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Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Ultimate Bias (Part 18)

Eunda and Eunhyuk going to have a dineer and then going straight to their house…
Eunhyuk go to the bedroom and lying on the bed..

Eunda : Aigooo ~ I’m so tired ! need to take a shower and then sleep..
Eunhyuk : Yaaa..jamkanman ! Come here lying beside me for a while..
Eunda : Shirroo..or I will sleep before take a bath..
Eunhyuk : It’s okay..I’m the only one that know you didn’t take a shower..hahaha !
Eunda : Oppa !!
Eunhyuk : Palli…palli !

Eunda lying beside Eunhyuk and Eunhyuk hug her…

Eunhyuk : I miss you…
Eunda : Ye ? Jinjjayo ? I’m going to Busan for two days and suddenly saw you with another girl ..
Eunhyuk : Jagi…I already told you…it’s nothing..*hug tightly*
Eunda : Hahaha..I know..I trust you…btw, let me go…I really need to take a bath..
Eunhyuk : Let’s just sleep..
Eunda : Ye ?

Eunda and Eunhyuk just sleep without going to bath that night..

Next Saturday morning, Eunda still sleeping while Eunhyuk trying to wake her up…

Eunhyuk : Jagi…wake up ! *kiss Eunda’s cheek*
Eunda : Oppa..wae ? it’s still early in the morning…
Eunhyuk : I know..let’s go out to take some fresh air..
Eunda : Where ?
Eunhyuk : Nami Island..
Eunda : So far ?
Eunhyuk : Yeah…I have a photoshoot there…so, I want to bring you as well since after that we can spend our time together because I’m going to Taiwan tomorrow for the fan meeting..
Eunda : Ne..jamkanmanyo !

Eunda get up with Eunhyuk helps…and she going to the bathroom to get wash…After that, Eunhyuk drive going to Nami Island…it takes two hour to arrive there..

Eunhyuk : Should we take a ferry or that flying fox ?
Eunda : Mwo ? flying fox ? Shirro..I’m scared..
Eunhyuk : Don’t worry…I will be there for you..
Eunda : Aniyaaa oppa…
Eunhyuk : Please….we should do this once in your lifetime…*hold Eunda’s hand*
Eunda : If I die ?
Eunhyuk : I will die too..
Eunda : Oppa…
Eunhyuk : Yaaa..it’s not like we going to the war ? *laughing so hard*
Eunda : I’m serious..
Eunhyuk : No..you not gonna die if I’m with you..if people died just because of this…they will neve have a flying fox now..
Eunda : Ne..I trust you…*smiles*
Eunhyuk : Kajja…*stroke Eunda’s hair*

When they arrived at Nami Island, other Super Junior members already there..

Sungmin : Yaa..Eunhyuk ah, why are you being so late ?
Eunhyuk : Mian…trying to woke my wife up..
Eunda : Oppa…*shy*
Yesung : How are you, Eunda ssi ?
Eunda : Great !
Kyuhyun : Yaa…stupid ! You woke up late every morning ? *refer to Eunda*
Eunda : Mwo ? Stupid ? Yaa evil ! You think you not wake up late even once ??
Kyuhyun : Ani…
Shindong : Yaaa…are you sure ? Today you are the one that wake up late…
Eunda : See !!
Eunhyuk : Hahaha..let’s go…
Eunda : Oppa..what we gonna do ?
Eunhyuk : Let us finished our photoshoot first then we take a walk, ride a bicycle or else that you want to do here..
Eunda : Ne !!!

They have fun together at Nami Island that day…since SJM member will going to Taiwan for three days…

Yesung : Eunhyuk ah, don’t worry..I will take care your wife..*wink*
Eunhyuk : Mwoyaa ?
Eunda : Ye…Yesung oppa can take care of me..
Eunhyuk : You like it ?
Eunda : Ne…*smiles*
Eunhyuk : Jagi…*sad*
Eunda : Hahaha..ani..I can take care of myself…I still have omonim, abonim, Sora eonni and Dahae eonni..
Eunhyuk : I know you will..
Shindong : She have us as well..don’t worry…
Eunda : I still have many oppa even you not here…
Eunhyuk : Hahaha…

Eunda going to the company alone since Eunhyuk wasn’t there…she meet Yoonyoung at the lobby..

Yoonyoung : I heard SJM at Taiwan right now..
Eunda : Ne…
Yoonyoung : Then…you are alone now ?
Eunda : Waeyo ?
Yoonyoung : Ani..you gonna be really bored !
Eunda : I already used to it…anyway, I still have you here…
Yoonyoung : Hahaha..you are right !
Joowon : Good morning, ladies !! *smiles*
Yoonyoung : Good morning, sir ! Uwaah…you look so handsome today…
Joowon : Just today ? well, I bought this new suits few days ago..
Yoonyoung : You bought it or your girlfriend give it to you ? *smiles*
Joowon : Well, let say I bought this because my girlfriend choose it for me…*wink to Eunda*
Eunda : Ye ??
Yoonyoung : Omo..Mr. Joowon..you didn’t say that you have a girlfriend..
Joowon : Hahaha…kajja…
Yoonyoung : Eunda ssi, gwenchana ?
Eunda : Huh ? Urmm..ne..I’m okay…


Joowon : Eunda ssi, can you accompany me tonight ?
Eunda : Accompany you ? meet your client ?
Joowon : Ani..I need to buy something..but I’m not good with it..
Eunda : Buy what ?
Joowon : A suits ?
Eunda : Then, before this who bought it for you ?
Joowon : My mum…but she’s not here now..going to overseas with my dad..
Eunda : Aaah, but why me ?
Joowon : Since you are my secretary..
Eunda : Ye ?
Joowon : Or you can’t because Eunhyuk will come for you ?
Eunda : No..I’m okay…Eunhyuk not in Seoul now…and if I’m going back early…I will be really bored…
Joowon : Then, okay..let’s go…

*End Flashback*

“ Me ?? his girlfriend ?? is this a joke ?? “

During lunch hour, Eunda and Yoonyoung decided to stay at the office since they need to update about their training at Busan…

Eunda’s office phone ringing…

Eunda : Yoboseyo ?
Receptionist : Eunda ssi, someone want to meet you..
Eunda : Who is it ?
Receptionist : Ms. Woori Jang..
Eunda : Ye ? Woori Jang ?

“ I think I’m familiar with that name ? “

Eunda : Well, told her to wait for me at the café..will be there..
Receptionist : Okay..

Yoonyoung that heard the conversation go towards Eunda..

Yoonyoung : Who is it ?
Eunda : Someone that I will never forgive..
Yoonyoung : Ye ?
Eunda : She’s the one that ruined my Eunhyuk life..
Yoonyoung : Aaah, that girl ? omo…are you okay ?
Eunda : Ne..don’t worry !

Eunda go to the café and saw a girl that sit in the corner of the café…

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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