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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sporting Designer ^ ^

안녕하새요 !!

I'm gonna post something about Malaysian designer, called Hatta Dolmat...
You guys know him ? or not ?

Yeahh ! This is him.. ^ ^
I dunno why suddenly tonight I want to post about him...
I followed him at Twitter and also his blog, Hatta Dolmat Couture..
Try to send him a tweet, but dunno if he want to tweet me back..
A popular designer in Malaysia like him have so many people gonna tweet him..
A hundreds fan or maybe thousands will tweet something like I always did to Eunhyuk..
Eunhyuk ?!???!?

Yaaaaa !! I'm talking about Hatta Dolmat..why so sudden Eunhyuk came to our conversation ?
Hahaha xD he's my boyfies ! that's why..
Okay ! forget about Eunhyuk for a while... * I can't ! *
This is a my few tweets that he reply back ^ ^

Picture 1 is when I'm tweet to him about his profile picture ^ ^

Picture 2 is when I told him that his profile picture is unique ^ ^

Picture 3 is when I tweet him to vote for Malaysia in Cube Entertainment ^ ^

Hahahaha ^ ^ Am I right ?
Love the third conversation when I'm asking him to voted for Malaysia..
It's kpop things and that time I dunno who I'm gonna asked to voted for..
So, without feeling shy I'm asking him to voted..
But, thanks to him that he voted..
Thanks abang Hatta ^ ^
You should tweet him also..and I think he will reply you back..
And why I told him that his profile picture is unique ?
Because his profile picture same as our JYJ's Junsu and Jaejoong..
A coincidence ? Urmm..I think so.. ^ ^
Btw, that's all for now ~

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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