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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Twelve )

Donghae : Yaaa...paboyaa...why you do that and leave her alone after that ?
Eunhyuk : Nan molla....I just miss her...
Donghae : You miss her or you love her ?
Eunhyuk : I just miss her, okay ? But I do like her a bit...
Donghae : You like her ?
Eunhyuk : Of course, like a friends..
Donghae : Yaaa..myeolchi..I'm talking about feelings right now..
Eunhyuk : What kind of feelings ? I just miss her that's why I hugged her...that's all !
Donghae : You do feels that way, don't you think about her feelings then ? Don't you think that tomorrow when you meet her again, she will asked why you do that ?
Eunhyuk : Did you mean she probably will like me more than a friends ?
Donghae : Now you get it ! If you think that she's not the one, I mean not more than a friends, you shouldn't hugged her just like that...
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaa ? What did I do ? How am I suppose to say ? Sorry ?
Donghae : Just don't say anything when you meet her, just act as usual, like nothing happened...
Eunhyuk : Nothing happened ? Okay...copy that !
Donghae : Yaaa...you are so crazy you know that ? How does she looks like ? That makes my best friend go crazy like this..
Eunhyuk : Donghae yaaa...I'm not crazy because of her...I have to go...we have a family dinner right now..
Donghae : Ah, okay...take care bro !
Eunhyuk : You too !

Eunhyuk walk toward to the table where his family already there eating dinner...

Dukboon : Nugu, Hyukjae ah ?
Eunhyuk : It's Donghae...
Dukboon : Ah, you invite him for dinner ?
Eunhyuk : Aniyaaa..he's going out with Siwon...

After they finished eating together, his parent and his noona going back..while Eunhyuk drive his car to Hangang...

He wear the mask that he kept in his car, going out and take a walk, hoping that no one will recognize him. Even though it's already dark, but Hangang have so much street lights, since people still coming non stop at night, dating..hang out with friends and family..

He walk and saw Eunda sitting on the same bench where he and Eunda hang out before, she's looking straight to the river..

Eunhyuk : Hi..
Eunda : Sajangnim...
Eunhyuk : Can I sit here ? Or you waiting for someone ?
Eunda : Sure..you can sit here...
Eunhyuk : Gomawo...* Eunhyuk sit beside Eunda * What are you doing ?
Eunda : Thinking..
Eunhyuk : Thinking about what ?
Eunda : About my hometown...
Eunhyuk : Wae ? You want to go back there ?
Eunda : I have to, one day...in Busan, I have my own house, friends..
Eunhyuk : But the person that you love is here...
Eunda : I know, but he's still not mine and don't know if he will be mine..I can't make a decision without thinking about that possibility too, right ?
Eunhyuk : Majayo...

They both keep silent for a while, looking at the beautiful Han River's night view..

Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi...
Eunda : Ne, sajangnim...
Eunhyuk : Please call me by my real name from now on..
Eunda : Mwo ? Hyukjae ?
Eunhyuk : Ne...Hyukjae...
Eunda : How ? Hyukjae ssi ? Omomo...that's weird...
Eunhyuk : Yaaa..why my name is weird ?
Eunda : Ani...it's just how should I call you , beside that you are my boss, I can't call you by your name..
Eunhyuk : Hyukjae oppa...just call me that !
Eunda : Oppa ?
Eunhyuk : Yes, oppa...but in front of my mom, Dahae or Suran...you can call me sajangnim...but..if it's only you and me, I mean just two of us...I want you to call me, Hyukjae oppa..
Eunda : Hahahaha...wae ?? Why I have to call you oppa ?
Eunhyuk : Because...I feel comfortable when I'm with you...we were friends, right ? It's not so weird of you can call me oppa, since my fans called me oppa too...
Eunda : I can't...I just can't...
Eunhyuk ; Wae ?
Eunda : You are my boss, and I called you sajangnim...just kept it that way while I still work with you...not more that that !

Eunda stand up and leave Eunhyuk alone there at Han River...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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