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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Nine )

Kyuhyun : Do you want some desserts ?
Yura : No, thanks..
Kyuhyun : Well, can I ask you a question ?
Yura : Sure, why not ? We were here because we want to know each other, right ?
Kyuhyun : Have you go for a blind date like this before ?
Yura : Actually no, this is my first time. My mum did make an arrangement, but I didn't go..because I thought I'm not ready yet to have a boyfriend or get married..
Kyuhyun : But..why now ?
Yura : I don;t know, suddenly I feel that I have to do it for my mum, even just once...to prove that she shouldn't arrange everything for me like this kind of things...I want to make my own decision about my personal life...such as boyfriend, marriage life or else..I'm scared if I followed my mum, I won't be happy with the person that she choose...I want to fall in love like everyone else too..
Kyuhyun : So, that's why you doesn't even look at my picture before you came here today ? Because you came here with a plan to destroy this blind date and say that you will never choose me or date me even your mum choose it for you ?
Yura : Majayo...mian !
Kyuhyun : So, if I said that I want to start dating you...what will your answer ?
Yura : Ye ?!?
Kyuhyun : I want to date you, just give it a try...I won't ask you to marry me as soon as possible..I will give you a time to fall in love with me..as many time as you want...
Yura : But why ?
Kyuhyun : Because I started to like you..
Yura : Since when ? We just met.. Don't you think its too early to like me ? And this our first date..
Kyuhyun : I know, but..actually...I'm the one that asking my mum to call your mum to arrange a blind date with you..
Yura : Wae ? I don't understand...
Kyuhyun : I mean I saw your picture at my mum's phone. I think I saw you during your mum's birthday party, if I'm not wrong...
Yura : You look at the picture ?
Kyuhyun : Yes...why ?
Yura : Aniyaaa...
Kyuhyun : So, what's your decision ?
Yura : Decision about what ?
Kyuhyun : Yaa....about the thinkg that we discussed just now...
Yura : But...why me ?
Kyuhyun : What do you me by, why you ? Maybe because we are meant to be together...
Yura : You know, I'm just a normal person that doesn't have any talent like others. You can choose someone better than me, there are plenty members of girls group that cute and beautiful...
Kyuhyun : You should feels very lucky because I choose you...
Yura : This is so weird...
Kyuhyun : Weird ? Because of what ?
Yura : Did you try to prank me ? Suddenly I can't believe you...
Kyuhyun : You don't believe me ? Because I'm an evil maknae in Super Junior, is that what you mean ? I do an evil maknae in Super Junior, but with girls I won't do that !
Yura : Majayo...after you said that makes me feels that I really can't believe you now..I think I should go...thank you for making your time today to have a date with me..

Yura just left Kyuhyun alone at the restaurant and Kyuhyun feels a bit weird with how Yura acted with him...

' How can she just left me like this ? Yaaaaaa... '

Dahae : Suran ah, I'll go back now, okay ?
Suran ; Ah, ne...be careful !
Dahae : Where is Eunda ?
Eunda : I'm here...waeyo ?
Dahae : I'm going back now, if you need help just ask Suran okay ?
Eunda : Okay, eonni...
Suran : Don't worry, eonni..she will be fine..it's been five months now she's working here with us..
Eunda ; Majayo...I have Suran with me...
Suran : You should worry about me too..that's not fair...
Dahae : I'm not worry about her, Suran ah ! I'm worry about you..
Suran : About me ? Waeyo ?
Dahae : You might leave her alone because I saw your boyfriend outside...you did that last week to me...
Suran : Eonni !! Okay..okayy..I'm sorry...
Eunda : Gwenchana ! I will be fine if Suran wants to go back too...we already done everything, right ? Just waiting for Sora eonni to come..she said that eommonim have something else to do..
Dahae : That's true..but is it okay if your alone ? Because you are in a morning shift this week, but today you make an overtime until closing..don't you feel tired ?
Eunda : Yes, I will be just fine...since I don't have anything to do if I'm going back early today..just go..
Suran : Gomawo, Eunda ssi...I promise...I will treat you a dinner one day...
Eunda : Jinjjayo ? Omo...I like it...gogi ! gogi !
Suran : Okay, gogi sounds great !
Dahae : Don't forget about me too...
Suran : Sure, eonni !

Suran and Dahae already going back with their loves one, while Eunda have to wait for Sora eonni to close the cafe, since the cafe key is with eommonim..she forgot to give it to Dahae eonni..

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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