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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hang Out :)

Annyeong !
Okay ! today I will tell you about last night :)
Well. last night me and my sis going to dance class.
You know what I'm talking about, kan ?
Dance class as usual with Bayu.
We thought that we will be the only two person je yang ade dalam dance class.
But, rupe2 nye other person pon ade jugak. I mean diorang datang lmbt skit.
Not really fun actually sebab dance Waka Waka and Twist.
Because kalau macam I and adek I je yang datang.
Just like wednesday punye class tu.
Bayu will teach us a new dance. I called it African's dance.
Hahaha. sebab ade ombak2 segala kan ?

And. I try ajak Bayu tengok movies.
X kesah la movie ape cause I da lame giler x tengok movie.
Da cam sakai kahang tau !
Hahaha. Then, didn't expect that Bayu pon just ON je about that.
So, after the dance class.
Kitorang sume bawak kereta masing2 and gerak ke Sunway Piramid :)
My sis yang drive ke sane sebab I'm not really ' cerdik pandai ' sangat jalan nak pegi ke Sunway tu.
Then, we buy the ticket ' I Am Number 4 ' at 11.20pm.
Macam2 jugak la kan that we do before movies tu.
We buy foods and drinks :)
Just like picture below tu.
Waiting for Bayu beli ireland's potato.

Hahaha. Since we waiting for so long.
I pon gatal la nak amek gambar segala with Bayu :)
But, where's my sister ? Hahah. dier malu skit.
Just I je x berapa nak malu sekarang ni semenjak study kat UNISEL :)
That's great la kan ? I've becoming an independent woman now !
Okay ! Mase nak tunggu movies tu pon.
Kitorang sempat lagi maen games segala.
More than hundreds games jugak dalam tu.
But. I'm just attracted playing machine guns or something.
Hahaha. Maen tembak2 gitu.
( Sejak bile I suke mane games ganas2 kan ? )
Lastly. my token da abes then I spotted someone tengah khusyuk maen lumba kereta :)
And the person is Bayu ^_^V

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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