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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Break Fasting with BFF =)

Annyeong !
I should post this entry last wednesday...
But because of I'm comeback home late and I was really tired that time..
So, I will post it today...
Well, it's about me break fasting with my BFF, Yura and Eija at Chicken Rice Shop..
It should have another BFF, Fyza but she can't come because she's live at KL...
It should be break fasting together but because I came home late from work..
And my mum also said that time the road already jammed..
And maybe we can't find a place to break fasting..
So, we decided to meet after the break fasting at 8pm..
I drove my car go to Unisel Shah Alam to picked up Eija..

Then, after that we together going to Brunsfield to picked up Yura...

And we headed to Giant, Shah Alam for our late break fasting.HAHA...
Well, I don't have the picture when we ate at Chicken Rice Shop..
Too busy to take a picture of the food because the three of us is super duper hungry..=D
And thanks to Yura because she treat us that night...
Next time, when we go out again together gether.. I will treat you guys, okay ?
Okay ! then, after we finished eating at Chicken Rice Shop..
We headed to Burger King Section 13 Extreme Park...=)
Not eating but we just want to online together..show our backgrounds, our laptop..
Hahahah ! I'm kidding. LOL !
And btw, this is me...

Me at Burger King without buying anything..
Hahaha...just online for a few hours then sent Yura and Eija home..
And me also going back home before my mum sleep..
Well ! my dear BFF, we should hang out like this a lot...
Miss you guys !

Playing bowling with BFF at Times Square =)

4 days to go...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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