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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Black Day =)

Ngee ! This gonna be my second post of the day. Kann ?
I exactly don't know that we have ' Black Day ' on 14/4..
Which it is just for SINGLE person.
I mean 'Single' la. That don't have any relationship with boys or gurls =)
Ade paham x ? =D
Setahu I we just have ' Valentine's Day ' on 14/2..
* orang islam x buleh celebrate *
At Hanguk, they celebrate ' White's Day ' on 14/3..
Which is when a guy give his girlfriend or someone that he loves a candy !
Yeayy ! Candy by H.O.T =)
X abes2 lagi ngan H.O.T tau ! Benci mak ! xD
Okay ! because today is ' Black's Day ' and for a SINGLE person like ME =D
So, what should I do ? 
The things that I know is we should get together with others SINGLE person..
And eat black bean noodles, in Korean they called it Jjajangmyeon =D
But, in Malaysia we don't have Jjajangmyeon ? Ottokhae ?
Hey ! I'm not single. I have someone that loves me =)
So, that's mean that I shouldn't celebrate ' Black's Day '
Btw, what does it mean by ' Black Day ' ?
And it's for SINGLE person ? Wae ?
I know that no one will give the information to me xD
* Majuk la konon *
So, I search in the google then I found this information :
The idea of Black Day is that those who did not give or receive gifts on 
Valentine's Day or White's Day
can get together and eat Jjajangmyeon to celebrate their singledom.
Now I understand what ' Black's Day ' mean..
Heheh.. So, even I have someone that loves me..
But, I don't give or receive any gifts at all.
Then. maknenye I kene celebrate jugak la eh ' Black's Day ' ni ?
Tape la, I will celebrate it but I'm not gonna eat Jjajangmyeon.
I will eat AYAM MASAK KICAP =D * hitam jugak kan ?? *
Hahaha * Joking *

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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