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Friday, July 7, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Four )

It's been a month since Eunda started working at Chocolat Bon Bon, she feels very energetic when working there, she got a new friend there as well, Dahae and Suran. They really nice and very helpful towards Eunda...

Dahae : Eunda ssi, why you still here ? Your shift already ended.
Eunda : Ah, jinjjayo ? I don't realize about it...are you okay if I'm going back now ?
Dahae : Of course I'm okau...you should go now since people will going back to work and the subway will be jammed..
Eunda : You are right !

Eunda going to the locker where Dukboon's prepare for her staff to put their belongings..she take her bag and put her apron inside...

Dahae : Eunda...have you see Suran ?
Eunda : She's going for her break, right ?
Dahae : I know..but...
Suran : I'm here...mianhae...the taxi driver lost his way...
Eunda : Lost his way ?
Suran : Yeah, because his GPS not working so sudden..
Dahae : Mwo ? But...how come he doesn't know the way if he a taxi driver...he should now everything..
Suran : It's true..but poor him...he just started working as a taxi driver last week..help her son that got an accident...
Eunda : Omo...poor him !
Suran : Yeah, I already got mad but after I listened to his story, I feel sad about it..

Someone come inside the cafe...
Both Dahae & Suran greet the person while Eunda turn around and look at the person behind her..

Eunda : Sajangnim, annyeong haseyo !
Eunhyuk : Where are you going ?
Eunda : I'm going back, sajangnim..
Eunhyuk : Dahae ssi, did she finished her work before she can go back ?
Dahae : She's done her part, sajangnim..
Eunhyuk : Well, then...you can go now..
Eunda : Gomawo, sajangnim...Dahae eonni, Suran ah...annyeong !

Eunda walk away a bit faster from Eunhyuk because she suddenly feels a but scared when Eunhyuk stares at her...

" Yaaa.....why he stares at me like that ? "

Eunhyuk : Where is she going ?
Suran : Huh ? Sajangnim, why you always asking the same question twice nowadays ? She's going back, where do you think that she will be going ? Are you mad if she going for a date?
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaaa ? What are talking about ?
Dahae : Did you come here to meet eommonim ? Actually she's not here right now, she's going out to meet her friends for a while..
Eunhyuk : No one fetched her ?
Suran : Aniyoo..yaaa...Dahae eonni, don't you think our sajangnim is acting a bit weird ?

" Ahhh, majayo...eomma did told me that she doesn't have anyone here except her friend. "

Eunhyuk : Dahae ssi, you told me that eomma not here, right ?
Dahae : Ne, sajangnim...
Eunhyuk : Well, I should go back then...annyeong !
Dahae : Annyeonghi gaseyo...

While Suran repeat after Dahae...Eunhyuk going out towards his car...He drove his car slowly, searching for Eunda. After he found her, he stopped the car besides her and open the window...

Eunhyuk : Yaaaaa....

Eunda look beside her and surprised seeing Eunhyuk in the car...

Eunda : Sajangnim, waeyo ?
Eunhyuk : You going home, right ? Don't you feel boring when you just staying at your house ?
Eunda : Well I don't know anywhere else to go...
Eunhyuk : Let me sent you home then...
Eunda : Ye ? Gwenchanayo, sajangnim...I will ride a subway...I don't want to bother you..
Eunhyuk : You are not bother me at all..besides, I'm going to Gangnam as well..
Eunda : Jamkanman ! How did you know that I stay at Gangnam ?
Eunhyuk : Huh ? Urmmm...I read your form that you filled before...
Eunda : Ahh, jinjjayo ?
Eunhyuk : Kajja...

Eunda just followed what her boss instruct her to do...because she doesn't know what he might do..Scared if she might lost her hon..she do feels that Eunhyuk will never do that, since he looks really nice when he's on television. But, she doesn;t know the true person in front of her just based on her prediction...

Eunhyuk : I know I looks so handsome today, but you shouldn't stared at me like that !
Eunda : Ye ???

She then turn her head looking outside from the side window..

Eunhyuk : Gangnam-gu...is that your apartment ?
Eunda : No, it's my friend...I stayed with her..
Eunhyuk : You don't have your own house ? I mean like your parent's house or else ?
Eunda : We do have one..but not in Seoul..
Eunhyuk : Not in Seoul ? Then, where ? Overseas ?
Eunda : I though you look into my form, but you doesn't know where I live before ?
Eunhyuk : I didn't look into it so detail you know..just some basic that I have to know..
Eunda : It's in Busan...
Eunhyuk : Ouh, okay...but why you come here ? Don't tell me that you just ame here for that job experience things..because I don't believe it !
Eunda : Huh ? Wae ??
Eunhyuk : Because Busan quite easy to get a job, you know ? Second city after Seoul in South Korea...and I believe that you will get a job easily..Is there someone you waiting for is here ?
Eunda : Well, actually...it's true..
Eunhyuk : True about what ?
Eunda : I want to meet someone that I love here...
Eunhyuk : Nugu ? You mean boyfriend ?
Eunda : Ani...he's not my boyfriend, I really hope that he can be my boyfriend someday...but I don't think so..
Eunhyuk : Wow...interesting ! your secret admirer stay in Seoul...how did you know him ?
Eunda : Just say that I know him through social network...
Eunhyuk : Oookayy...when you plan that you want to meet him ? Or you already meet him ?
Eunda : I already met him..
Eunhyuk : Great ! Have you talk with him ? Or make a first move ?
Eunda : Talk with him yes, but not for a first move...why must a girl make a first moves ?
Eunhyuk : Jamkanman, nowadays girls fo make a first moves..
Eunda : Not me !
Eunhyuk : Yaaa...you know what ? The way you told me, he doesn't even know about you liking him..
Eunda : Of course..I'm the one that knows about him, but he doesn't even know that I'm exist..Actually, I want to epress my feelings towards him, but getting scared if he doesn't like me back. But I have to do it one day, right ? If he told me that he can't loves me, I have to move one.. I mean I will go back to where I belong...
Eunhyuk : To Busan ?
Eunda : Ne...

When they still chatting about Eunda's secret admirer., they already arrived in front of the apartment...

Eunhyuk : Here ?
Eunda : Ne...gomawo, sajangnim !
Eunhyuk : Ms.Kim...
Eunda : Ye ?
Eunhyuk : You want me to help you ?
Eunda : Help me what ? I can walk by myself..
Eunhyuk : Hahaha..I mean about your secret admirer..
Eunda : Ouh ! *smiles* It's okay...we talk about feelings here, we can't change it for them, they have to change it naturally...
Eunhyuk : Majayo...well, annyeong !
Eunda : Thank you, sajangnim !

Eunhyuk droves his car and disappeared from Eunda's view...

" You can't help me, Eunhyuk ssi..You have to help yourself..You are the one that I talked about... "
You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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