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Friday, November 12, 2010

So sad :(

Bloggie !
I'm so sad last night..
and even today also...
You know what ?
Sume kawan aku skang smbung study..
And I also want to continue my study..
I told my mom about this..
and jawapan dier sangat menyakitkan hati and menyedihkan aku..
mane tak nye..
ingat kan dier balas laen tau !
rase nye x terlintas kat pikiran aku yang mak aku akan cakap cmtu...
aku pon tatau nak tulis camne...
Everytime I remember her words..
my tears falling down..
again, again and again...
Even I look at my Convocation Robe...
My tears also falling down..
Dear papa,
You know what ?
I wish that you were here right now..
I want to tell you everything about my happy time about this Convocation...
sebab mama cam x suke je akak konvo..
siap cakap time akak konvo nanti..
x masuk tengok akak amek scroll pon tape..
akak tau pa akak x pandai macam abang, angah and adik,..
tp asal kan akak da abes study n tade langsung repeat...
akak tau sebab akak smbung blaja ari tu..
duet mama abes cepat..
tu sebab mama kalau buleh tanak akak abeskan duet mama lagi...
tape la pa...
akak paham..
akak ni x pandai...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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