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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Me and Arrogant Boyfriend ;)) [ Part Eight ]

Hey everyone ! it's been a long time...I'm so sorry for not updating here because I'm so busy with my new work as Admin plus Secretary ;)) Heee..but who cares ? it's gonna be my new experience though...
And also, I'm busy with my housecores after being an officially a Mrs. Hyukjae ! * hah ! gedik ! *...Furthermore, I have another fan fic called One Divide Four..but I'm not posted it here..I just post it at my facebook notes..If you guys want to read it, then, just leave me a comment here...and I will post it at the asianfanfic ;)) heeee...so, what's we gonna wait for ? let's continue reading my short story that gonna be a long story now...

After I just finish change my clothes…we go out together…

Me : Where are we going ?
Dong Wook : Are you okay ?
Me : Yes…why ?
Dong Wook : I already told you that we gonna hang out at Cheonggyecheon…
Me : Ah, just hang out ?
Dong Wook : Then, what you want me to do ?
Me : I’m hungry..
Dong Wook : Ah, really ? what do you want to eat ?
Me : Urm….
Dong Wook : What ?
Me : Are you okay ?
Dong Wook : Huh ?!?
Me : Why so sudden you being so good to me /
Dong Wook : Well, urmmm..because…
Me : Because of what ?
Dong Wook : Because..urmm…because you agree to go out with me…that’s all !
Me : Really ?
Dong Wook : Yaaa..do you think something else ?
Me : Ani…
Dong Wook : I know you thinking about something..tell me !
Me : Urmmm..should I ?
Dong Wook : Jamkanman ! you think that I like you ?
Me : Mwoyaa ?!? are you crazy ?!? erghhh !
Dong Wook : Well, I think I’m a crazy people if I like you..
Me : Nado !
Dong Wook : Btw, what do you want to eat ?
Me : Urmm..sushi ? I really want to eat sushi..
Dong Wook : Yaa…are you pregnant ?
Me : Ye ?!?!!? * slap his shoulder *
Dong Wook : Aigoo ~Aigoo ~
Me : Huh ?!? gwenchanya ?
Dong Wook : Of course it’s hurt…what are you thinking you are doing ?
Me : Huh !?? Dong Wook ssi, mian !! I’m….sorry…ottokhae ?!? * rub his hurt shoulder *
Me : Huh ? what do you mean ?
Dong Wook : It doesn’t hurt at all…
Me : YAAAAA ! Aigoo ~…you…really….  * about to cry *
Dong Wook : Yaaa..I’m just kidding…
Me : Joking ? something like this ? you know what I felt just now ?
Dong Wook : Huh ?! I’m…
Me : Just drive..I don’t want to talk to you…
Dong Wook : Ne….

Dong Wook just drove his car to the sushi restaurant…he felt really guilty doing that to me..While me feeling a bit weird..why must I felt hurt about his jokes…Am I already in love with him ? Na’ah !
Come on Farieda, you will not fall in love with him…he always annoyed you…

After we arrived at the restaurant, and we just order everything that we want and eat…we not talking with each other after the incident…Dong Wook in his mind and at the same time staring at me..

Yaaa..did I really hurt her ? What should I say to her ? Should I say sorry to her ? but it’s not my fault…urmm..ottokhae ?!?

Me : What are you looking at ? I’m not a monster to make you stared at me like that !
Dong Wook : Urmm…Farieda ssi…
Me : Mwo ?!
Dong Wook : I’m sorry…I shouldn’t do that…
Me : Whatever !
Dong Wook : Yaaa….
Me : Just forget about it…we should eat right ?

What happen to me ?!? I should just let it go right ? Eventhough he just joking…why must I felt really hurt with that ?!?

Then, we eating and we walking to Cheonggyecheon…When we arrived there, I feel very excited because I really want to go to Cheonggyecheon so much…before this I just see the place at the internet..but now..here I am…at Cheonggyecheon…

Kim : Ah, I love to be here !!!

I’m busy taking my own picture…while Dong Wook looking for a bench to sit and waiting for me that already being a 3 years old kid…take picture here and there..

Dong Wook : Yaaa..crazy ! you really like Cheonggyecheon ?
Me : Mwo ? Yeah !! I already told to myself…when I go to Korea..I’m gonna come here…

Huh ?!?! Did she hear what I said or not ?!? I called her crazy...why she didn’t get mad about it ?!?

Me : Yaaa…yaaaa…come here !
Dong Wook : Huh ? me ?
Me : Yeah..who else ?
Dong Wook : stand up and come toward me * what ?!
Me : Please take my picture…
Dong Wook : Mwo ?!
Me : Can you hear me ?
Dong Wook : Give me your phone…
Me : Okay…I want to stand here…take it nicely, okay ?
Dong Wook : 1, 2, 3……ah, see…it’s came out nicely…when I’m being the photographer…
Me : Ah, jinjja ? I want to take a look…

When I take my phone and look at the picture..I’m not there…just the building with the tree…

Me : Yaaaaaaa !!!

Dong Wook already walk far away from me…

Me : Yaaaa..take one more time !!!
Dong Wook : Shirundae !!!
Me : Yaaa…
Dong Wook : We should take our picture together..
Me : Ye ?!? for what ??
Dong Wook : To make a prove that I bring you to Cheonggyecheon…
Me : That’s all ?!
Dong Wook : Yeah..wae ?!
Me : I’m gonna be so unlucky…
Dong Wook : Whatever ! take a picture with my phone…come on !
Me : Na’ah !
Dong Wook : Come on ! * hug my waist without noticing it *

While me with forced smile taking picture with him…

Why must I felt something wrong now ?!?

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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