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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burpday Liesa Azemi ♥ ♥

* Picture : Liesa and Me :) *

Annyeong everyone !
Hehehe. today just want to post about my beloved cousin, Liesa Azemi :)
Happy Birthday Liesa ! May allah bless you !
You want to know why I called her my beloved cousin ?
Okay ! bukan sebab dier sorang je my cousin, or maybe not only her je yang I rapat.
But susah sikit nak terangkan.
I ngan dier memang rapat macam kembar siam after my sis.
Urm. my sis and I rapat ke ? Hahaha :)
Na'a'ah ! mesti la rapat kan ? But sometimes kitorang ade jugak gaduh2 kan ?
Lumrah dunia la kan kalau adek badek gaduh !
Hey ! Did I talk about my sis ?
I should talk about my cousin yang sekor ni haa.
Hahaha. Soreehhh Liesa ! Terlampau sudah :)
Berbalik kpd soalan tadi. It's because ape2 secret about me or what..
I'll tell her. I'll get an advise from her.
Sometimes we talk a lot but we don't know what we talk about.
Okay ! should finish mumbling right now.
Kalau x kompom makin panjang and buleh buat karangan for SPM :)
Jalga !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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