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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Korean Test ^_^

Annyeong Haseyo ~
Already have a time to update my blog after I finished my Korean Language exam today...
Last night I already make a good preparation for the exam..

But at the same time...It's also scary..
Yeahh ! It's been a long time I didn't take any exam since my driver license exam xD
Hahaha...is it count ?
Btw, I've got a bad news 1 hour before my exam..
It's really hurts me TT^TT
You want to know why ? I'll bet someone that like this person already knew about it..
It's about Beast's Junhyung...He already have a relationship with someone..
And please don't ask me who ? because I don't want to wrote her name here..
But this news will never let me down..
I already make a good grade for my Korean exam..I've got an A !
Yeayy to me puhlisss !! ^_^ * butag halge ! *
This is my introduction side in the exam paper...and also my certificates for getting an A..

Did you see it ? Did you see it ? Muahaha * evilkyu laugh *
Mianhae Yura shi..should I credit it to @Gaemgyu ? I will NOT !!
Lastly, I think I'm gonna continue with Korean Language Beginner 2..
Wish me luck, arasseo ?
Will wish you guys luck too ...bye bye !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !


  1. omo~ jelousnye!! congrats ye! nanti nak pi korea senang je :))

  2. hehe ~ thanks ! nnti kite g korea same2 nak ? ^_^