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Monday, July 24, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Ten )

' This is so weird, why Sora eonni still not come ? '

Eunhyuk : Did you already done everything, since you just sit here doing nothing ?

Eunda a bit surprise with the voice who talk to her, she turn around and saw Eunhyuk...

Eunda : Of course, I'm waiting for Sora eonni, why are you here ?
Eunhyuk : I can't come to my own cafe ?
Eunda : You can, but where's Sora eonni ?
Eunhyuk : She won't come, because I'm here...
Eunda : What does it matter ?
Eunhyuk : I'm the one that have the key, that's why !
Eunda : Ah, mianhaeyo...sajangnim !

Eunda check for the last time before she turned off the light...

Eunhyuk : Where are you going after this ?
Eunda : I don't know..
Eunhyuk : Yaaa....you don't know ? Do you want to go somewhere else after this ? Yaaaa...this yeoja!
Eunda : Mwo ? What if I don't want to go back home ? Is it matter to you ?
Eunhyuk : Waaahh..are you going to a club ? Looking for a guy to bring to your house ?
Eunda : Ye ???

' A guy that I REALLY want to bring to my house is YOU....actually...'

She thinks other way but her hearts want to explode that time when Eunhyuk say that to her, doesn't know whether to go mad or cry...She made a decision to just leave Eunhyuk there...She take her bag and walk away leaving Eunhyuk without saying anything to him..she feels really humiliate with what Eunhyuk had been saying to her..someone that she likes and respect...

' Eunhyuk ah, mwoyaaaa ?? How can you say that to her ? Paboyaaa ??? '

Eunhyuk run after Eunda when he realize his mistakes....He grab her hands to stop her from walking far away from him...

Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi, mian !
Eunda : Please just let my hand go...
Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi, mianhae ! I shouldn't say that to you...I'm so stupid !
Eunda : Yes, you shouldn't say that to anyone ever again...especially me !
Eunhyuk : Ne..I promise...
Eunda : I'm not that kind of girl who really desperate to look for a guy for a one night stand or what so ever...that is not me...
Eunhyuk : Mianhaeyo...I...just...
Eunda : Just what ?
Eunhyuk : I feel comfortable when I'm with you...So, when I feel comfortable with someone, I will say something like that...you know..joking...

That time, Eunda feels that she really want to hug him. She do feels comfortable with him too but she have to ignore that kind of feelings because at the end, she doesn't want to feel hurt after she going back to Busan. She have to leave all of this, her feelings toward Eunhyuk mostly.

Eunda : You really do feel comfortable with me, right ?
Eunhyuk : Ye ?
Eunda : You still hold my hands...
Eunhyuk : Ah, mian... * Let go of Eunda's hands*
Eunda : I want to go to Hangang, can you send me there ?
Eunhyuk : Sure...why not ?

Eunhyuk drive his to send Eunda to Hangang, they just keep silent until they arrived...

Eunda : Gomawo ! See you tomorrow...
Eunhyuk : Next month...
Eunda : Ye ?
Eunhyuk : We have a tight schedule starting tomorrow, since our tour gonna start soon. We have to go to Japan again for D&E fan meeting..
Eunda : Ah, majayo...Well, see you next month..
Eunhyuk : Ne...take care...

Eunda go out from his car and walk away, dissapear from Eunhyuk's view...
She sit on the bench, facing at the Hangang, fascinating with Seoul night view..

Eunhyuk : Can I sit here too ?
Eunda : Sure....why...not ? * Eunda looking at the guy and realize it's Eunhyuk who wearing a mask * What are you doing here ?
Eunhyuk : Accompany you..
Eunda : Gomawo.. *smiles* I do feel scared a little bit..
Eunhyuk : Why you want to come here ?
Eunda : Well, for your information...I love to be here, a quiet place where you can see, watch and look everything that happen...beside that, my friends is not home..she going for a holiday with her family..
Eunhyuk : And you feel relax too..
Eunda : Majayo ! I do really want to come here when I'm in Busan...
Eunhyuk : Meaning that you really hate being at the place where is so loud..
Eunda : Like a club ! I don't like to go there...even my friends in Busan invited me..but I rather go back to my house and sleep...
Eunhyuk : Waeyo ? There must be a reason, right ?
Eunda : Aniyoo..just that !
Eunhyuk : Then, meaning that you doesn't like a concert too ?
Eunda : Who said ?
Eunhyuk : You said, you doesn't like a loud places...
Eunda : But concert is different...you go to the concert because you like it...plus, I'm not a drinker...
Eunhyuk : Nado...
Eunda : I know...in Super Junior, you are the one that doesn't drink...I respect that ! But why ? You must have a reason for not drinking...
Eunhyuk : Just say that I hate how it taste...
Eunda : Okay then...
Eunhyuk : By the way, how about your secret admirer ?
Eunda : My secret admirer ?
Eunhyuk : Yes, the one that you told me before this...don't you remember ?
Eunda : Ah, about him..
Eunhyuk : Have you told him that you loves him ?
Eunda : Should I ?
Eunhyuk : Yes, you should...don't be afraid...
Eunda : Saranghae...
Eunhyuk : Ye ?? What are you saying ?
Eunda : Saranghae...
Eunhyuk : Yaa...Eunda ssi, micheosseo ?
Eunda : See...even you can't accept what I'm saying just now, you think that he will ?
Eunhyuk : That's....that's...different...
Eunda : What kind of different ? You're a man...and he's a man too..
Eunhyuk : But I'm your friends...
Eunda : We can't love our friends ? But you know what ? I change my mind...
Eunhyuk : Change your mind ? Mwo ?
Eunda : I won't tell him that I love him, because I already know...that at the end, I will be hurt so badly...he might have a girlfriend..and he is cute, he won't look at me for the first place..But sometimes, he do makes me feels guilty, whether I want to just walk away and leave him or be with him...this is so complicated !
Eunhyuk : What do you mean ?
Eunda : I mean the way he acted towards me, makes me fall in love with him more..
Eunhyuk : But at the same time, you afraid of getting hurt because he might acted that way since you are a friends and not more than that ?
Eunda : Majayo...*Smiles to Eunhyuk*
Eunhyuk : Don't you have a boyfriend before this ?
Eunda : I have one, but it's a long time ago...but he will get married next year...
Eunhyuk : Really ?
Eunda : He said that he wants to broke up with me because he needed time to think...I don't know what kind of time but suddenly, I heard from my friends, that he will get married with his hotel director's daughter...
Eunhyuk : What is his job ?
Eunda : He worked with that hotel as a Finance Manager there...
Eunhyuk : Heol ! He left you because of that director's daughter ?
Eunda : After that, I do realize about it..but what can I do, right ? He is not the one for me..
Eunhyuk : You will meet one, someday...trust me !
Eunda : Okay..I trust you...should we go ? It's late now..
Eunhyuk : Sure...kajja ! I send you home...

Eunhyuk send Eunda go back to her apartment and after that, Eunhyuk going back to his parent's house..

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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