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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Ultimate Bias (Part 9)

Next day, when they need to go back to Seoul…Eunda and Dahae going to the village for a while since Eunda wants to buy a souveniers…and in the evening…they start their journey to Seoul..

Eunda : Eonni, this is cute..
Dahae : You need to give one to your husband..
Eunda : Mwohae ? Husband ?
Dahae : Yeah..we believe..if you give this to your husband…you gonna be happily ever after..
Eunda : Really ?
Dahae : Ne..that’s what I heard…
Eunda : Just husband ? not boyfriend or someone that we like ?
Dahae : Nope..
Eunda : Yaaaa..this gonna be a waste…
Dahae : Not a waste…you gonna give to your husband someday…when you get married..
Eunda : But still..a waste…its gonna be a long way for me to get married..since I’m not ready yet !
Dahae : Hahaha…
Eunda : Eonni, you are the one !
Dahae : I’m what ?
Eunda : You should told me about this before I’d bought it..
Dahae : Mian ! *smiles*

Eunda and Dahae safely arrived at their apartment..

Eunda : Eonni, I go up first…
Dahae : Ne..bring this too..need to go to the shop to buy something..
Eunda : Okay..be careful !

Dahae going to the nearest ship while Eunda go to the lift at the lobby…when she wait for the lift..suddenly she spotted someone..It’s Eunhyuk with Donghae and Siwon..she try to hide behind the flower bouquet..she don’t want Eunhyuk to saw her…but..Sungmin that followed Eunhyuk behind already saw her..

Sungmin : What are you doing here ?
Eunda : Ne ? *scared* Ani..I’m just…
Sungmin : You don’t want Eunhyuk to see you, right ?
Eunda : …..*keep silent* I just…
Sungmin : Just what ?
Eunda : I already promised to Eunhyuk that I will not appear in front of him again…
Sungmin : Yaaa..Eunhyuk is really….*mad*
Eunda : No..it’s not his fault..don’t be mad at him..dont’ worry about me..I can handle this…
Sungmin : You can handle this ? I know you feel hurt when seeing him…
Eunda : I can’t do anything..*smiles* I should go..and you should go too..
Sungmin : Okay..take care !
Eunda : I will..

One day, Dahae found a really big news about Eunhyuk…it’s a really a biggest controversy ever when the girl update her photo with Eunhyuk on bed…Eunhyuk got bashed by his own fans and that girl fans as well…

Dahae : Eunda ssi, see this…

Eunda read it and shocked with what had happened to Eunhyuk..

Dahae : They said that Eunhyuk doesn’t want to go out just because of this..
Eunda : Omo…poor him ! ottokhae ? *sad*
Dahae : Ne? Poor him ? good for him…that’s the revenge after what he had done to you…
Eunda : But still…I feel so sorry for him…he will not do that…
Dahae : Mwoyaa ? he will do what he want..as mad at you with no reason..
Eunda : Eonni…he feels hurt right now..
Dahae : You’re hurt as well… Eunda ssi, you should think about yourself..what did he do to you…not his feeling..he doesn’t even care about your feelings before..

Eunda just keep silent..but she thinking about what had Eunhyuk felt that time..She know Eunhyuk doesn’t do that…she just blame to that girl since she uploaded it and at the same time she deleted it…and she still believes with what Eunhyuk said before…he doesn’t have a time to think about something related to love…not yet ! She really wants to meet Eunhyuk and told him that she feel really pity for him..but she can’t…she don’t want to break her promise to Eunhyuk that she will not appear in front of Eunhyuk..

A few weeks later, Eunda already got a job at Tourism Organization..

Eunda work very late that time since that were her first week..she take a walk at Han River before going back to her apartment…when she walk and take some air…suddenly she saw someone sitting on the bench…it’s Eunhyuk sitting there doing nothing…just watch the view…Then, she just try to move backwards before Eunhyuk saw her…

Eunhyuk : Yaaa.crazy..is it you ?

Eunda stop walking and just stay there…

Eunhyuk : Come here !
Eunda : I can’t…*scared*
Eunhyuk : I told you to come here…faster !

Eunda just go towards Eunhyuk and confront him…

Eunhyuk : Sit…

Eunda just follow what Eunhyuk said…but she still doesn’t look at Eunhyuk’s face…

Eunhyuk : You know about my gossip ?
Eunda : *nodded* Ne…
Eunhyuk : How do you feel when it happen to you..
Eunda : Sad…since I didn’t do it..
Eunhyuk : Do you think that I will do all of this ?
Eunda : …..*keep silent*
Eunhyuk : My fans..her fans…bashed me…what did I do ? I’m not the one that uploaded that photo..
Eunda : …..*still keep silent*
Eunhyuk : They doesn’t believe me..
Eunda : But I do…
Eunhyuk : Do what ?
Eunda : Believe you…and I know you are not the person that will do something that you will never do…I know you are very kind to her…but you still know your limit..

Eunhyuk doesn’t say anything and hear what Eunda said…and they do nothing at the same time..just hang out for a while and keep quiet since Eunda still very feel awkward with Eunhyuk..

Eunda : I think I should go..it’s getting late..and you should go back too..

Eunda get up and walk away..but Eunhyuk called her again..

Eunhyuk : Yaaaa…will you marry me ?

Eunda feels really shocked that time…

“Did he just propose me ??”

Eunda look back at Eunhyuk while Eunhyuk already came towards her…

Eunhyuk : Will you marry me ?
Eunda : Eunhyuk ssi, are you joking ?
Eunhyuk : No..I’m not..I want to marry you and stop this gossips right away..
Eunda : But..you don’t even like me..
Eunhyuk : I know..I will try to love you..maybe it takes time..please help me for this time..

Eunda doesn’t give her answer that time…she just said that she want to think about it first…but in her deep inside, she feels really happy..since Eunhyuk proposed her…

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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