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Thursday, July 14, 2011

When Eunhyuk dyed his hair to BLONDE !

안녕하새요 !!

I'm back again today with a happy smile. Of course !
Why ? because I have a good sleep last night..
After I have an Insomnia deceased for this past few weeks..
Insomnia is really bad for your health..
Can't sleep at night when everybody have a a sweet and bad dreams..
In the morning you sleep like a pig when everybody go to schools or works..
And finally !! I'm sleep early last night and wake up early today ^^
* clap clap clap *
Okay ! We should talk about Eunhyuk, right ?
I think everyone already knows that our Eunhyuk changed his hair color like this..

Btw, I don't like his new hair color..it doesn't suits him..
Yesterday I post this picture to my mum's facebook..
Because my mum also like Eunhyuk ^^
And I asked my mum like this..
Me : Mama ! your SON-IN-LAW with new hair, do you like it ?
And this is our conversation about Eunhyuk's new hair ~

The truth is...I don't care about his hair or whatever..
The important thing is..I like him...
No no no ! It's not that I like him..but I LOVE HIM..
and I mean it, oppa ! 
I can accept you even you bald ^^ * but please don't ! *
I already accept him from his head to his toe..
Yaaa oppa ! Am I sweet ? =)
You should be grateful having me as your wifey ^^

은혁오빠, 영원히사랑해요 !!

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !


  1. omo..when 1st time i saw him with his new hair mg xbrape suke but lama2 ok la.yg pntng dia hepi..hehe...

  2. yup ~ betol !
    tak kesah psal rmbut..
    yang penting suka kat orang nye =)