while..I will take a form that you need to fill up, okay ?
Eunda : Ne...

Dukboon waiting for Eunda when she filled up the form, because Eunda might asking anything, she thinks...

Dukboon : Jamkanman, you are from Busan ?
Eunda : Ne, I'm from Busan...
Dukboon : Can I know why you came here in Seoul ?
Eunda : Well, actually I want to get some working experience here in Seoul, that's why...
Dukboon : But you have a house here ?
Eunda : No...I stay with my friends...I mean I stayed at her apartment..
Dukboon : Do your parents know about this ?
Eunda : They will know...
Dukboon : What do you mean by they will know ? You run from your house ?
Eunda : Aniyaa, madam..it's because I lost them both due to cancer...
Dukboon : Omomo...really ? I'm so sorry...I shouldn't asked about it..
Eunda : Gwenchanayo..it's the past...I should survive by my own now, right ? Or who else will help me..
Dukboon : Don't worry, dear...you have your friend that helping you now, and started from today...You have us, everything that you need, we will try to help you..
Eunda : Kamsahamnida, madam...by the way, I already finish filled up the form..
Dukboon : Good, maybe you can start working on Monday, 9am ?
Eunda : Sure...I will..thank you, madam...
Dukboon : Actually, my staff called me, eommonim...maybe you can start to call me that as well ?
Eunda : Eommonim-yo ?
Dukboon : Ne..majayo...
Eunda : I understand, eommonim...
Dukboon : Take care, we meet again on monday..

Eunda stand up and bowing to Dukboon before she going from the cafe and run towards Yura..

Eunda : Yura ssi !
Yura : Waeyo ?
Eunda : I already been accepted !
Yura : Omomo...really ? Chukahae, Eunda ssi...then, when will you start working ?
Eunda : This coming Monday..
Yura : Jamkanman !
Eunda : Waeyo ? Something wrong ?
Yura : You will always meet him after this..
Eunda : Yaaa...is that it ? You think that he will always be here ?
Yura : Maybe..why ? You don't want to meet him ? This is your chance, beside...I know that you really adore, like and the truth is you fall in love with him since high school....
Eunda : I know...
Yura : And you came here because you want to meet him, right ? For the first place...
Eunda : You are so right, but I don't know that I will work at his cafe..this is amazing..
Yura : Hahaha...you are so lucky..
Eunda : Thank you, Yura...you are my hero !
Yura : Of course...
Eunda : Kajja...you already promise me a dinner, if I got a job...
Yura : Okay...I know where to go for dinner now...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part One )

Hi everyone, it's been so long that I didn't update anything here in my blog..
Mianhae ! I've been so busy with my reality life until I don't have time for everything..
So sorry if I said that my fan fiction called "The Last Embrace" will be discontinued..
Since I've just lost my idea to continue it...

But....I'll come back here again with my new fan fiction, finally..

It's called "Love is Far Away'. As usual Super Junior's Eunhyuk will be the main character..
And yess....he still my favorite bias, like forever if you want to know..

Enjoy ya ?


Busan is the most - populous city in South Korea after Seoul, is known for its beaches, mountains and temples. Where hey have Haeundae Beach, Jagalchi Fist Market, a Marine Resort City and others.

When people keep getting busy everyday in Busan, which it's official calle as Busan Metropolitan City. There is one person who really wants to go to Seoul to achieve her dream, which is meeting her favorite idols for sure.

Sujeong : Yaa...Eunda eonni, are you sure you want to go there ? Waeyo ?
Eunda : Yes, I already decide to go there, but don't worry..I'm gonna be okay...I haveYura there to help me...
Sujeong : You can find a job here, eonni. You doesn't have to go there to find a job.. Your house, and friends are here...
Eunda : I know Sujeong ah, but I already told you before..I just want to have an experience and a new environment...that's all !
Sujeong : If you really want to go to Seoul, why don't we go together ? After my semester is over..we can go there for an holidays, why you have to work there ?
Eunda : Where should I get the money if I'm not working ? You know Seoul is a big city, right ? We can't survive there unless you have a richest parents.
Sujeong : But...
Eunda : Waeyo, Sujeong ah ?
Sujeong : I'm gonna miss you..
Eunda : I will come back..I promise !
Sujeong : When ?
Eunda : After I got what I want..
Sujeong : I just give you a year, if you doesn't come back after that, I will go to Seoul and drag you back..
Eunda : Aigooo..arasseo !!

Eunda and Sujeong hug each other. She doesn't tell Sujeong the true reason why she want to stay to Seoul.

Eunda already in Seoul for a week. She stay with her friends, Yura. Yura is from Busan as well, but she already moves to Seoul about 5 years ago because her parents decide to open a new company. They already knew each other since high school, Yura parents also knew about Eunda as well.
They helped Eunda after they knew about Eunda's parents, where her both parent died because of cancer.

Yura : Kajja... *grab Eunda's hand*
Eunda : Mwoyaa ?
Yura : I already find a place where you can work happily...
Eunda : What do you mean by I can work happily ?
Yura : Just follow me and you will know about it..
Eunda : But...I thought today you want me to accompany you to hang out..
Yura : After you get the done with the interview, we will hang out..Palli...before it's too late..or you gonna miss a big chance...
Eunda : Arasseo,.if I get this job, you have to treat me a nice dinner...
Yura : Okay, no problem..

Eunda followed Yura. She know that she can depends on her best friend. Yura is just like her parents, loves to help peoples who in need.

Eunda : Well, this is bit far from our apartment...
Yura : Yup...I know, right ? But it's worth it ! Plus. if you in Seoul, you can go everywhere you want to go since Seoul have a great public transportation..
Eunda : Majayo...
Yura : There you are, a nice and cute cafe for you...
Eunda : Jamkanman, is that...
Yura : Yes, don't you like it ?
Eunda : But..
Yura : Waeyo ?
Eunda : I can't work there...
Yura : Yes, you can..I know you can..we both have an experience about working at the cafe before this at Busan, right ?
Eunda : It's soo gonna be different, Yura..I might died if I'm working here...
Yura : Hahaha...well...
Eunda : Don't you think this is too much ?
Yura : Nope, I don't think so...I will wait here...hwaiting !
Eunda : Don't forget about my dinner, okay ?
Yura ; Ne...

She go inside to the cafe, its feel very cozy and relax in there. She going straight to the counter.

Dahae : Welcome, can I help you, miss ?
Eunda : Hi, I heard there is  a vacancies here, is it true ?
Dahae : Ne, majayo...please have a sit for a while..
Eunda : Kamsahamnida !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !