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I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SERU times !

Last night me and bestfriend, Ziera =)

Hang out together at Sunway Piramid =)
I'm driving from Setia Alam and pick up my friend at Brunsfield Shah Alam...
Then, we going to Sunway Piramid to watch new movies =)
I want to watch SERU..because I already saw the preview and I think its a bit scary..

After we arrive to Sunway Piramid then just going to the TGV..
And look for the movies..
We choose for Seru at 11.50pm..
Btw, that night all of the movies is about ghost story =)
Likey !! because I love horror movies..
We still have 30 minutes before the movies start..
Then, me and Ziera just going to play a games in the Games Arcade =)
Well, to tell the truth 30 minutes is not enough for us xD
 After that we buy some popcorn and drinks..
Then go into the cinemas..
And we didn't know that kitorang choose tempat duduk yang paling depan sekali..
Not paling depan but really depan for a gurl like us =)
* konon berani la kan ? *
But thanks god, ade one couple duduk depan kitorang..
Tade la scary sangat nanti kan ? Hahaha...
The movies start..and the first time the ghost appear..
I admit that I menjerit and I almost drop the popcorn from my hand..
And Ziera ? Hahaha..close her eyes with her hands xD
Yeahh ! Memang banyak jerit tengok cerita tu..
But the story line is like a little bit boring ;'(
Tapi thats the best time we having together. da macam orang x betol je mase kat dlm tu =)

For the conclusion...
YES ! this movies makes me scream a lot but never scared me...
* x same ke tu ? *
Not at all..scream a lot because the ghost always appeared shockly..
Hahahaha xD

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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