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I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

All about him :) The Micky !

Annyeong ! This post just want to share with you guys about my lover.
The micky ! Hakhak. Y'all know him right ?
Ehe. Btw, this post is from magazine interview in 2009.
But just now I can share with you guys :)
Fyi, I just share the answers that I like, arasseo ?
Enjoy with his answer. ^_^V

  • What's the first thing that you see in the morning ? : Hand phone :)
  • What's your ideal type ? : Gentle Woman :) ( It's me, huh ? )
  • Something a female does that makes your heart beat faster ? : When she's washing clothes.
  • What will you give to your girlfriend ? : Myself ! ( Aaww ! Thanks baby )
  • What do you want for your next birthday ? :Time to spend it with the people I treasure.
  • If you were reborn as a girl tomorrow ? : I want to go to the Hot Spring :)
  • You see a shooting star. What will you wish for ? : Happiness.
  • A recent lie you told ? : Saying I wasn't sick. ( Wae :( I'm here for you ! )
  • Your enemy is ? : Supper :) ( hahaha )
  • A secret you've never told anyone ? : Actually, I'm lonely ( No, you're not )
  • How do you relieve stress ? : Supper :)
  • The theme song for today ? : Kiss the Baby Sky ;) ( I love that song )
  • Where do you start washing your body from in the bathroom ? : Right arm. (Same as me, Chunnie !)

  • If you had a kid, what kind of 'dad' will you be ? : A dad who would participate actively in my kid's sports day :)
  • What do you want to happen tomorrow : I want it to snow :)

A fact about him :)

- He will cry every time he thinks about his family who are in the US when he's alone.
- Don't let him feel like he's alone and give him more love. ( That's so not a problem )
- He is afraid of screaming voices and horror movies. He get shocked and scared a little easily. ( Comel ! )
- He likes a girl who know how to dance :) ( That's gonna be me ! )
- He will get mad if people leave him alone.
- He has a sexy collar bones so he likes to wear a v-neck cloths but don't let him wear it during cold days.
- He can eat many snacks but better let him eat rice more. ( Okay ! no problem ! )
- He has a killer smile. ( Yes ! I admit it. )

That's all for now. Will update anything new about him soon :)
Jalga ~

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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