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Annyeong ! Welcome to my blog ^^
Just want to say that I'm a Kpop Lover..I'm so addicted with Kpop since forever =)
I love all Kpop group but the mostly is Super Junior and also Ukiss ^^
Love all their song and also their member..Hehehe =)
I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
And if you can see I'm very addicted with it..jinjja !
Lastly, I just want to thank you guys that viewed and read my blog..
Enjoy, okay ?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hey ! I'm Miss Simple =)

Mood : Super Junior - Superman and Mr. Simple =)

안녕하세요 !
Aigoo ~ I'm so tired right now..
With many customers came to buy things for Hari Raya next week..
And now just got back from work with my sister...
Tomorrow need to go work at 3pm..
Jigeum, I have a little bit time to facebooking, twittering and blogging..
But don't have a time to continue writing the fanfic..
Mianhae Yura and Sunhi...
I think it's gonna take time for me to post the sequal of our life in fanfic =)
And plus ! I need to study hard for my coming Korean Final Exam Beginner 2 on 6th September..
It's gonna be hard than Final Exam for Beginner 1 last month...
With my work schedules and back home late..
Aigoo ~ I don't think I have times to study..
But don't worry, I will try my best to score the exam like before...
Right now I'm not gonna sleep..
I want to study a bit because this Tuesday, I'm gonna have two test again...
Listening, speaking and writing test..

Ouh god ! I'm scared..because for the previous test I didn't get a full mark..
And I'd better get a full mark for this upcoming test then I'm gonna be satisfied..
The sad part after I'd finish my beginner 2..
I'm not gonna using this books again because this book is only for the beginner...

When I start my Korean Elementery 1..I will using a new books =)
Did you see something or someone ?
Hahahah =) Yeah ! It's my Mr. Simple..
Eunhyuk is my soulmate..he always be by my side wherever I go..
He's always in my lappy, my facebook DP, phone wallpaper, and also on my Softline card =)
I love him a LOT ! and his sexy chest in the picture.. * faint *

Eunda : Eunhyuk ssi, you know that I love you, right ?
Eunhyuk : Ne !
Eunda :  ?!??!
Eunhyuk : I love you too...
9 days to go..

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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