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Friday, May 25, 2012

My Lucky Day with U-kiss ;))

Annyeong my friends ;))
It's been a while right ? Btw, for today post..I will not gonna write my fanfic or my short story...
Because today I'm gonna post about this day...
We called it " HARI BELIA 2012 " that been held at Putrajaya...
Last year I'd go with my best buddy to watched Super Junior M...
And for this year, they invited UKISS to perform in Putrajaya..

I'd go with my new friends, Intan and her sister...
Also I met Intan's friends, Fikri ;)) the crazy fanboy...hahaha !

We've been there so early that day around 11am ;)
We also waiting for Ukiss at the main stage without going anywhere..
I've got sun burn but it's really worth it ...
You want to know why ?
Because I've got a chance to met Ukiss...
I mean not like seeing them from the down stage..but on the stage with them...

Am I lucky enough ? Yeah ~ fantastic baby ;)) wooohooo !

Btw, how I can be chosen to be on stage with all UKISS members ?
Just asked Kevin though..hahah ! he is the one that chose me xD

The surprise or a game is they need to picked three lucky fans from the crowd...
It was Eli, AJ and Kevin going to the front stage and choose the lucky fans..
Kevin come to our side and look straight at me and I was just like..
" Pick me ! Pick me !! "
Suddenly he look at others and I was just like ...
" Aigoo ~ he won't pick me ! ;( "
But it's okay though..I just want to hold his hand for a while even he didn't picked me to be on stage with them..
And you know what ? he holds my hand that time...and I realized when my friends, Fikri screamed at me..
" Eonni, you are the one !!! "
Then, I screaming like no one there..Hahahaha ! * mian *

After that, when I've got on the stage..Kevin waiting for me and hold my hands go to the main stage together...like a loving couple...
That time we need to dance to ManManHaNi and I'm just fine with that song since that is my favorite song...
I dance like crazy that time because I don't want Kevin to feel disappointed because he choose me..
And I just want to make them proud that their malaysian fans know how to dance their song..
Heeee ! All the members really satisfied with my ManManHaNi dance...
Then they gave us the autographed album of DoraDora...
Eli is the one that gave me those album and I thought that I just want to shake hands with him...
While suddenly he tried to hugged me and I just like...
" Okay ! I will hugged you too ...hahaha "

I feel like I'm in the heaven and I look at Soohyun...
That time he already open his shoulder to hug me..ahahah ! he's the cutest one ;))

And after that I'm going to high five Hoon while suddenly he also hugged me..
Omo ~ I love the way he hugged me...like a boyfriend that really loves his girlfriend..
Okay ! enough with that dream because he is younger than me xD
But...who caresss ?? hahahaha !

Lastly, I've got a hugged from Kiseop..
The sexiest men on earth..well...not all the time...I mean when he dance to Dora Dora..
Ouuhh ~ I don't have a chance to saw his abs clearly or touch it..HAHAHA !

Yeaahhh ~ it's really daebak, right ?
I still can't believe that Kevin picked me and I hugged them...
It's really a dream come true...
And btw, this is the Ukiss Dora Dora autographed album :))

Lastly, you can viewed my youtube channel to watched the video that I took that night...
But, it's a bit messy since everyone behind me want to take a nice and a good picture or fancam ;))

Ukiss Hwaiting !!!

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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