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Love all their song and also their member..Hehehe =)
I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Candy MAN =)

Ohh yes !
Finally dapat jugak post something kat blog ni sekian lame.
Even tade la lame sangat kan ?
Okay ! Btw, this post x important mane pon. But you know me, right ?
Always want to share with you my new hobby or new interest.
Hehehe. Just straight to the point.
I will share you my new favourite song..
Walaupun new favourite song. but I realise that song is already popular since 1996.
Hahaa. Da ketinggalan zaman kan ?
Hey !
Mase tu mane la I tau ade kumpulan ni and even though I tak tau pon ade lagu best cmni =)
And the most important thing..
I taktau pon ade Korea and Kpop mase tu xD
Ye la. I was 7 years old kot.
Okay ! The song is called CANDY sang by H.O.T
The song was really awesome and catchy !
Suke sangat lagu ni.
And the sad story is, H.O.T was already disband.
Tak tau la zaman bile but sedih la jugak kan ?
Mane tak nye, I baru nak suke kot this group =)
It's okay la ! Even group ni da tade but it will be the legend for Kpop.
Then, nak introduced you to H.O.T members.
First is KangTa, HeeJun, WooHyuk, Tony and also JaeWon =)

Heheh. Here there are =)
H.O.T ! Cute kan ?
Hehehe. Ni mase zaman muda diorang la kan ?
I mean mase diorang first debut as a group.
Sekarang sume da tua tua da.
Btw, who cares ? Yang penting diorang still vogue lagi tau ?
Hehehe. Just click this :
Kangta , Heejun , Woohyuk , Jaewon , and Tony =)
Still handsome lagi kan ? Hahah * Yes ! I'm a pervert *
Btw, tade la pervert sangat kan ? Just pervert with Eun and Micky je . xD
And last but not least, will share some video about H.O.T - Candy.
Bukan la about them but their performance =) Ade paham ?
And the first video that I about to share is my favourite video x)
Energy diorang sangat WOW ! Love it =)

H.O.T - Candy live performance =)

Infinite - Candy at Newton TV =)

Eunhyuk Super Junior - Candy dance =)

Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong - Candy Karaoke =)

Moon Hee Jun - Candy dance after 10 years x)
* he still can remember the step kan ? *

And I hope you guys enjoy with this post =) Just candy yourself, okay ?

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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