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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ddukbogi with Ramen Noodles ;)

Annyeonghaseyo ~
It's been pretty late now but I want to share something that I made today...
Btw, I'm so lazy to cook but I really excited to cook when it comes to Korean Food..
And tonight I'm making some Ddukbogi and it's my first trial...

Here's the ingredient that I used when I cooked Ddukbogi..

Ingredients :
1 packet of rice cakes
1 packet of instant Ddukbogi sauce
150ml of water
1 packets of ramen
1 packet of fishcakes

How to cook :
First boiled the egg and soak into the cold water. Pour the 150ml of water into the pot 
and boiled the rice cakes for 10 minutes, after the water is boiling put the ramen and wait for 30 seconds.
Then put the instant Ddukbogi sauce and stir it. After that, put the carrot, onion and fishcakes into the pot and wait until the sauce to be thick.Put the dish in the plate and you can cut the boiled egg. DONE and ENJOY !!

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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