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Monday, April 11, 2011

Chillex =)

This story actually I should post semalam.
But disebabkan semalam I'm exhausted and got a headache tetibe.
So, I will tell the story today =)
Nothing happened pon sebenar nye. Just want to share something yang menarik.
* Tade la menarik sangat pon *
Okay ! This is the story..
Last saturday night, 
My brother and my sister ajak I and adek I bermalam kt rumah diorang.
Then. disebabkan I cuti on Sunday so I decided pergi la tido Sri Hijauan =)
My sis yang bawa kereta malam tu after I da beli something to eat kat pasar malam.
So, sampai je depan pak guard umah abg I tu.
At the same time, ade la sorang mamat ensem ni duduk tunggu orang kat pondok tu.
Then, I pon mase tu nak kuar sbb nak amek visitor pass kan ?
Tetibe that guy datang melulu kat kereta kitorang.
So, me and my sis like ' WHAT ? '
Hahaha. You know what I mean , right ?
Soreehh ! We doesn't even know you la, handsome !
Then. after I bukak pintu kereta and he realized that he got the wrong car and the wrong person.
Dier just like ' Ooh ! Sorry ! Saya salah orang ! '
Dalam hati I just macam ' Hehe. It's okay dear, naseb baek you handsome ! '
Hahaha... * cakap la I ni pervert. x kesah pon *
Pahtu after that the real car for him da sampai,
And my sis cakap that his friends or family ke ape drove a Mazda.
I just like ' Ommo ! Chincha ? ' * again *
Takkan la kereta Mazda and Honda pon dier x buleh nak beza kan ? 
Hahaha. Poor him ! But it's okay ! As long as dier handsome like Kpop artist.
I maaf kan.. xD

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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