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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Ultimate Bias (Part 10)

Eunda open the door and sit next to Dahae…

Dahae : Tired? Well, that’s how I felt in my first week too..
Eunda : Yeah..a bit…and have a really big problem now..
Dahae : Problem ? what is it ?
Eunda : Someone proposed me..
Dahae : Mwo ? your colleague ?
Eunda : Ani..Eunhyuk ssi…
Dahae : Ye ? Jamkanman ! he proposed you ? you gotta be kidding me…
Eunda : No..I’m not…
Dahae : Ouh, I know…he wants to avoid fron that gossips, right ?
Eunda : I don’t know…
Dahae : But I know..yaaa…Eunda ssi, you still in love with him ?
Eunda : Ottokhae, eonni ?
Dahae : Did you already gave the answer ?
Eunda : Aniyaaa..I just saying to him that I need to think about it first..
Dahae : Well, I don’t have a right to say anything to you about this..but for me…if it’s happened to me..I will say no..with what he has done to me..I will never forgave him…
Eunda : I don’t know..I’m so confius right now..I don’t care if he doesn’t love me…I just want to be with him..
Dahae : But Eunda…he doesn’t even like you…if you be with him..he not gonna treat you well..
Eunda : Don’t worry…he said to me..that he will try to love me…but it will takes time..
Dahae : Take times ? how long ? 1 weeks ? 1 month or a year ?
Eunda : Mollayo *smiles*
Dahae : Yaaa..what happen to my beloved dongsaeng ? fall in love with the wrong person…
Eunda : Unless I’m happy…

Dahae going to her room and lying on the bed…

“Unless I’m happy”

That’s what Eunda said to her..she really want Eunda to be happy..Eunda really loves Eunhyuk a lot..and now Eunda have a chance to be with Eunhyuk..but..she feel scared if after they get married..Eunhyuk can’t love her like what he said and promised to Eunda…

Next day, Eunhyuk message Eunda asking her to go out with him…

“Meet me at the lobby at 8pm, gonna introduce you to my parent “ – Lee Hyukjae..

That night, Eunda get ready to meet Eunhyuk’s parent..

Dahae : Are you ready ?
Eunda : Eonni, I’m so nervous…
Dahae : Hahaha…don’t be ! just calm…you gonna be okay..trust me !
Eunda : Really ?
Dahae : Ne…Eunda ssi, as your friend and sister…I really want to you be happy..if you think that marrying Eunhyuk is the best way for your happiness…I will give Eunhyuk a chance..but if Eunhyuk doesn’t do what he should do after marrying you..just let him go..

Eunda : Eonni…*sad**hug Dahae*

Eunda going down to the lobby where Eunhyuk already in his car waiting for Eunda..they didn’t talk anything and Eunhyuk just drive his car going to the restaurant to meet his parent…When they arrived there, Eunhyuk’s parent not yet arrive..just his sister already there, Lee Sora…

Sora : Annyeong..your name is..
Eunda : I’m Kim Eunda..*smiles*
Sora : Omo…kyeopta ! Hyukjae ah, her name same with your stage name..
Eunhyuk : Ne..Am I good ?
Sora : Ne..ne…let’s have a sit..

Eunda, Eunhyuk and Sora eonni just sit there and having a conversation..

Sora : Eunda ssi, where did you guys meet ?
Eunda : Huh ? urmm…I’m his fan actually..and we met since he moves to our apartment…
Sora : Aaaah, no wonder…how Eunhyuk treated you ?
Eunda : Ye ? Haha..urmmm..*look at Eunhyuk * he treated me really well,..that’s why I’m fall in love with him..

Eunhyuk stared at Eunda that time…doesn’t know that Eunda told he treated Eunda well..

“How come she can say that ?”

Eunhyuk : Eonni..where’s eomma and appa ?
Sora : They on their way…jamkanman ! can’t wait to introduce Eunda to eomma ?
Eunhyuk : *smiles*
Sora : Here they are…

Eunda and Eunhyuk get up at the same time..

Eunda : Annyeong haseyo…
Kanghun : Ne..annyeong hasimnikka ! please sit..
Dukboon : What’s your name, dear ?
Eunda : I’m Kim Eunda..
Dukboon : Aaah, I asked Hyukjae about your name…but he doesn’t want to tell me..
Eunda : *look at Eunhyuk again* Maybe he wants to surprise you..
Eunhyuk : Ne..majayo ! I want you to asked her by yourself..
Dukboon : But I think I saw you before…coming to Tous Les Jours..am I right ?
Eunda : Ne…
Sora : Eomma, she’s a fans of Hyukjae..
Dukboon : Jamkanman ! Hyukjae ah, is she the one that run from you ?
Eunhyuk : Huh ? ne…that time we have a a fight..
Dukboon : But you didn’t told me that she is your girlfriend..
Eunhyuk : Like she said before..I want to surprise you…right Eunda ?
Eunda : Ne…
Dukboon : Omo…really ?
Kanghun : Yaa..Hyukjae ah, you should introduce Eunda to us before you date her…
Sora : Waeyo, abonim ?
Dukboon : Ye yobo, waeyo ?
Kanghun : So, you don’t have a gossip about your scandal…mian Eunda ssi, you must be hurt about it..
Eunda : Gwenchana, abonim…every idols have a gossip, right ?

Eunda, Eunhyuk, Sora and their parent just eating and have a simple conversation about their wedding..

After they finished, Sora going back with their parent while Eunhyuk drove Eunda back to their apartment…in the car..

Eunhyuk : Gomapta !
Eunda : For what ?
Eunhyuk : About what you said before to my parent…
Eunda : No problem…we shouldn’t make them worried about us..

Eunda doesn’t have a mood to talk with Eunhyuk that time..since she very scared with what happen next..she already told a lie to Eunhyuk’s parent..they never know..maybe when they get married..she will be bash by Eunhyuk’s fan ? Super Junior’s fan ? she don’t even know…

Dahae come back from her work..and she stop at the café to buy a latte…

Yesung : Ah, you..annyeong haseyo !
Dahae : Annyeong haseyo…what did you do here ?
Yesung : Just buy something for me…
Dahae : Okay…
Yesung : Well, let me treat you today..is it okay ?
Dahae : Gomawo…

Dahae take a sit and after a few minutes, Yesung come with his treats..

Yesung : Jjang !
Dahae : Omo..gomapta, Yesung ah..
Yesung : No problem..urmm..I want to ask you one question..but I hope you didn’t get mad..
Dahae : What is it ?
Yesung : I still didn’t know your name..
Dahae : Hahaha..I’m Lee Dahae…
Yesung : Ouh,okay ! *smiles*
Dahae : Yesung ah, did you already told Eunhyuk about Eunda ?
Yesung : Told about what ?
Dahae : That she sick because of him..
Yesung : Not yet..
Dahae : Wae ? you should told him..then he will felt guilty about his action..
Yesung : I already promised to Eunda that I will not told Eunhyuk about her..
Dahae : Mwoyaa ? when ?
Yesung : When I came to your house..the time you at the kitchen cooked some porridges for her..that was the time she told me not to..
Dahae : Jinjja ? well, it’s her decision…and you already promised her, right ? we can’t do anything..
Yesung : Yeah..I respect her decision…she can try embarrassed Eunhyuk to the press..but she don’t want to..still want to protect her bias..
Dahae : Ne..and you know that they will getting married ?
Yesung : Yeah…we already asked him if it’s a right decision to marry Eunda since we all know that Eunhyuk doesn’t like her..but..he still want to get marry..
Dahae : Eunda too..aigoo ~ *worried*
Yesung : Don’t worry about them…just hope that when they already get married..Eunhyuk changes…
Dahae : You are right !

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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