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Love all their song and also their member..Hehehe =)
I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dating with Sistah ^^

Yup ^^ dating dating...
Weird jugak semalam when my sis tetiba ajak I keluar esok just for nak tengok Karak ^^
Halaaa..the new horror movie and the first horror movie that made my KRU Productions..
Ngeee ! because me and my sister really like to watch horror movie =D
Before this nak tengok Seru but I already tengok Seru with my beloved bestfriend, Yura ^^
So, hari ni me and my sis pergi Sunway Piramid. Hoiya !
My sis yang bawak kereta sebab dier yang nak pergi kan ? Ngahaha xD
So, after we parked the car safely, kitorang terus straight to the Cinema..
Nak beli tiket la kan ? And me my sis just like ' WHAT THE FISHHH ?? '
Tade la macam tu pon, just like ' Ommo~ Jinjja ? '

Ouh.okay ! It's school holiday and Kung Fu Panda II is now showing ^^
After da puas beratur and beli the tickets segala..
And here is the tickets. Jjanggg !!

It's time to lunch ^^ a lil bit pening taktau nak makan kat mane..
Want to eat Lamb Shank pulak that time but too expensive for a person like me. Ngee !
Then. after pusing and turun kat Sunway tu, we decide to eat dekat Sushi King ^^

Daebak la kan makan kat Sushi King ni..
Even da pernah makan kat Sushi King but perangai still macam sakai Kahang xD

I'm eating anything that I can eat xD
Eating Salmon Sausage ^^ and for sure eating Uyoku Don with Japanese Tea =)
It's awesome weiii !!! * credit to Baki Zainal *

Haaaa ! amek kau =) Even nampak tak banyak..
But hanya tuhan je tau betapa kenyang nye kitorang mase tu ^^
* tak makan wasabi sebab pedas nye sampai ke hidung plus ! I have resdung *
Ape kene mengena ngan kenyataan kat atas tu ? Just forget it, okay ?
After that we rushed to the cinema to watch Karak ^^
Buleh tahan la that movies..seram..but the ending is so funny. LOL..
Hantu layan rock babe ! Ngahahaha ^^
Korang mesti blur kan ? Just watch that movies and you will know why I'm laughing so hard..
Lastly, kitorang ronda ronda kejap dalam Sunway tu and balik..
Nak beli something but takde bende yang menarik hati which is GOOD for me ^^
Pahtu my sis jugak yang drive mase balik...and we used Glenmarie road..
Suddenly my sis craving for Tutti Frutti..and kat mane pulak nak carik ?
Dari kat Sunway takmo cakap kan ? 
Oouhh yeahh ! Ade dekat Business Park SS13 Shah Alam..
Melencong ke sane kejap konon saje nak try test the Tutti Frutti experience * maklum la jakun *

And this is the result ^^ sangat x memuaskan hati but janji SEDAP !
And because of that, I terpaksa drive sebab my sis da terpegun ngan Tutti Frutti tu..
Takpe la kan ?? xD but today is DAEBAKK !!!

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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