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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Memories of KNB2-1020 =)

안녕하세요 !

Last night was my last korean class.hukhuk !
Okay ! cakap tak abes lagi da nanges. ape ni ? tak rock la kan ?
Btw, my last korean class with my beloved teacher, 김선미..
Reason ? because to continue the next level...the class should have 7 students or more...
But, when the staff do some research, our class only have 4 students for the next level..
One of my classmate ask my teacher..

Ryan : 선생님 ! you have another class also right ? beginner 2 ?
Can we just wait for you..=)
Seonsaengnim : Ah, Ryan 씨...미안합니다 ! not beginner 2...now it still beginner 1..
All of us : * disappointed * 아이구 ~~~

So, the meaning is we need to proceed the class with other teacher..
And also I need to change my schedule with Kak Lina since the class also change to 
Wednesday and Saturday..
Aigoo ~ I baru je kerja kat sane for a month..nanti orang ingat I ni demand sangat la pulak kan ?
Sedap sedap je nak mintak tukar tu..mintak tukar ni..
And the most important thing that I really regret is when I don't have a chance to take a picture 
with my classmate and also with my teacher...
But, last week..my teacher going back to Korea because her sister married..
So, she bought a bookmark from Korea...

Even it just a small present from her..but I really appreciate it..
감사합니다 선생님=) I'm not gonna forget about you...
You are the best teacher ever...
Because you are the one that teach me how to speak, listen and write in KOREAN !
KNB2-1020 화이팅 ! 선생님 화이팅 ! 한국 화이팅 !!!
And lastly, also for my classmate..
Ing, Yu Sang, Ryan, Samantha, and also Ching Hui !
I'm gonna miss you..hope we can continue the next level together..

p/s : 선생님 ! Don't forget about us, okay ? 
or maybe next time we can go out together and eat 김치 !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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