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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Me and Arrogant Boyfriend ;)) [ Part Nine ]

In the morning, I wake up at 8am…and when I wake up..I felt something wrong …and yeah ! it’s Dong Wook sleeping in the couch…

Me : Huh ? what he’s doing here ?

I stand up and walk toward him…

Me : Yaaa !

But Dong Wook didn’t wake up..

He’s handsome though…but I don’t like his attitude..ARROGANT ! huh…but who cares ? Yaaaa ! what happened to me ? Am I in love with him ?

Dong Wook : What are you looking at ?
Me : Huh ?!? Ani…
Dong Wook : Really ? already fall in love with me, huh ?
Me : Aniyaaa..I feel want to kick you out from my house now…
Dong Wook : Mwo ?!? kick me ?
Me : Yeah !!

Then, Dong Wook just get up and out from my room…suddenly Hyori come out from her room…

Hyori : Good morning, guys !
Me : Huh ?!? did you know that…..
Hyori : Yeah…he fall asleep…I don’t want to get him up…poor him !
Dong Wook : See ! it’s not my fault…
Me : Okay…okay…you should go to your house now…
Dong Wook : Ne…annyeong Hyori ssi !

Dong Wook go out from our house…

Hyori : Yaaaa…
Me : Mwo ?
Hyori : How did he knows my name ?
Me : Huh ?!? yeah..you are right…
Hyori : But ! I know that you already fall in love with him..
Me : Ye ?
Hyori : Don’t try to fool me…just tell me the truth !
Me : Well, urmm…yeah..I think so..but I hate his attitude…
Hyori : Arrogant ?
Me : Yeah..how did you know ?
Hyori : Hihi…I can’t see that…but I’m happy for you that you already have someone to fall in love with…
Me : But..I don’t know if he loves me too…
Hyori : He loves you too, trust me !
Me : Really ?

Dong Wook already arrived at his house…he felt so surprise looking at Xander that already in his living room…

Dong Wook : Yaa…how did you…
Alexander : I have your key…
Dong Wook : Really ? since when ?
Alexander : Since when ? hahah…since you buy this house…
Dong Wook : Ah, really ? I forgot about that..
Alexander : What did you remember then ?
Dong Wook : Urmmm..I don’t know..
Alexander : Just thinking about Farieda ?
Dong Wook : Ye ?!?
Alexander : Don’t be so shy, my friend…
Dong Wook : Yaaa..yaaa ! what are you thinking ?
Alexander : Thinking that you already fall in love with Farieda..
Dong Wook : What makes that you think that I fall in love with her ?
Alexander : I saw you with Farieda last night at Cheonggyecheon..
Dong Wook : Then ?
Alexander : You hug her waist and take picture together..I can see that you really love her..
Dong Wook : Mwo ?? urmm..we just..
Alexander : Just what ?
Dong Wook : Just have fun ….we should take a picture together right ? to…
Alexander ; To what ? just tell her that you love her…it’s gonna be fine…and one thing that I’m sure…she loves you too..
Dong Wook : Mwo ? is she crazy ?
Alexander : If she’s crazy..then, you also…
Dong Wook : I should take a shower now…
Alexander : Yeah..and meet her again, okay ?
Dong Wook : Mwo ?
Alexander : I should go to…but ! promise me…don’t let her down..or I will punish you..
Dong Wook : Huh ?!?!
Alexander : I like her too…but I know that you also like her…I will give you a chance…
Dong Wook : What …do…you…
Alexander : Take care of her for me, okay ?

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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