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I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
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Monday, July 11, 2011

SS4 ?!?!?

안녕하새요 !!
Did you guys think that I'm dreaming ??
Yes ! I am..dream about going to SS4 with my sister....
Hahaha...I dunno why I dream about it..
But it's really a weird dream that I have about Super Junior..
* I have so many weird dreams btw *
Why did I say weird ?
Of course it's weird when Super Junior member try to talk to me during their concert..
Especially Siwon, Yesung, Ryeowook and my sayang, Eunhyuk ♥
The first member that talked to me is Siwon...

I can't remembered what did he asked me..but someone try to cut our conversation..
And I just give up about it..And suddenly Eunhyuk came and asked me..

Eun : Yaa ! Are you okay ?
Me : * glances at him *
Eun : Hello miss...
Me : * still glances at him * Am I dreaming ?
Eun : Dreaming ? about what ?

Then suddenly Leeteuk came and talked something to Eunhyuk..

Before Leeteuk leave...he winks at me ^ ^ then..Eunhyuk try to talked with me again...
But, this time he hold my hands..the best thing is..
I still can feel his hands even I already woke up...

Eun : Did you have a Twitter ?
Me : Twitter ? Me ?
Eun : Yeahh ...
Me : Yes ! I have one..
Eun : What's your username ? I'm gonna follow you..
Me : Follow me ? Why ?
Eun : Because I like you..
Me : Really ? * shy shy * Well, my username is .........
Eun : Okay ! thanks babe...
Me : Make sure you gonna follow me, okay ?
Eun : I will..got to go...bye ! * kiss my cheek *

Hahaha xD Eunhyuk really sweet isn't it ?
That's my dream about Eunhyuk..
But how about Wookie and Yesung oppa ? I dream about them also, right ?

The thing that I remembered about them in my dream is when I saw...
Wookie help Yesung to get to know my sister...^^
Yesung oppa really shy that time...Hahaha xD
Weirdo ! Yesung or me ?
I think both !! That's all for now..

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !


  1. haha..really jealous of u la..wlpn hanya mimpi..keke

  2. jealous ? haha ^^
    eonnie pon jealous dgn mimpi sndri =)

  3. hahah..hope for dream come true..tgk ss4 nnt cmne..hehe

  4. haha =) betol2..pegi tak nnt SS4 ? =)