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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Thirteen )

When Eunda arrived at the apartment, she saw Yura walk towards her...

Eunda : Yaa...Cho Yura..
Yura : Kim Eunda...where are you going ? Overtime ?
Eunda : Aniyaaa...I'm going somewhere..
Yura : Hangang ?
Eunda : How did you know ?
Yura : I know my friends..you loves to be where you can feel relax, you loves to go to Haeundae back then when we were in Busan..what are you doing there ? Drinking ?
Eunda : Of course not !
Yura : Hahaha...I'm just kidding..I know you can't drink..
Eunda : It's just...
Yura : You meet someone..don't you ?
Eunda : Yaaaa...how did you know ?
Yura : Eunhyuk ssi ?
Eunda : How did you....yaaa...are you stalking us ?
Yura : Why should I stalked you ? I'm just guessing...is it true ? Omo...should I quit my job and be a fortune teller ?
Enda : Mwoyaa ? You want to die ?
Yura : Hahaha....I won't since my new boss is handsome...jinjja !
Eunda : Really ? What does he looks like ?
Yura : How should I say ? But he really good looking..
Eunda : By the way, you not telling me about your blind date that your mum arranged before this to me...what happened ?
Yura : Aniyaaa..I don't want to talk about that...mian ! He doesn't even call me or message me after we met..
Eunda : You like him ?
Yura : I think I do for the first time when I met him,but you know ? Everyone like him too...because he's Cho Kyuhyun..
Eunda : Cho Kyuhyun who ? What does it matter if his name is Cho Kyuhyun ? Jamkanman ! That evil maknae from Super Junior...it's him ???
Yura : Majayo...
Eunda : Yaaa...you do crazy about him, like how I crazy about Eunhyuk...
Yura : But I think he doesn't like me...I acted like crazy mad woman on our first date...It's totally disaster..I ruined it !

When Eunda and Yura keep chatting at the apartment lobby, someone come towards them...

Kyuhyun : Yura ssi...
Yura : Ne... * she turn around and saw Kyuhyun behind her *
Eunda : Kyu....Hyun....
Kyuhyun : Annyeong haseyo...I'm Kyuhyun...
Eunda : Annyeong haseyo...I'm Eunda..Kim Eunda..Yura's housemate...

' This is weird, why he doesn't even look evil to me and why he's here ? '

Yura : What are you doing here ? And the important thing, how did you know that I live here ?
Kyuhyun : I asked your mum ?
Yura : You asked who ???? My mum...you called my mum ?
Kyuhyun : Ani...I met her...
Yura : You what ???
Eunda : Well, I think I should go upstairs...Ev....I mean Kyuhyun ah, nice to meet you..
Kyuhyun : Gomawo, Kimchi !

' What did he called me ? Kimchi ?? Yaaa...he is an evil... "

Eunda go to the elevator to go upstairs, while Yura staring at Kyuhyun that still waving to Eunda..

Yura : What are you doing here ?
Kyuhyun : Meet you...
Yura : Why suddenly you want to meet me ? I thought we not gonna meet each other anymore...
Kyuhyun : Who said ?
Yura : You...I think...
Kyuhyun : I never said that...you are the one that left me alone there at the restaurant without giving me the answer..
Yura : Answer about what ?
Kyuhyun : About us, me dating you...I give you so much time..
Yura : But I thought when I left you that day, you...
Kyuhyun : You think when you left me there, I will forgot everything that I'll said to you, right ? Don't you remember that I'm the one that arranged those date because I want to know more about you ? So, what is your decision ?
Yura : I have to give the answer now ?
Kyuhyun : Yes, I'm going to Japan, touring, practicing my vocal, dancing and else...I already gave you so much time..
Yura : But I....
Kyuhyun : You what ? You want to miss out this chance dating someone like me ?
Yura : Ye ???? What are you saying ?
Kyuhyun : Palli..give me the answer...I don't wear any mask, people will recognize me..
Yura : Alright ! I will...date you...
Kyuhyun : Jinjja ?
Yura : But if you hurt me, I will kick you...
Kyuhyun : You will never kick me, I promise...
Yura : Ah, this namja so crazy..
Kyuhyun : I know you crazy about me too...
Yura : Shut up...I have to go now, you should go back too..
Kyuhyun : Should we meet tomorrow ?
Yura : You don't have any schedule ?
Kyuhyun : I have one, but I will make time for you...
Yura : I will call you...
Kyuhyun : Do you have my number ?
Yura : I.....I.....don't have...
Kyuhyun : Then, I will call you...bye !
Yura : Go....go...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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