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I'm so in love with Lee Hyukjae and Yeo Hoonmin a lot !
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot Issue :)

Hot Issue ? macam kenal je kan ?
Do you know where did I get this title ?
Hahaha. if korang fans of Korean. Oooyeahh !
You will know where I get this title.
Btw, just forget je about title ape sume tu.
Sebenarnye tade la HOT sangat pon.
But, bukan senang nak tengok artis balas ape yang kite bagi kat dier.
Okay ! Talk about artis. bukan artis korean, tau ?
It's about malaysian artist.
I x berapa sangat layan artis malaysia ni.
But, if da jumpe why we should waste our time kan kalau da depan mate or what ?
Kompom kompom la kite nak amek gambar segala.
Even macam artis tu kite x berapa nak suke.
The thing is bukan senang kite nak jumpe lagi.
Did I just said about this in yesterday post ?
Okay ! I'm so redundant ! :D

The real story is.
I'm sign in my twitter acc yang da lame x bukak tu.
Then sekarang I love to open twitter :)
You know why ?
It's because sebelom ni I'd tried to search Maya Karin' twitter.
But, I'll try to comment to her but she didn't even reply :(
Pahtu, I'd follow someone else, it's Zahiril Adzim for god sake.
And you know what ? He replied my comment.
And I just like 'Oooohemmjay ! Did he reply ? '
Hahaha. macam x percaya tau !
This is the prove :)

Haaa. betol kan ? I x tipu okay ?
Hahaha. Terlebih suke puloks :)
Btw, the other day pulak. I'd try to comment with Hatta Dolmat, the fashion designer :)
And again ! he replied like Zahiril Adzim ni.
And the most important thing.
Dier siapkan sekali with his kiss tu.
So WOW, kn ?
Hahaha. Muakkss to Hatta Dolmat jugak.
Gambar bawah ni the prove of the kiss :)
Okay ! That's for now. Annyeong !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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