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I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Alexander Solo Showcase in KL ;))

안녀하세요 ;))

Okay ! I'm gonna talk about what happen last night...
And it's till fresh on my mind...
But first...can I scream ?? scream out loud ? can I  ? pleaseeeee..!!
Because last night I met Xander ;)) I mean Xander, the former U-kiss member...
Ouh god ! he looks so handsome when I seeing him face to face...

Btw, I met a new friends there ;;))
Because I'm going there alone..and it's not fun if you enjoyed alone, right ?
Even Xanderettes is so kind...not ONLY Xanderettes but all Kpop fans...
Trust me ! they can be like our family ;))
This is two friends that I met that day...but mian ! I forgot their names...

Yeahhh ! these two people are so nice with me ;))
It's so nice being friend with you guys !
Hope we can meet again in other Kpop concert, okay ?

We started to queue since 4pm and very angry with few peoples there...
Because they tried to cut the queue while me and my friends just like ' WTF ! '..

Btw, the showcase starts on 7pm ;))
And I scream like crazy people out there and take his picture and video as many as I could..

Mian ! I can't share with you guys these three picture of Xander ;) heeeee !
The best thing is when he throw his leftover bottle...and you know what ?
I've got the bottle and I know people there jealous with me ! hahaha ;))

That is the bottle that I've got when he throw it ;))
Am I lucky ?? weeeee ! I love it, Xander oppa !
And I'm just keep it in my room..no one can touch it !.hahahaha xD

Yeahh !! the bottle and the calendar that he signed for me ;))

And the thing that I will never forget until my last breathe is when he talked to me ;))
Xander : Yaaa you...I think I've seen you before ;)) * hold my hand *
Me : Ouh really ? Btw oppa, I've got your bottle that you throw before ..
Xander : Wow ! great :)) lucky you !
Me : * give the card that I made for him * this is for you...* smile like crazy *
Xander : So sweet of you...thank you ! terima kasih ! ;))

Isn't he cute ??
Omagad ! Can I scream again ? Hahahaha...

Lastly, this is the fancam that I've got on Xander's showcase ;))
You can watch it in my youtube channel !

But before...gonna share one fancam that I like so much !

And btw, Alexander's father also view my youtube channel ;)) 
I feel so lucky and happy at the same times...weeeee !!

The youtube link that Xander's father share...
Can go straight to my youtube channel ;)) heeeeeee !!
Thanks Uncle A...loves you ! but loves your son more !! 
I should go now ;)) hope you guys enjoy with my post about Xander ;))

A few words for Xander...


You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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