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I love all Kpop group but the mostly is Super Junior and also Ukiss ^^
Love all their song and also their member..Hehehe =)
I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

New debut group that I loike ! =)

I'm back =) No sad post for today..
Hahaha =) Ingat I ni nak sedih sangat ke ?
No way, tau ? I ni ade gak time for happy..
Btw, you know what ? It's season for comeback and debut stage for korean artist =)
Me likey !!
But, today I nak story about new group yang baru debut that I like..
The first group is Block B (^.^)V

Block B is popular by Don't Move or Freeze..
I dunno since they have so many types of title..Hahaha =) 
But, this group rock my world ! Love their song and also their members..
Sume COOL !
~ B-Bomb ~ Zico ~ U-Kwon ~ JaeHyo ~ Kyung ~ P.O ~ Taeil ~

This is their MV..Cool isn't it ?

Okay ! Ni group yang kedua that I like..
Suke sangat because this group comel comel cute gitu ?
Urmm.. comel and cute x same ke ?
Hahaha =) Lantak lah !
Btw, this group new single is O.K !
Here it is, B1A4 =)

~ JinYoung ~ CNU ~ Baro ~ Sandeul ~ GongChan ~

This is B1A4 MV. comel giler kan ? Especially Jin Young..
Hahaha xD Hey ! I tak gatal but he look a like Eunhyuk skit in some angle..
X caye ? Just watch this MV, and you'll believe me =)

Jjanggggggg ! This is one of girl's group that I like..
Even most of fans cakap yang diorang ni ala ala SNSD segala.
But who cares ? They cute xD
Even I x suke pompuan yang cute sebab takut diorang rampas my boyfies..
Hahaha.. tapi buat mase sekarang diorang okay lagi kan ?
Tapi kalau I dapat tau dier gatal ngan my boyfies, Micky and Eunhyuk..
I'll slap them with my own hands.
Ceewaaah !! Dapat ke ? xD

Cute kan ?
Of course la cute sebab all of them ni sume nye budak belom abes skool lagi..
Hahaha xD
Kalau gatal like SNSD tu. taktau la nak cakap ape..
Urm.. sorry to someone yang very like SNSD tu..
To tell you the truth. I hate SNSD..
Nak tau kenape ?
Because me look at them and feels like diorang tu cute but its more to gedik !
Btw, this is their name..
~ ChoRong ~ Bomi ~ Eunji ~ Na Eun ~ Yoo Kyung ~ Nam Joo ~ Ha Young ~

Their new single and MV ' I Don't Know '..
It's also featuring Beast's Ki Kwang since they in the same entertainment company =)
Sweet song ever !
Okay ! This is it.. my new likey debut group..
I thought ade ramai lagi. but I think these group already catch  my ear and my heart to love them.
Enjoy guys !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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