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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Love is Far Away ( Part Three )

Sunday morning at Seoul, weather is a bit cold because it's gong to be winter season soon...

Eunhyuk : Eomma, what are you doing ?
Dukboon : Nothing, just reading some books...waeyo ? You hungry ?
Eunhyuk : Aniyoo...I'm just a bit boring, should we go do some window shopping ? Or take a walk ?
Dukboon : At this time ?
Eunhyuk : You don't want ? Or should I call Donghae ?
Dukboon : Yaa...why don't you ask Donghae before you ask me ?
Eunhyuk : Eomma...I'm just kidding..
Dukboon : Should we tell your noona ?
Eunhyuk : No...no...no...just two of us...
Sora : Yaa...I heard you..
Eunhyuk : Aishhh....

Eunhyuk going out with his mother and sister to the Lotte World. While at the same time, Eunda and Yura just arrived there as well...

Eunda : Yaaa....this place is soooo expensive..
Yura : Of course it's an expensive place..you think you can buy this place?
Eunda : Yaaa...Yura ssi...
Yura : Hahaha...
Eunda : Why you bring me here ? I can't afford anything here...maybe I will use my money on foods only..
Yura : I didn't told you to buy anything here...even I have a money I also doesn't want to waste my money...I'm your tour guide...so..as a tour guide, I bring you here...
Eunda : Ne, algeseumnida !
Yura : Should we find something to eat ?
Eunda : Good idea, I already feels hungry...
Yura : Always...

Sora : Eomma, can you wait for a while ? I'm going to the ladies...
Dukboon : Ne...please be faster..
Sora : Ne...just wait here, okay ? Hyukjae will be come after he park the car..

Eunda : Annyeong haseyo, madam !
Dukboon : Ms.Kim, what are you doing here ?
Eunda : I'm touring Seoul with my friends, I mean window shopping..but she's going to the ladies..and you ?
Dukboon : My son brought me here, he said that he feels a bit boring staying at home...
Eunda : Your son ?
Dukboon : Yes, Hyukkie...
Eunda : Aaahh, that guy over there, right ? *point to the big screen*
Dukboon : Majayo...how did you know ?
Eunda : Everyone know about Super Junior, of course people know him as well.. *smiles*
Dukboon : So, you like my son ?
Eunda : Ye ??
Dukboon : I mean which members do you like in Super Junior ?
Eunda : Me ? Urmmm...
Eunhyuk : Eomma, mian...it's difficult to get a parking at this time. At last I have to use the valet parking service..

Eunda just stares at the person who just come and stand beside Dukboon. Finally, she meet the person that she have a crush on, in front of her eyes...Eunhyuk who is wearing a mask prevent his fans to recognize him...

Eunhyuk : Eomma...who is she ?
Dukboon : Aaaah, she's Eunda..she will start working at our cafe tomorrow..
Eunhyuk : Our cafe ? Ah, our new staff ?
Dukboon : Ms.Kim, this is my son...I think you already know him, right ? and Hyukkie, this is Eunda..
Eunda : Annyeong haseyo...
Eunhyuk : Annyeong !
Eunda : Well, madam..
Dukboon : Please, call me eommonim...
Eunda : Eommonim, I should go first, sorry for disturb you..and enjoy your window shopping..
Dukboon : No, you are not ! Nice to meet you here...
Eunda : Ah, ne...annyeonghi geseyo...

Eunda walk away from Dukboon and Eunhyuk and searching for her friend, Yura..

Eunda : Yaa, Yura ssi...why didn't you told me that you already get out from the ladies ?
Yura : I tried to go to you. but suddenly I saw Eunhyuk walk toward both of you...I don't want to disturb...how is it ? Meeting Eunhyuk for the first time ?
Eunda : I really want to scream right now but I can't... *smiles like crazy*
Yura : Omomo...what did guy talk ?
Eunda : We just greet each other, that's all !
Yura : Mwo ?? That's all ?
Eunda : What do you think we will talk then ?
Yura : I don't know..maybe you can tell him that you like him ?
Eunda : Are you crazy ??
Yura : I'm not..you are !
Eunda : Mwoyaaa ? In front of her mother ?
Yura : Why not ? Kajja...we should go..we have another place to go..

Eunda grab Yura's arm and walk together...

Eunhyuk : Eomma, who is she ?
Dukboon : Yaaa...I told you before...she is our new staff, she will start working at our cafe tomorrow..
Eunhyuk : I mean why you take her to work at our cafe ?
Dukboon : Wae ? She's nice..you hate her ? You doesn't have a reason to hate her...
Eunhyuk : Who said that I hate her ? I'm just asking..
Dukboon : You know what ? I want to help her...she doesn't have anyone else except her friend...
Eunhyuk : What ? No one else ? Parents ? Siblings or other family ?
Dukboon : No one..
Sora : Eomma...mian...
Eunhyuk : Noona, where are you going ?
Sora : I'm going to the ladies, and after that I saw something new from that shop..
Eunhyuk : Can we eat sushi today ?
Dukboon : I'm okay with that !
Sora : Nado...

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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