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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Me and Arrogant Boyfriend ;)) [ Part Ten ]

Hi everyone...I'm afraid that this short story will be a fan fic for me..but don't worry about it...it's gonna be less than 20 part...so, it still can called as short story...heeee ! enjoy with it ;))

Two weeks later, I’m going back so late because need to finish my work on time…
It’s already 10pm…and going back alone by cab…

When I’m waiting for the cab..suddenly one car come towards me…and stop in front of me…

Dong Wook : Yaa..Farieda ssi…
Me : Huh ?!? How did you know that I’m still here…
Dong Wook : Well, your friend, Hyori told me…
Me : Hyori ?
Dong Wook : Ne…
Me : So what do you want ?
Dong Wook : Just want to….
Me : What ? I don’t want to waste my time talking with you now…I’m tired ! and I should get going now because it’s too late..
Dong Wook : Jamkanman !
Me : What  is it ? tell me quick…
Dong Wook : Can I send you home ?
Me : Ye ?
Dong Wook : I want to send you..
Me : Urmmm…really ? you will not gonna leave me like you did before ?
Dong Wook : Well, if you want to..
Me : Mwo ?
Dong Wook : I will not ! don’t worry !
Me : Okay… * go into his car *
Dong Wook : Yaaa ! should we get something to eat before I send you back ?
Me : Ani..I just want to take some rest..
Dong Wook : Or maybe we can get something to take away ?
Me : Gwenchana…
Dong Wook : You are so stubborn !
Me : Whatever ! I don’t have enough energy to fighting with you now..

Then, we not talking anything until we got to my apartment…

Me : Thanks !
Dong Wook : You are most welcome…

I just got out from his car..and wave at him…after he going with his car..I just go into the lift and go to my house..

Hyori : Yaaa..why you come back so late ?
Me : I need to complete my work…because I don’t want any pending work..
Hyori : Ah, but you need to take care of yourself..
Me : I know…btw, where are you going tonight ?
Hyori : Well, I’m going out with Sangmin…with few friends…maybe I’m not coming back tonight..
Me : Yaaa..wae ? gonna sleep at Sangmin’s house ?
Hyori : Ani…we gonna have an overnight at sauna…
Me : Really ?
Hyori : Would you like to join us ?
Me : Well, maybe not this time..i’m so tired !
Hyori : Okay ! rest well…got to go now..annyeong !
Me : Ne…have fun, okay ? sends my regard to Sangmin..
Hyori : I will !

Hyori just go out from our house …and I just laying on the couch in our living room..and fall asleep…
A few minutes later, someone knock the door…

Me : Aigoo ~

And suddenly my phones ringing…and I pick it up…

Me : Yoboseyo  !
Dong Wook : Are you sleeping ?
Me : Mwo ?! Dong Wook ssi ?
Dong Wook : Ne…it’s me..are you sleeping ?
Me : Who cares ?
Dong Wook : Me !
Me : Why ?
Dong Wook : Because I’m here…in front of your house…
Me : Ah, that’s why ? should I care ? * blur *
Dong Wook : Huh ?!?
Me : You said that you already in front of my house..
Dong Wook : Then ?
Me : Ye ?! Jamkanman…did you said that you already in front of my house ?
Dong Wook : Yeah…
Me : Mwoyaa ??

I just run toward the door and open it..

Dong Wook : Finally…why are you so dumb ?
Me : How come you can come here ? again ?
Dong Wook : I’m bored…that’s why I come…where’s Hyori ?
Me : Hyori ? She’s not at home…she’s going out with Sangmin and friends…
Dong Wook : Ah, really ? then you alone now ?
Me : Can you see ?
Dong Wook : When will she coming back ?
Me : Molla…I heard that she will not coming back tonight..
Dong Wook : Really ?
Me : Ne..btw, why you come here ?
Dong Wook : I’m bored…
Me : Then ?
Dong Wook : Can I come ?
Me : For what ?
Dong Wook : Just want to accompany you…
Me : Ye ? accompany me ?
Dong Wook : Can I ?
Me : Thanks…but I think you no need to accompany me..I’m okay alone..
Dong Wook : But Hyori told me to accompany you..
Me : Hyori ?
Dong Wook : Yeah…just let me come… * go inside my house *
Me : Yaaa..yaaa…jamkanman !
Dong Wook : Mwo ? * staring at me and come towards me slowly and staring my eyes *
Me : ……
Dong Wook : Well….
Me : What are you looking at ? * feel uncomfortable since Dong Wook in front of me *
Dong Wook : Urmm…you look really cute…
Me : Ye ?!?  
Dong Wook : Can’t you hear me ? you cute ! no wonder Xander likes you and….
Me : And….and…what ?
Dong Wook : I…I……nothing… * walk away from staring at me *
Me : Urmmm…what do you want to do now ?
Dong Wook : Watching movies like we did at my house before…
Me : But I don’t know I can accompany you because I’m so tired !
Dong Wook : It’s okay…just sit next to me…it’s gonna be fine…
Me : Mwo ? why should I sit next to you ?
Dong Wook : Yaa..can you just please don’t talk to much ?
Me : Why if I’m talking to much ? this is my house..so I can do what I want to do..
Dong Wook : I will kiss you….
Me : ….ye ??!?.....
Dong Wook : Did you want ?
Me : Andwae !!
Dong Wook : HAHAHA !
Me : Just choose a movie that you want to watch…I want to go to the bathroom first..
Dong Wook : Okay ! ghost story…is it okay for you ?
Me : Sure..I love ghost story..
Dong Wook : Wow ! I’m so impress…
Me : Thanks !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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