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Friday, April 22, 2011

Feelings ~

Last night I try to tell my brothers about the Korean classes tu..
Then. tetibe my sis in law came out with a brilliant idea and I love it =)
You know what ? dier cakap..
Kak Huda : Ape kate akak g korea tu then carik keje kat sane and
at the same time buleh blaja bahasa korea jugak..
And I think it's quite good though since I really love Korea..
But..how about tempat tinggal kat sane ? Takan nak tinggal kat tepi jalan kan ?
And then my second bro tell me that kite buleh try contact malaysian student yg study kt sane..
ask about homestay segala la kan ? Of course la mmg stiap tmpt akan ade homestay..
Yeahh !! That's great !!
Suddenly my sis in law cakap..
Kak Huda : Tapi nanti akak kat sane duduk sorang2 la kan ? Mane ade family sume..
Whatever it is.. I want that opportunity..
X kesah la about family or what ?  
Sebab kalau I stay with them pon but they treat me like a hollowman..
Everything that I tell or ask sume macam don't even care..
Nak kena dengar about their opinion je.
How about mine ? Do you cares about mine ?
Tade kan ? Not even once..
I want to continue my study pon macam susah sangat nak bagi..
Okay ! Not macam..but memang !
Yeahh ! I know I tak genius like others.. I'll get it.
That's why la susah nak bagi I sambung kan ?
You know what ? I can't stand it anymore..
Yes ! I'm sure I can't..
No one can understand my feelings right now..
Even my family or friends.. I don't know..
They always tell me to sabar, sabar and sabar !
Nahhh ! I dunno what to say anymore..
This trials is really big to me. Mianhae...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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