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Sunday, April 24, 2011

International Book's Festival in KL =)

Book's festival this year is the best !
You want to know why ?
Because my mom is part of it =) Yeahh ! but..
After we arrived there and met her editor and he says that my mom's novel already sold out !
Yaaaa !! How come you didn't say it earlier xS
But ! Gwenchana.. I think it's a good news though..
Ya ya ya ! because my moms novel is god damn SOLD !
Then, after we know about that news..
So, mama ade la mase kan nak ronda ronda with all of us =)
 Jalan punya jalan then, my mum like ' LOOK OVER THERE ! '
And me like ' WHAT ? '
Ohh, okay ! about SPR or something..
I should register it due to that I'm already old enough =)
And yeahh ! This is the prove =)

If korang yang x daftar lagi, you should daftar sekarang !
Hey ! we have a rights to make our own decision =) 
PLUS ! just realize that already old xD Hahaha..
It just me, my brother and my mum yg register that day !
Then, I remembered that they will have MOY Publications too..
Yup ! because in what year * da lupe da bile * 
I ade datang sekali with my friends and be able to meet their cartoonist =)
Then, we trying to search them and my sis like ' pandai ' tell us that they will be at 3rd floor..
All of us followed her then enter to that Hall..
And me like ' WHAT ??!? ' * again *
This hall just for a intelligent student je =)
Maksud please !!
Hahaha... I mean all of the books is for student yang taking law, science or whatever =)
Yang betol betol nak beli buku for study !
Get it ? Hahaha..
Okay okay ! This is the prove =)

Hahaha.So fucking ugly right ?
Yeahh ! Boring time..and I look like a model this time.. * perasan *
Don't worry ! I'll try my best to read those books..
Like this picture..

Hurmm..I dunno what book that I read in this picture..
It's about science or medic ? or Nahhh ! whatever...
Just forget about it..

Well..After we have a boring time in this section.
Then, again ! we trying to search MOY Publications..
Don't give up ! =)
And Jjaanngggg !!!!!

I've met them !! Isn't that cool ?
Hahaha..that day I met Oren, Cendol, Jakall and Sukun =)
I don't even know that Oren is my brother's friend..
Kalau tak kompom I will ask him :
Kenal Firdaous Yousof x ? I'm his sister xD *gatal *
And I've got this bag too. Not got pon actually..
Beli la kan ? RM5 each =)

Yeahh ! Nampak x ? nampak x ?
Oren, Cendol and Jakall paint something in my bag =)
X nampak ke ? Aigo ~~

Oooyeahhh ! Now, you can see it clearly, kan ?
Haaaa..only Sukun je I x dapat sebab he's excited to eat mase tu ? 
Ehh ! Am I right ? Hahaha xD
Then, I'm buying my favorite magazine =)
It's KLIK !

After all of us being tired pusing pusing in PWTC..
Then, we going to The Mall's food court..
Yeahh ! I'm hungry like crazehhh xD
And my mum like ' Ma nak jumpe kawan ma jap eh ? '
Arghhh ! mesti lambat ni..
Then, to fill my times without saying boring..

Then, me and my sis like capture photo and others =)
Eating Auntie's Anne.. and yeahh ! still hungry..
Oooyeahh ! 6pm maybe we going back to our home sweet home =)

p/s : Happy Besar Day to Kak Nat and my cat, Toby =) Love yahh !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !


  1. Akak, ngehehe :D Bestnyer bestnyer!
    Ouh ha btw, kod tooltips tu betolkan. Buang yg pink tuu.

  2. haha..kene buang eh ? patot la len macam je xD