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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Six )

Waitress : Welcome to our restaurant, how many person ?
Eunhyuk : Two person, please..
Waitress : Follow me, please...

They followed the waitress to the dining table..

Eunhyuk : Here ?
Waitress : Yes, sir..anything wrong ?
Eunda : Do you have another table that a bit hiding from other people ?
Waitress : Ye ? Hiding from other people ?
Eunda : Ne.. I mean not too expose...he feels a bit uncomfortable when people watching him eating..
Eunhyuk : What ?
Waitress : Ah, ne...come with me, please...

Eunhyuk pinched her shoulder but Eunda doesn't even bother with it, just followed the waitress...

Waitress : Here is the meni, when you ready to order, just call me..
Eunda : Gomawo !

The waitress walk away but stares weirdly at Eunhyuk, who still wearing a mask..

Eunhyuk : Yaaa..kimchi !
Eunda : Mwo ? *stares at Eunhyuk* You want to eat kimchi here ?
Eunhyuk : Yaa...it's your name..I called you..
Eunda : Jegayo ?? Kimchi ??? Yaaa...

But they been cut out since the waitress come back with their drinks..

Waitress : Here is your drink, are you ready to order?
Eunhyuk : No, not yet...we will call you..
Waitress : Okay..

After the waitress started to walk away...

Eunhyuk : Yaaa..people will think that I'm a weirdo..
Eunda : Wae ? I save you..
Eunhyuk : Save me or embarassing me ?
Eunda : Save you from other people who will recognize you and the you'll not be able to eat..You know sasaeng fans ?

Eunhyuk feels really touched by how Eunda is really thinking about him..

Eunda : You can take off your mask...if you want..
Eunhyuk : Ah, ne..

While Eunhyuk take off his mask Eunda stares at him without blinking her eyes...This is her first time looking at him clearly yet so close without a mask.

" Omo...he is really handsome ! Jamkanman, why my heart pounding like crazy right now ? "

Eunhyuk : Ms. Kim, I know I'm handsome right now..
Eunda : Huh ?
Eunhyuk : Why you staring at me like that ?
Eunda : Huh ?
Eunhyuk : Do you like me ?
Eunda : Huh ?

Eunhyuk spontaneously pinched Eunda's cheek..

Eunda : Sajangnim...what are you doing ?
Eunhyuk : Huh ? Sajangnim ? You looks very hungry when you staring at me, I'm no steak !
Eunda : Huh ? I do ?
Eunhyuk : Yaaa...
Eunda : Jamkanman ! where is the menu ?
Eunhyuk : Omomo..see ! You didn't even realize that the waitress already take the menu back with her..
Eunda : But I'm not order anything yet..
Eunhyuk : I did for you...
Eunda : You did ? Do you know what I want ?
Eunhyuk : Ne, you kept looking at it, for a few times..
Eunda : No wayyy...
Eunhyuk : Yes wayy...
Eunda : That is sooo expensive ! You shouldn't order that !
Eunhyuk : I will deduct it from your salary this month..
Eunda : Ye ??? Andwae...

Eunhyuk smiling while looking at Eunda that already put her head on the table, thinking about the food that cost almost 100 dolars...

After they finished eating, the waitress came with the bills..

Waitress : Can I take a photo with you ?
Eunhyuk : Me ? Of course...
Waitress : No wonder your girlfriend said that you want a table that not expose to other people..Miss. can you help us ?
Eunda : Sure, why not ? I'm really good at taking picture..

After Eunda take a 2 or 3 photo of Eunhyuk with the waitress..

Waitress : Eunhyuk oppa, is this your girlfriend ? I won't tell anyone if it's true..
Eunhyuk : Mwo ?? You think ?
Waitress : I don't know..maybe not !
Eunda : Of course not, I'm just his bodyguard..after this everything that I ate just now will be deducted from my salary...Am I right, sajangnim ?
Waitress : Ah, ne...gomawo Eunhyuk oppa !
Eunhyuk : Ne, gomawo...

Eunda followed Eunhyuk going out from the restaurant...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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