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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Seven )

Eunhyuk : What is that ? *Eunhyuk laughing so hard*
Eunda : Mwo ?
Eunhyuk : A girl as my bodyguard ? You ?? Hahahaha !
Eunda : Don't you watched a drama called 'Wild Romance' ? Si Young eonni being a bodyguard to Dong Wook oppa...
Eunhyuk : They doesn't know who you are, why you call them oppa and eonni ?
Eunda : Haha..this is funny...Did you already knew the waitress, because she called you Eunhyuk oppa...
Eunhyuk : That's different !
Eunda : Mwo ? What kind of different ? You already knew her before this ?
Eunhyuk : Yaaa... aigoo..this person really makes me going crazy...
Eunda : You are the one that makes me going crazy...
Eunhyuk : Jamkanman....that drama...they fall in love with each other, right ?
Eunda : Huh ? So what ? I just told you about how a girl who being a bodyguard to a man, not about they fall in love..

Eunda walk away from Eunhyuk, she do feels shy while talking about love with Eunhyuk because she have a feelings toward him since the first day she look at Eunhyuk in Sorry Sorry music video..

He is the main reason why Eunda came to Seoul she sacrifice most of everything just to meet her favorite idol, her loves of her life.
When she have a chance to met, talked, hang out and worked with him, she will never feels regret with what she do now, coming to Seoul..she will cherish this moment, even though she knows that she will never have a chance to meet him again after this..

She have to move on, and she knows that Eunhyuk will never look at her more than a worker to a boss. He have a life too, maybe he already have someone special, but he have to let it as a secret just like other celebrities too.

Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi...
Eunda : Eunda ssi ??
Eunhyuk : I mean Ms. Kim...I have to go to somewhere else...can you wait for a while ?
Eunda : Ah, ne..I will wait here..

Eunda going to the nearest cafe to buy a drinks, and then she going back to the place where she should wait Eunhyuk before, while waiting for him, she just looking at the peoples who walking in front of her. There is a people who still wears their work clothes, probably they going out for a drinks with their friends.
A parent with their children, a teenagers and a couples...

' Why those couple have to kiss each other like every second ? '

While Eunda still staring at the couples that annoyed her a bit, Eunhyuk came from behind and he already knew about what she looking at..

Eunhyuk slowly approached Eunda by grabbing and hugging her arm. That makes Eunda feels a bit surprised..

Eunda : Mwoyaa ?
Eunhyuk : Wae ? Something wrong with this ? * Eunhyuk point to Eunda's arm that he hug*
Eunda : You can't do this in front of peoples..they will watch...
Eunhyuk : Ye ? What if the look at us ? That couples that you stared at doesn't even bother when you kept looking at them..
Eunda : This is different, you are an idol ! *let go of her arm from Eunhyuk*
Eunhyuk : They doesn't even know who I am if I'm wearing this mask, unless I open it and kiss you here and that's they will recognize me..
Eunda : What ? What do you mean by kiss ?
Eunhyuk : I'm just giving an example..
Eunda : Andwae !
Eunhyuk : What ?
Eunda : You can't ! You shouldn't have to give me that kind of example...I should go...thanks for the dinner..I love it !
Eunhyuk : Yaaa...Ms.Kim...what happen ?

Eunda walk away and leave Eunhyuk alone...Eunhyuk feels a bit weird with what happened to Eunda that suddenly having a bad mood..

' Am I do anything wrong ? '

But Eunhyuk run after her before she's getting far away from him..

Eunhyuk :Eunda ssi, waeyo ? *grab her hands*
Eunda :It's Ms.Kim...and please let go of my hand...
Eunhyuk : Why suddenly you acting this way ? Just tell me if I do something wrong...
Eunda : You are not !
Eunhyuk : Ye ?? But before this...you said...
Eunda : Just forget about it, I'm sorry...I shouldn't do that...
Eunhyuk : You make me feels worried...
Eunda : No, please don't wory about me...
Eunhyuk : Wae ? Why can't I ? Please tell me what happen ?

' You know what ? I'm in love with you, and you suddenly acting the way that makes me fall in love with you more...then I'm afraid if I fall to you so hard, I won't be able to forget about you after this...just please don't do this to me...just do as usual like you do to other fans '

Eunhyuk : Yaaa..Ms.Kim..
Eunda : Nothing..nothing happened...
Eunhyuk : Should I send you home ?
Eunda : It's okay..I'll take a cab...
Eunhyuk : Just pretend that I'm a taxi driver...
Eunda : Should I sit at the back ?
Eunhyuk : You wish !

Eunda followed Eunhyuk to his car that he park somewhere...and he send her safely to her apartment...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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