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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Eight )

Eunhyuk staying at the hostel with his members, in the morning...he doesn't have any schedule but at night. he have a variety show to attend...

Eunhyuk : Yaaa...Cho Kyuhyun, where are you going ?
Kyuhyun : Going somewhere, meet my friends...wae ? You want to come ?
Eunhyuk : Your girlfriend ? Why should I come then ?
Kyuhyun : I don't have one..
Ryeowook : That girl on your phone gallery, nugundae ?
Kyuhyun : That girl ? Someone send it to me using chat messenger...my friend's girlfriend...
Ryeowook : Why should you save her photo ? Just delete it !
Kyuhyun : Why must I delete it ? It's my phone...I can do what I want..
Eunhyuk : Yaaaaa....
Kyuhyun : Mwo ??? Mwo ??? I have to go since I already late because of you guys...bye !

At Yura's apartment...

Eunda : Yura ssi, where are you going ?
Yura : Huh ? Urmm..I have to meet my parents...
Eunda : Parents ? Can I come ?
Yura : Ye ? Don't you work today ?
Eunda : I do, but today I start my shift at 2pm...maybe I can meet them for a while and straight going to work after that...
Yura : Maybe later, okay ?
Eunda : Jamkanman ! you are not going to meet your parents, aren't you ?
Yura : Ye ? What do you mean ? I told you that I'm going to meet them..
Eunda : You are lying...you will never wear a thick make up when you want to meet the,..
Yura : I do wearing it now..
Eunda : You going for a date, right ?
Yura : Eunda ssi...mwoyaa ?
Eunda : I know you, Yura...we've been friends since high school, when you want to meet a guy, you will apply a thick make up like you do now..
Yura : Yaa...you know what ? I hate being friends with you, you know everything about me..
Eunda : Hahaha..so, did you ?
Yura : Yes, I have a blind date..my mum arrange this..
Eunda : Jinjjayo ? Do you have his photo ?
Yura : Unfortunately, I don't have one..but you know that I have to do this, right ? Even I hate an arrangement date so much ! My mum really wants me to get married..
Eunda : Ne, you should listen to your mum, but if you don't like that guy..just tell him directly..but if he's okay..why don't you give him a chance ?
Yura : Of course I will...

Yura waiting for a person that her mum already arrange with...

Yura : Yaaa..where is he ? He shouldn't let me wait for him...
Kyuhyun : Annyeong haseyo...I'm sorry for being late...

Yura look at the person who greet her and she just stare at him for a little while..

Kyuhyun : Hello...where are you going ?
Yura : Ne ? Ah, mianhaeyo...
Kyuhyun : For what ? Because you talking on my back ?
Yura : Mwo ? How did you...
Kyuhyun : It's okay, I understand you...you doesn't like this kind of date, right ?
Yura : Yaa...what do you mean ? I'm okay with it, if I'm not then I wouldn't be here for the first place..
Kyuhyun : Well, that's a good reason, though...
Yura : Of course !
Kyuhyun : I'm Cho Kyuhyun by the way...
Yura : I know..Super Junior evil maknae...I'm Cho Yura...
Kyuhyun : We have a same first name...Cho Kyuhyun and Cho Yura..Here...I bough it just for you.. *gives a flower bouquet to Yura*
Yura : A flower ?
Kyuhyun : No, it's a DVD player with a remote on it !
Yura : Ye ???
Kyuhyun : Can I sit down now ?
Yura : Ah, of course...

Kyuhyun and Yura sit down and the waiter come to take their order. After they finish, the waiter left and come again to give a water to them..

They just keep silent for a while because they doesn't have a topic to start with...

Kyuhyun : Did you see my picture before you come here ?
Yura : Nope, I don't...How about you ?
Kyuhyun : Ah, you don't ? That's mean you didn't come here because I'm an idol..
Yura : What do you mean ? How could you think like that ? I'm not that kind of person, trying to take all the attention to have a date with an idol..
Kyuhyun : Actually, I do look into your picture before I came, and you look like a normal person..so yeah, I agree about this date...
Yura : Normal person ?
Kyuhyun : For sure, you don't want to have a date with a maniac person, right ? That been so addicted to some kind of weird thing or a nerd maybe...
Yura : Mwoyaa ? You can really know everything after you look into their picture ? Don't you think that you have to meet them before, and knew them like hear about their stories and everything. Then, after that you will know ? People might be different from the way they acted, people change you know that ? First, you make a decision about this date and you give it a try, but after this we doesn't know...maybe you will change your mind and you don't want to meet me again...

Before Kyuhyun reply, the waiter brought their food to the table...they both say thanks to the waiter and start to eat...

Until then, they still keep silent...doesn't know what to say and what to ask.

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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