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I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

SADT members ;)

Ehem ehem ;)
btw, this is me, Farieda Yousof a.k.a Kim Eunda.
This is me that wearing KFC's uniform..
That camera is my Iphone..
I called him baby Micky ;)
Even, aku pon tatau kenape panggil dier Micky !
hahaha !

Introduce you to my friends,
We called her Kak Anis..
She is my senior at KFC..
She is my trainer when I'm started my job at KFC..
She train me to become a good and fast cashier ;)

This is my other friends, Andyka :)
He also my senior..
Even though he is younger than me !
Maybe, I'm not sure :)
But, his not in cashier department..
He is in CSC department,
that makes sure all Kfc is clean..
I thought laa..
x brpe nak pasti sangat !

And this is Iwan ;)
Btw, you can see him in all department at KFC..
He can be in CSC, Cashier, Back up and also Cook !
Hahaha ;)
I'm not joking lol..
He can do all the things..
because he is the fast learner ;)
I think !

And this is Ariell ;)
He also in CSC Department.
He really a cool person..
but sometimes I really hates about his jokes ;)
So annoying !

This is Erny..
We called her Kak Erny :)
heheh ! jangan marah haa...
She also a cashier like me..
Btw, before this she also a UNISEL student..
but in a diferrent faculty..
Me in Business and she in TESL..
Both of us will graduate together this year ;)
But, she is my senior, because she already finished her Degree..

Finally, that is not all of my friends..
There are other friends but I don't have a opportunity to takes a photo with them ;)
But, maybe next time !
see you soon :)

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !


  1. juz here googlin tot i can find wat the meanin of csc.since it is a shorten name for a department in kfc..mind tellin me since i posted in dis ridiculous blog. u're fukin fugly anyway. the way u smile at the pic its obvious u dunno dis yet so i'm doin u a favor by tellin u dis b4 u embarrass u're self moe than u ady done.sincerely from the reandom person u met in life. :]

  2. i thought you are fucking jealous because you are fucking ugly than me ;))