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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Ultimate Bias (Part 16)

listen to this >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rSwnNf0yqg

Meanwhile, Eunhyuk saw that Eunda been kissed by someone…

“Who is that guy ? Eunda’s new boyfriend ??”

Eunhyuk really mad that time and go towards Eunda that waiting for a cab…she sit on the bench..take her phone out and search for something…and heard Eunda said..

Eunda : How I wish that Eunhyuk will do that to me..when he going to somewhere else..it’s gonna be perfect !!
Eunhyuk stop his moves and feel touched with what Eunda had said…he walk slowly and sit beside Eunda…

Eunhyuk : Yaaa…crazy girl…

Eunda looks and saw that Eunhyuk sitting beside her…

Eunda : Eun…Eunhyuk ssi…
Eunhyuk : You said that you just loves me…but who is that guy ? the one that kissed you?
Eunda : He..he is my boss…why ? now you know what ‘jealous’ means ?
Eunhyuk : Eunda…
Eunda : Why are you here ?
Eunhyuk : I need you, Eunda…
Eunda : You don’t need me…I am nobody to you..I realize about it after you leave me alone…
Eunhyuk : I’m so busy..you know that right ?
Eunda : I know..I understand it..but even once..you never call or message me asking what did I do or what do I eat…Am I okay ? Did I miss you ? I know..that I’m not the one that you wanna marry to…but I’m still your wife…I still have feelings…it’s look like I am the one that make a big problem and make your life difficult…That’s why after I think about it.. I decided to get divorce..and you can live your life as you want…and I will never bother you again…ever…

Eunda get up and go inside the cab…

Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi…wait for me..

But Eunda already gone..Eunhyuk tears falling down…his heart hurt so much when he listen to what Eunda said…He take a cab and ask the driver to follow Eunda’s cab..

Eunda crying so hard inside the taxi..

Driver : Are you okay, miss ?
Eunda : Aniyooo…mian…

When she arrived at the hotel..she going straight to her room and doesn’t realize that Euhyuk follow her until she arrived in front of the door..

Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi…

Eunda stop her step and look behind..

Eunda : What are you doing here ?
Eunhyuk : Please let me come in and I will explain it to you..
Eunda : Come in..

She doesn’t want other guest to heard what they will talk to..

Eunhyuk come inside to Eunda’s room..when Eunda close the door and go round to look at Eunhyuk suddenly Eunhyuk grab her arms and hug her..

Eunda : Eunhyuk ssi…*shocked*
Eunhyuk : Please..just for a moment…

Eunda just let Eunhyuk hugged her for a while and felt really touched about it at the same time..

Eunhyuk : Will you forgive me, Eunda ?
Eunda : Ye ?
Eunhyuk : I know I’m a worst husband to you..doesn’t care about your feelings..I already told you that I will try to love you after we’ve got married…but..I broke that promise..you still loves me even I already scolded you…I should realize that earlier..but why..why you still loves me after what I’ve done to you ?
Eunda : It’s really hurt…but I don’t want anyone to know about my true feelings..and you too…that’s why the best way for us is to get divorce…since you are not happy with our life…living with me together…
Eunhyuk : How about your feelings ? You should think about that too …
Eunda : I already said it to you earlier..before and after we’ve got married…I don’t care…I’m so happy when you said that you want to marry me..even I know that you married me just because you want to run away and to stop that gossip..
Eunhyuk : Eunda ssi, you know about it ?
Eunda : Ne…
Eunhyuk : Please give me a chance…one more chances…I felt really empty when you are not there for me…seeing you at the kitchen washing the dishes…tidy up our bedroom..make a breakfast every morning..a special smile for me…

Eunda release the hug..

Eunda : But..we can’t…we already divorced…
Eunhyuk : No..we are not ! I didn’t sign and fill up the divorce paper..I ripped it..
Eunda : Ye ?
Eunhyuk : I realize that I can’t…I can’t live without you..

His tears keep falling down…he can’t accept if Eunda doesn’t want to be back to him..Eunda so speechless that time…her tears falling down as well..after a long time she been waiting, finally…Eunhyuk admit it…A person that she really loves until her last breath..her ultimate bias..her husband said that he can’t live without her…

Eunhyuk : I’m sorry, Eunda..I’m the worst husband…*crying out loud*

Eunda go towards Eunhyuk and hug him tightly…

After a few hours later, Eunda already fall asleep on Eunhyuk’s lap…he stroke Eunda’s hair and watch Eunda sleep…He lift Eunda take her to the bedroom…put her in the bed an lying beside Eunda and kiss her forehead…he hug Eunda until he fall asleep too..

“ I will never let you down again, Eunda ! I promise !"

You read ? Thank you very kamsa !

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