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I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thanks 2011 ;))

Hai everyone..
Now I'm back with a new post ;)) gonna talk about how amazing and not amazing about 2011...
And how my life in 2011...isn't it great or not ?

I'm still remember the first day of new year..I'm talking about my azam tahun baru ;))
I think it's SUCKSS ! since 4 of my wish list, I just get one...okay ! Don't want to talk much...
Just read it here ;)) CLICK HERE

Gonna review my life in 2011 before we closed our life and start a new life in 2012 ;))

The best thing that happened in my life in 2011 is when I've got a chance to go to Super Show 3 ;))
It's Super Junior, dude !! It's my second time watched korean artist after Beast showcase...
I'm still remember the day me and my friends going to buy a ticket for SS3...we going there in the morning at 7am...and we got the ticket in 3pm ;)) We don't care if we sacrifice our time for Super Junior ;))
Because Super Show is the best concert I've ever go...and it's WORTH IT ! CLICK HERE
And the important thing for me is when I've got a chance to see my first love, HYUKJAE in real life..
Okay ! I mean before this I saw him just on TV and magazine..did you get it  ?

And I also have a best day with my best friend ;)) going out with them, played bowling, shopping and laughing so hard with them..and hell yeah ! I like it...We can't hang out like every week because I'm busy with works..and my other friends busy with their studies...It takes time to plan and hang out together...and then, after we decide to go out together..we spend it like no tomorrow ;)) Okay ! Giler ! There is tomorrow ;))

In May 2nd 2011...my second brother, Fairouz Yousof and his beloved wife, Huda Rahman going to Brisbane because my brother got a chance to continue his study in Phd ;)) And it's already been 8 months now they stayed there..CLICK HERE  and I know they have a happy life there since I saw their picture going to every single place in Aussie ;)) Okay ! jeles sudah !!

And not gonna forget that, when I have a chance * AGAIN * to meet my Hyukjae twice in a year...
It's on May 28th 2011, when Super Junior-M coming to PutraJaya and performed at Hari Belia...
The surpprise thing is when Malaysian ELF don't have to buy any ticket to go to Hari Belia because it's FREE. LOL ! CLICK HERE 

2011 is the BEST YEAR for me is when I've also got a chance to learn KOREAN ;)) I have a nice teacher and a nice friends there...but unfortunately is I can't continued my Korean class since I'm busy with my new works and they class will change the teacher...I don't care about that btw but you know that my manager have a problem with me..so I don't have a courage to tell her that I need to change my schedule..
So, maybe if I have a chance and GOD gonna give me a chance again, I will continue my Korean class ;))
* just cross my fingers * CLICK HERE

Others, my mum is going to Aussie alone ;)) going to meet my brother there...so jealous because I don't have any opportunity to go there now...and the other thing is lacked of money...until now...CLICK HERE and I know my mum also spend a nice week there. and they take a lot of photos...JEALOUSY !

It's not that, I also have an opportunity when my mum's friend, Salikin Sidek invited us to his Fashion Show. Met many of Malaysian Fashion Designers like Fitri Zainal, Ezuwan Ismail, Khairi Sufi and many more...and of course Uncle Salikin ;)) and the best is when I've got to take a picture together with Fahrin Ahmad ! I dunno if you like him or not ! but he is a malaysian artist..so why not I'm taking a picture with him, right ?
CLICK HERE for further stories...

The best part is on my birthday since Super Junior make a comeback with Mr.Simple in my birthday month...and no present that make me HAPPY with their comeback and with Hyukjae blonde hair make me shocked for a while but I already accept him with that hair..and the weird thing when he dyed his hair to brown...it's make me miss him with his blonde hair because I like his hair so much...so, what's the point ? I like his hair but I love him..HAHA ! I don't care if he wants to get bald..I will always love him..that's the important thing that I should now..and you either, Hyukjae ! CLICK HERE

And last but not least, the closing for 2011 is when I'm going to Alexander the U-kiss former members in Cheras LeisureMall...CLICK HERE I have so much fun there even I'm going there alone without my others Kpop friends...But don't worry, I've got a new friends there...met Hanie and Pika...Alexander cute charming smile makes me fall in love with him..and makes Hyukjae feel jealous a lot ! Hahaha ;)) don't worry Uncle Hyukjae..your aunty, Kim is always in love with you even other handsome guy come towards her..AHA ! Believe her !

Just like DBSK and Cassies always said, ' ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH ' ;))
And thanks guys for reading this ;)) hope you guys also have a nice year with 2011 and gonna spend a nicer year with 2012. Insyaallah !

Farieda Kim......<3<3

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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