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I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's Go Dream Team with Asian Star ^_^


Today post I'm gonna talking about Dream Team..
It's a special broadcasting with Asian artist...
Maybe it's because of KBSworld celebrating their 8th anniversary..
It's maybe..I dunno the details ^_^
Well, unfortunately my malaysian artist don't have a chance to participated in dream team..
They have two parts for this Special Episode of Dream Team..
If you want to knows, I loves dream team part two..
In part two, they have an idols such as :

Shinee's Minho Shinee's Taemin Trax's Jungmo 
Super Junior's Leeteuk Super Junior's Eunhyuk Super Junior's Shindong

Hooyeahhh ! Of course I love to watch dream team part two..
Because they have my beloved, Eunhyuk in it xD

But not only because of him * really ? molla ! ^^ *
It's also about Super Junior's Leeteuk..he's really funny in here..
Plus ! he's CUTE !

Yaaaa !! Mian Eunhyuk oppa =) * peace (^_^)V *
Below is also a picture of Eunhyuk at Dream Team Recording..

This is the picture when Eunhyuk get annoyed with one of the asian star, Natthew.
Because Natthew said that he likes Super Junior's Donghae in front of Eunhyuk ^_^

This picture is when the ace, Eunhyuk's turn..

Well, this part is when Eunhyuk got eliminated from the games...
And yes ! I screamed so loudly..at the same time..
I tried to closed my eyes with my both hands * not hands btw..it's my laptop *
My sister scolds me like :
Adek : Halaa..akak tak buleh blah jerit..takut laki * eunhyuk * jatuh la tu xD
Me : Mesti la takut...
Hahaha ! of course I'm scared to hell..
I want him to win for sure...But it's not his luck that day..
The important thing oppa..you have enjoyed, right ?
I'm gonna support you no matter what had happen..
Hwaiting Lee Hyukjae !!!
\ (^_^) /

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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