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Annyeong ! Welcome to my blog ^^
Just want to say that I'm a Kpop Lover..I'm so addicted with Kpop since forever =)
I love all Kpop group but the mostly is Super Junior and also Ukiss ^^
Love all their song and also their member..Hehehe =)
I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
Btw, I'm created this blog just because I want to share my favourites in Kpop world or maybe something else than Kpop..
And if you can see I'm very addicted with it..jinjja !
Lastly, I just want to thank you guys that viewed and read my blog..
Enjoy, okay ?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday is my Off Day :)

Ni kenape Ms. Kim online ni ?
X keje eh ?
Buleh update blog and renovate blog segala :)
Fyi, I off day hari ni. weeehuuu.
Best giler..
Thats mean hari ni masuk 3 days I x keje.
Sangat la best sampai kat umah ni tatau nak buat ape :)
Actually, I nak g tengok wayang or shopping.
But, my mum said she wants to bring Hana home.
Halaa..tak kenal Hana ke ?
My niece yang comel tiut miut tu..
Kenal x ? kenal x ?
Maklum la. my mum rindu giler kat dier..
Walaupun 3 hari x jumpe. Erk ?
Macam lame la sangat kan ?

Okay !
Talk about my dance class pulok :)
Today, sepatotnya tade dance class.
Urmm..macam jadual biasa la kan ?
Just monday, wednesday and friday je..
But, according to Bayu.
There will be a replacement class..
Wah ! da macam blaja kat Unisel dolu dolu :D
I loikkeee !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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